It’s Time For Some Uplifting and Joy…

The storm is upon us and pounding against our windows, as we listen to its beat we can hear a bit of rythym in the rain… so I thought it’s time, as our friend Tammi says…. to DANCE LIKE DAVID DANCED!

And while we are at it… what would you do if you were dancing with Jesus? I thought would I be nervous? My answer…Yes I’d be nervous!!! But, would I dance? I said…yes I would dance. Pondering that, my mind drifted off to what it would be like to do that dance… the sound of His laughter and the assured encouragement in his kind eyes and the “You got this” smile that would let me know I was doing well, so keep on dancing.

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So, I thought to pass that on that we all got this storm thing and we just need to keep on dancing all the way into the Kingdom of God. Laugh along the way at life itself, and find joy in our loved ones and be thankful for all that we yet have. The gift above all gifts is the gift of the Holy Spirit and eternal life. Now that is something to praise and dance about!

I was talking with some friends a few months back and the conversation led into when we get to heaven and one said, “When we get to heaven and everything is so good…will we be bored?” We all laughed. But he was serious. He said, “I mean if we don’t have to labor like we do now, and we have perfect bodies, and what will we do?” We all got quiet and began to think about that. He added, “I mean it will be great for a while…but if things are so easy… what if we get bored after a while.”

I said, “I’m sure there will be things and gifts we are given that will keep us busy.” Another said, “Maybe we will build things and have another mission in going to helping other creation?” As we began to brainstorm ideas…we came up with God will have assignments for us, to we will be singing and happy and ended with it won’t matter, what matters is getting there. And of course I threw in my famous…”I want to look up Enoch and ask him a bunch of questions.”

So, my friends…I ask you… what do you think we will do in heaven? Will we be tending the garden like Adam and Eve did before they were curious? Will we find sheer delight in having free things to do? And lots of free things available? If so, what would those be?


I am thankful to have lived to watch our President call the fake news liars out. Are you?

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This one’s for Tammi…..SMILE WHILE YOU DANCE!

Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God! Press, Press, Press and Dance along the way!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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