MEAT The Extreme Globalist Taboo!

The RESET KM are mad in both concepts of the word mad. They are merely following their orchestrated plans. Agenda 21, also known as sustainable development. They started out with the idea to tax meat to battle climate change… with the sly twist evolving into “heck – give them flesh to eat if they desire flesh. We will even provide lots of it…..let’s make a big processing plant and put it in the one state that didn’t close down during COVID! LET’S GET SOUTH DAKOTA AND TEACH THOSE GUN LOVING, CATTLE RAISING, FREEDOM LOVING FOLKS A LESSON!”

But that was never new. They made a movie about it. And it just happened to take place in 2022. Which makes one wonder what they would have done had Trump not won. In the cover photo above…it leaves the questions as to what took place in 2015 to 2019…. how much of that did they actually achieve in spite of Trump standing in the gap of their plans?

image 13

Which bring us back to South Dakota….

Something sounds way off on the South Dakota plant. The numbers are off the chart…driving all the cattle from other states?  Especially when smaller plants distributed throughout many communitites would be a better answer for distribution of both meat and jobs. If the meat is actual cattle without tampered DNA.  Which is questionable.  They are doing something and it sure doesn’t smell good at this amount of information.  Especially when there is a lot of soylent green type info out there.  Just saying.

The questions are still out whether the meat plants were sabatoged or taken out (destroyed) because of tainted, or lab toxic  petri dish created flesh and other foods. And or having human flesh as a filler.

Until they can come clean on these real concerns… remember the FDA has been infiltrated a long, long time ago, if it was ever doing anything to protect citizens…it sure doesn’t appear to be doing so now.

There are many articles filled with ideas of monstrous things…including FEMA CAMP and mass grave problems solved…. A more soylent green approach. Any and all things A.I. at this point are from Klaus and Gates type nightmare senarios.

image 7

Many things being said about this proposed futuristic meat processing plant are definitely questionable and don’t sound very good for consumers.  Don’t worry about not having enough people to work at the plant, it is obvious that A.I. has that all worked out… they really don’t want a lot of people seeing and or really knowing what will be taking place inside. Or so it appears. Especially with all their new space based technology to do the work such as air knives,  Robotics, AI, and lasers.

But among the normal “nothing to see here now move along” rhetoric we still have obvious innocent  questions that have yet to be answered. Especially when the ones with the answers to “not enough meat for everyone” are the same ones shouting… “no meat for anyone” unless it comes from a Gates petri dish or bio lab.

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Their own “released”  information is already making red flag alarms go off in our heads. Among such information is:

  • Touting their robotics and Artificial Intelligence-driven processing systems that will use robots to render carcasses.
  • Their claim that they will turn biological fat into biofuels, effectively becoming an energy producer, but deriving energy from dead carcasses.
  • Their description of using railroads to deliver the cattle, but not having cattle yards. Instead, they plan to offload thousands of cattle each day directly into the robot factory for rendering.
  • The fact that there are not 8,000 cattle available per day anywhere near Rapid City, South Dakota.
  • The utter lack of existing housing in the area which would be necessary to house the estimated 2,500 new employees.


image 14

This reaks of all sorts of monstrous ideas.  It shouts “ if they want to eat flesh…let them eat their own”, or at least it fits the narrative of all the things we’ve seen and unveiled so far, especially in this new sci fi show.

I wrote of those who were out to take your meat in June 2019. This wasn’t of any concern to the masses at the time. After all, we hadn’t had COVID yet and no one believed much of anything other than the message to “vote out your problems next time around”. THE GLOBALISTS ARE COMING FOR YOUR MEAT! – THE MARSHALL REPORT ( The article had received only one comment since it was published and that comment was:

B says: I’m a constitutionalist and you still look naive and silly.”

I had started out letting them know how this debate started. Here are some excerpts:

“This is not a new debate at all, the rabbit hole this came out of goes back to 1972 when Maurice Strong helped introduce phase one of how to rule the world and turned it into a fire breathing monster at the Rio Earth Summit of 1992 where he laid out the big roadmap toward globalism, depopulation, and how to achieve their one world government.”

Taken together, EAT seems to have all it takes to implement its global agenda. In January 2018, a multi-stakeholder event was organised in Davos, to “improve synergies and accelerate progress” of food system change.

“The strategy was clear: market forces have to be shaped, consumers redirected. This is a task taken up by the Food and Land Use Coalition, an umbrella organisation where the broader strategic lines are divided between EAT, WBCSD, GAIN, IIASA, and a crucial EAT partner: the World Resources Institute. The WRI is funded by several governments, companies, and foundations (e.g., Ford, Rockefeller, Open Society, Bill & Melinda Gates, Shell), aiming to interfere in society at large. Particularly intriguing is its focus on something called the Shift Wheel in one of its working papers, as “a new framework based on proven private sector marketing tactics”. Some suggested options are to “disguise the change”, open up “new markets”, and make meat “socially unacceptable”. Potential interventions are familiar (in order of increasing compulsion): influencing nutritional labelling and dietary guidelines, 30-day diet challenges, taxing meat, and… removing meat from restaurant menus.”  Read Full Article: The EAT-Lancet Commission’s controversial campaign – A global powerful action against meat?

“Developed and benefited from the unsustainable patterns of production and consumption which have produced our present dilemma. It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class—involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work-place air-conditioning, and suburban housing—are not sustainable. A shift is necessary toward lifestyles less geared to environmentally damaging consumption patterns.”        Maurice Strong

I ended with, “There you have it folks. The truth behind the anti-meat movement. Now I ask you, being armed with knowing that….what will be your response?

I read you the one response. It was that “I” looked naive and silly to a constitutionalist.

Well… that didn’t age well for the constitutionalist and neither will this soylant meat processing age well for the evil ones behind the entire process which go back to ALL THOSE WHO ARE ON THE SIDE OF THE KHAZARIAN MAFIA WHO ARE OUT TO RESET THE ENTIRE WORLD.


The questions are still out whether the numbers of destroyed meat plants were sabatoged or taken out (destroyed) because of tainted, or lab toxic petri dish created flesh and other foods. And or having human flesh as a filler. We know for sure they were to create shortages, the questions remain and there are many…why? They don’t want any of us eating meat, nor having good nutrition.

If you Trust GMO’s and those who make them, like Bill Gates… if you believe bad info about their jabs is all made up… you will love eating their meat.

Meanwhile, the world is spinning out of control and the same ones who lined up for jabs will never question the new meat facilities. They will applaud them and yell at anyone who questions the progress.

NewsCenter1.TV reported:

“The Western Legacy Development Corporation facility will process cattle and bison completely with the use of robotics and artificial intelligence making processing easier, safer and more efficient and producing consistent cuts of meat. They will use laser technology and air knives which use a high velocity air stream to dehide animals.

“The purpose of this tech, according to the developers, is to make beef processing more efficient, producing less waste, and thereby making beef products more affordable for consumers. But we can’t help think of a Terminator factory run by Cyberdyne Systems when we imagine robots, lasers and AI systems running a giant carcass harvesting facility.

“We’re also looking at making tallow and yellow grease products that not only can go into the feed ingredient business but also into the industrial and maybe the biodiesel industries,” said a project spokesperson, as quoted by

“Biodiesel? From carcasses?

“It all begs the obvious question: Can the plant process carcasses other than cattle?” READ:

image 5

Until they can come clean on these real concerns our imaginations are left to almost anything we can conjure up, because of what we know that they do and have done in the past and are still doing. Things like Celebrity Meat where they grow a clone of your favorite person in a petri dish from their own biopsy and serve it to you in the meat department and who knows who else uses it as a filler for the other meats you buy. Be it in the meat processed isles at the store or a fast food drive through window.  Remember, the FDA has been infiltrated a long, long time ago, if it was ever doing anything to protect citizens…it sure doesn’t appear to be doing so now.

image 8

There are many articles filled with ideas of monstrous things…including FEMA CAMP and mass grave problems solved…. A more soylent green approach. Any and all things A.I. at this point are from Klaus and Gates type nightmare senarios. Coming in by trains… sounds like an Auswitchz sandwich.

After all, it wasn’t that long ago that the DAVOS groups were pushing the benefits of cannibalism and how we need to rethink flesh as a food.

image 11


image 9

It had to close early due to COVID. “UPDATE: As of August 2020 the Museum of Man has been renamed the Museum of Us.  In December the Museum was forced to close because of the COVID spread. It is unclear if Cannibals will be still be around when the museum reopens.” Read: Cannibals: Myth & Reality at San Diego’s Museum of Us – (

As far back as 2002 the Swiss were pushing the concept of cannibalism openly. In an exhibition at the Neuchâtel’s Museum of Ethnology, devoted to what they called “our cannibalistic desire to feed on others”. They prepared an elaborate set table and explained the dining experience in a very sick manner, that was sure to turn normal people off of eating almost anything…at least for a long while. I guess that is what they intended to do with their psyop. You see whatever we see our memories retain. So we don’t have to physically partake in it … for you see, we (according to their satanic methods and beliefs) eat the meal symbolically with our eyes. And they say while digesting the information we store something inside us that tells us about other human beings… so they say we are all cannibals because we are eating their cultural past when we look at it.

image 10

Their exhibition was designed to find ways to draw the publics attention to eating human flesh, although they said it was merely to define the study of the characteristics of different peoples and the differences and relationships between them. In this case, those who find cannibalism okay and necessary as it was done in the Khazarian Baal worshipping past….and the ideas that there is no place for eating humans in today’s society.

The assistant curator, Marc-Oliver Gonseth said about the exhibit, “You are eating that symbolic meal with your eyes, and while digesting the information you store something that tells you about other human beings. So in a good sense of the word, we are all cannibals because we are eating their cultural past.”

All too often, Ethnographic museums have a tendency to present people in a particular way, sometimes one which is too narrow. So we show visitors that if objects are presented in a certain way, it can be made to look as though the people behind them are primitive or wild savages. Or they can be portrayed as noble savages.

“Our intention is simply to make people think.”

And isn’t that all part of mind control? Part of the propaganda? Gaslighting? The truth is they want to have people think THEIR WAY and DO WHAT THEY SAY. They are working hard to justify as good to do all of the things that God has said NOT TO DO.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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