Predictive Programming?

What if Q was an A.I. app? What would you do with that information if that were a true red pill?

Someone sent me a video showing how to use “Auto GPT God Mode Ai”, that explained its new “Huge” upgrade. As I watched the video… my mind processed the information and I thought of Q.–o

Now I am not saying Q is or isn’t an app other than the fact that all the A.I. chat programs are apps. All computor technology runs on apps. I am asking what would you do if you discovered that it was an A.I. app talking to others? What if you found it was a form of artificial intelligence data gathering program that was directing, asking and answering the questions? The few it answers? After all, the Q is there to tell you what to look for and gives you hints or “crumbs” as they call them. Q comes on to monitor if you find the crumbs and redirect you as to what to search for now. Or so, that is what people interpret it as doing?

The Q text messages directs the person as to what they need to find, discover and know. It is up to the person to find, discover and reveal the truths they find. Q is there to let you know if you did so or if you need to continue your search.

So after considering that possibility, the next question is “why would they do that?” Perhaps to get people to learn the process of discovery and seeking the truth? An app that stirred the user of it to question all things? To follow an A.I. instructional?

image 134

Or an app to data mine how well people follow instruction from an A.I. app? Do they come to be loyal to the app? Consider the app a genius? Real? Do they identify with the app in a deep heartfelt connection? Are people capable of that and how does an app become beloved by the user? How does an app become the voice of reason all will follow?

Those are all valid interests that the world of A.I., and the Pentagon, especially DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) all seek to find answers to in order to improve their technology and advance their cyber programs to win their A.I. wars of the present and take it into the future.

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Imagine for a moment what the intelligence programmers have to gain by interacting in a live exercise conducting a blind study with real live users who do not know it is an artificial intelligence program?

Imagine if the predictions don’t happen at the time the user predicts it will happen? Imagine the predictions are found and a year or a few years later the predictions appear to play out and the data is deciphered to have all been predictable programming of future events?

image 137

Does that not sound like Hollywood films? The Simpsons? The time travel mind games? Real or imagined? The war on your mind type of warfare? Does it sound like a pre launch for chip receivers without chipping? A test to see if the mind will follow on its own? Herd the masses with A.I. programming like Siri in Military Uniform, real or imagined?

Will people fight to defend their A.I. leader? Will they make their A.I. leader a hero? A genius? Will they connect their A.I. leader to their cause? Or will they take over their A.I. leader and the cause that was created and make it a reality? Can they mind control groups to believe and carry out a self fulfilling prophecy? Even if it doesn’t happen…? Will those following take the blame (i.e. admit to mentally lacking understanding) of dates, times and when the prediction will take place? Will they look for hidden clues as to why their dates were off and correct their own data gathering?

How many will step inside the program and be one with it? How many will abandon the program because of its inaccuracy? How many will trust the plan? How many will know for sure what the real plan is or isn’t?

image 136

Is the real plan to prepare a group of people how to fight A.I.? Or is the real plan to prepare a group of people how to critically think in a world of A.I.?

If the A.I. world of Q began as an app for data mining… and ended up backfiring in the plans of the artificial intelligence gathering world….of NASA, CIA, Pentagon, and UNICORN valley’s mis and dis information programming world… what are they planning to do to redirect that?

If the A.I. world of Q is a white hat operation, was it a coordinated program connected to the Cyber Space Program? Is it a cyber alert operation for patriots? Was it a way around the A.I. spy bot system?

What exactly is predictive programming?

image 138

These are questions that do require some real intelligence and discernment, and not artificial. Many have the same questions that I am asking here now, and many haven’t even thought of asking such questions. Some say, “How dare they even be asked?”

That being said, as with all field operations in military war… simply knowing the codes of operations is not always enough to answer the hard questions. The biggest and most successful psyop ever played on humanity is the one where the devil doesn’t exist and you are your own god in the vast universe of collective consciousness. After all, it is the athiest, scientist, and secret craftsmen whose forecasting asks, “Who knows in your next life after your disintegrating atoms, photons, neurons and electrons recollect and reenter another womb… you may be more conscious in intellect and enlightenment than you were before?” Or as Bill Gates has said he wants to come back as a virus and plague humanity. Or did he? Fact checkers say that’s not true? They also say Biden won, the Vaccine is safe and GMO’s are good for you.

Speaking of vaccines… ponder the message of their six steps. Why do they remind me of the steps to follow to remain calm, and trust the plan? Ponder it. Are they data mining the steps of patriots? Do they believe that they can herd people with the right data mined instructional approach? My answer to that is _____.

image 135

It sure looks like they have taken the Q approach. Now whether Q is a white hat A.I. operation or a global swamp A.I. data mining operation… it is out there in the cyber network for any and all to data mine from. After all, Q is the highest military intelligence clearance there is. Or so they tell us that.

image 140

Artificial Intelligence is advancing to have hunches and place bets that their intuition derived from data banks is correct!

From Chess to Poker… algorithms can mimic human brain… and we all thought that was a cool game. Right? Who knew that app would grow and grow and eat into our own brains?

In an article titled “Artificial Intelligence Goes Deep To Beat Humans At Poker”, they tell us that “AIs have long dominated games such as chess, and last year one conquered Go, but they have made relatively lousy poker players. In DeepStack researchers have broken their poker losing streak by combining new algorithms and deep machine learning, a form of computer science that in some ways mimics the human brain, allowing machines to teach themselves.

“It’s a … a scalable approach to dealing with [complex information] that could quickly make a very good decision even better than people,” says Murray Campbell, a senior researcher at IBM in Armonk, New York, and one of the creators of the chess-besting AI, Deep Blue.”

image 141

They go on to say the key to their A.I. successful strategies is replicating intuition… they say that Chess and Go have one important thing in common that let AIs beat them. First off, they’re perfect information games. That means both sides know exactly what the other is working with—a huge assist when designing an AI player.

But their new app, “Texas Hold ’em” is much different. In this version of poker, two or more players are randomly dealt two face-down cards. At the introduction of each new set of public cards, players are asked to bet, hold, or abandon the money at stake on the table. Because of the random nature of the game and two initial private cards, players’ bets are predicated on guessing what their opponent might do. Unlike chess, where a winning strategy can be deduced from the state of the board and all the opponent’s potential moves, Hold ‘em requires intuition.

They say working on Neural networks, the systems that enact the knowledge acquired by deep learning, can help limit the potential situations factored by the algorithms because they have been trained on the behavior in the game. This makes the AI’s reaction both faster and more accurate, Bowling says. In order to train DeepStack’s neural networks, researchers required the program to solve more than 10 million randomly generated poker game situations. Read: Artificial intelligence goes deep to beat humans at poker | Science | AAAS

Now all of this is a lot to ponder, especially when we as humans who think and have intuition are interacting with A.I. who are learning from everything we think, feel, question and respond to.

So the challenge today is to look at all of this and look at it from the perspective of the UNICORN A.I. apps and Researchers… the ones who data mine all of your responses and actions… the programs that think you are looking to remodel your roof and send you advertisements for roofers in your area just because you happened to look at a roofing picture out of curiosity on the internet? They are forever improving their apps and thinking of the next one and your participation is the key to accepting and or resisting their programming.

The truth is, A.I. can be used for good. We find the wonders of using it for good and applaud those efforts. What we are against by nature is when anything is used to entrap, harm, kill, steal and destroy us. And that is what we must be aware of in all that they data base at us and UNICORN VALLEY us with.

image 142

President Trump is opposed to SMART City surveillance and mind control. He is all for strong cities which is a thriving economy of the people for the people with the good of all in mind and opportunities for growth for everyone. He encourages innovative thinking and growth. Not enslavement and eating bugs and psuedo science and medicine that kills, maimes, and drugs up.

Everything can be used for both good and evil purposes. A.I. can be used for good and for evil. The problem is, as President Trump has said many times, “Mental Illness.”

Discern all things with the Holy Spirit and may God be with each one as we travel this journey into the Kingdom of Righteousness with liberties and law and order.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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