Is Their Bold New World Led By Mental Illness?

Or is it just gaslighting on steroids?

If fear porn of nukes won’t get you angry, and turning kids into pronouns won’t move you out of your seats … then how will you react when they tell you Jesus is fake news? Evil has a bag of sandpaper ideas ready to rub on your undersides! Humanity is slated for destruction in any way they can achieve it.

So here we go… they don’t hide a thing. They have now come out and said, “All this story about Jesus rising from the dead and being the Son of God, this is fake news.” Well buddy… remember that and tell it to the gatekeepers in Hades when you get there. Unless you see the error of your ways and come to see the Lord as your savior like Saul who was then named Paul… it will be a sad, day of understanding for you and for all who follow your example.

Where is this all going?

And now we see where this is all headed. First they grab your attention, then they show you how confusing all of this is to follow so your mind is like scrambled eggs trying to make sense of the gaslighting…then they tell you what they want you to know…and that is the lie which is always with multiple directions.

Developing Story is Preplanned Developing Programming….

In the present case they are programming into your mind with the fake news developing story of a school massacre, it is the lie that the police knew about the shooters intent to shoot up the school four years ago, and the shooter was even arrested then… and so the next legislation that will be pushed is that even if you are suspect…of ANYTHING….YOU MUST BE TREATED LIKE YOU HAVE COMMITTED THE CRIME AND…whatever that entails whether it is stuck in a jail cell the rest of your life to protect others from your thoughts…. or NEVER EVER ALLOWED TO OWN A GUN AND HERE STARTS THE WITCH HUNT. I’m sure Christians and Patriots will top the list!

So here it is, in your face, right now, on top of everything else…the shooter was 18 years old four years ago, and not 18 as previously stated. Remember this is a developing story, so by tomorrow the shooter may be an alien from Mars (if they decide to give him that pronoun).

But wait…. why stop at 5-G when you can zap people with 6-G? Fry’em up! Why not…by then the mind is dead anyway.

Since 1988, the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland has focused on mental health and has featured this, among other types of programming for society, prominently on their agenda as a key priority for societies and economies. Perhaps even before then as all mind programming has been carefully thought out in LOCKSTEP since they began their climb to rule over the world. They are now in the throngs of their grand finale to bring about their NEW WORLD ORDER!

In 2020 the meeting’s FOCUS was on Understanding depression and anxiety as treatable conditions

They claimed that half of all mental illness begins by the age of 14. Stigma and misunderstanding leave many without treatment and subject to a lifetime of setbacks and challenges that could be avoided if the public better understood the fact that issues like depression and anxiety are, “like any other illness [and treatable].”

So what have they been doing about it?

They have been pushing an educational system to create more of it! And why is that? To mind control the children in order to achieve their future.

They have said at this years meeting…that by 2030 they plan to achieve it. If left unchallenged, that possibility is very possible indeed. One only has to look at what is taking place across America in our school systems and throughout the world.

But to achieve their goals in the USA, they must first destroy God, and the family unit. When they achieve the destruction of those two things the rest just falls into place without much more than a whimper.

Can you see the future of all the youth who are Furrys, batman, superman, and other pronouns? All of these and what they say today… will forever be on their records. Perhaps these shall be first to have their graphene mind control 5G, GPS controlled minds? This is where their future is systematically taking all of them…. if we allow it to continue.

But the biggest weapon is fake news, where you believe what they tell you and fear, fear, fear. It seems to have worked all along. So why change it now?


The American school systems appear to be headed down a road of gestapo type overrule, a militant style academy of security to overrule the school boards and parental concerns. This is all heading toward a NEW SCHOOL SYSTEM OF NAZI CONCENTRATION if you fall for their schemes. Your children are their new brownshirts like Hitler’s youth…only the way they are moving them into their trap is more in the style of “Sweet Tooth”, the new “furry pronoun” phase.

Parents longing to protect their children and return to a sense of normalcy in a school system gone maddening…is to allow the government total control of a new system that ensures the safety of their fur babies, and pronouns, and transforms them back into humans they once recognized who can think productively and not have crazy ideas to shoot up their peers and teachers.

And now is the time for them to push for this while they have their own pronouns in the White House.

image 160

That being said, it is time to stand up for our children and let them see the stockpile of millstones over in the corner. Let them know what our Lord has said….

Luke 17:1-2

1. Then he said unto his disciples, it is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come. 2. “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.”

What if the parents went into the school board meetings with homemade Styrofoam millstones and piled a bunch up outside the building? Would that make a point?

Remember they predict the future because they are writing the scripts. It’s time to end their gaslighting and peril FEAR PORN games! EXPOSE THEM ALL!


Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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