No Crime Scene Yellow Tape?

What the? They really believe we are all like 5 year old’s and believe anything we are told without discerning it?

Okay guys, in the video below, we have the home of the bloody shooting of the Grandmother and this is not a marked off crime scene? The grandpa has been cleaning up the blood, so he says, and does a walk through to show where the grandmother, I suppose his wife, was shot in the face. He seems pretty calm like he is showing you where an animal came in and how his dog chased him out of the house or something. Not the fact that his wife just got her face blown off. And of course there is no detective asking questions and nothing is yellow ribboned off as a crime scene. Unless, of course, she didn’t get her face blown off and she wasn’t dead, and the whole thing was blown out of proportion? And maybe getting shot in the face was having her cheek glazed accidentally, or from fooling around? But without any case report and forensics, we simply do not know.

So there is still blood in the hallway but … no crime scene? No investigation… and it is a wrap. Cut…. take one got it all. (Even though this is supposed to be one of the biggest mass shootings ever, and he shot his grandma in the face to kick off the massacre. Of which her husband seems to be nonchalant about it.) So, listen as he says he don’t know what happened. And the pool of blood was cleaned up by his sister and a friend of his.

There is no mention of a police report, nor any investigation, and he doesn’t seem to notice that this is a crime scene and has not been marked off as one.

But there is something about the way the questions are answered. Just something about that. But, I must remember, this story is developing so tomorrow we will all know more and things will be rearranged a little bit more.

image 157

Texas Gov. Gregg Abbot said, that the shooter identified as 18 year old Salvador Ramos, made three posts on social media about 30 minutes prior to the school shooting. The first post stated that he was going to shoot his grandmother, the second post said he had shot her, and the third post said he was going to shoot up an elementary school. Now we know it is easy to hack into someone’s social media, and we also know there are a lot of fake accounts set up for all sorts of nefarious reasons. And of course a kid can shout all sorts of things on social media, especially in these days of pronouns. So if he identified as a shooter, it is his right to identify as that and even act it out. After all, self-expression is art. That is what the school systems say. Be what ever you identify as being.

So, that being said… take a good hard look at what all of this woke type of self-expression has evolved into. Take a good look. Mental illness is not a pronoun, it is a disease. It effects all ages. We see this on parade with some presidents who were seated by puppet masters through voter fraud and their nations suffer daily for it, as well as other nations who are affected by their stolen seats.

Below is the photo of the alleged grandma before she was shot in the face. Wednesday she was reported still alive, unable to talk, and in some news announcements she was reported dead. Still another story said she was shot and left wounded. So I guess you can identify with the story in whatever version they have told you that you want it to be. And you can tell the story in any way you want to tell it, because there are many versions to choose from and no one is reporting anything for certain. It is developing… and there is a lot of “this is what has been reported so far” sort of thing. And because of the way it has been presented… anything you say about it is subject to being false later, thereby discrediting all your life work for you have lied about the developing story that no one has any facts for certain on. Whew! Are you catching on yet? I sure am. False flags are tricky that way…especially when it involves both mental illness/mind control and preplanned cooperation.

image 156
The Grandmother prior to being allegedly shot in the face.

Ohhhh, does anybody else’s head hurt? I really don’t like following any of this false flag show… but I am because people are believing these stories without questioning anything and the motivation behind this “developing” story shifted the moment the shooting was announced into passing legislation to control guns to take away our second amendment right to bear arms. This sure looks like a gun grab, and it’s a mess.

Then there is just something about some of these people who are more concerned about gun control than the death of their loved ones? It sure does make one wonder if some are crisis actors getting paid to say these things. Why? Because some of what I’ve heard does not meet the perimeters of common sense, for none of this looks real. By the way when is the funeral?

image 158
This is allegedly Salvador Ramos but it sure doesn’t quite look like the pics we’ve been seeing of him. He looks very coordinated and his hair is long. But, then again…this story is developing.

Meanwhile Reporter, Bill Melugin is trying to make sense out of the mixed reports. Melugin is doing some good reporting and trying to get the facts straight. But, things keep changing all over the place. At least there is a crime scene tape around the tree where the shooter allegedly crashed and fired off rounds at witnesses (who saw him) who were by a funeral home, before he went over the fence to get into the school.

I like the way Bill Melugin is calling out and comparing the mixed reports and not reading a crisis actor propaganda script. He is trying to give all of this a good critical thinking. That is promising.

Texas Department of Public Safety now says that there was no school police officer who encountered or engaged the mass shooter at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX. The shooter was not confronted before entry, and it appears he walked into the school through an unlocked door.

New reports also show that the gunman was not shot until ONE HOUR after he entered the school? Meanwhile, instead of the officers charging into the school, they were busy arresting the distraught parents who were shouting for the officers to do something to save their kids, instead of just standing there outside, like it’s an ANTIFA protest. It is still unclear and DEVELOPING who knew what and why all the parents were there for a surprise shooting?

And then there is trouble at the border…. did I say again? Let me say it… trouble at the border again.

So while the people and the state of Texas all look at what appears could very well be this crisis actor shooting, complete with crisis actor police officers arresting parents who are begging the police to go and stop the shooter??? The Texas border is being invaded.

We also have about 29 runners dressed in camouflage coming across the border.

So, this is just another day in the Khazarian Mafia versus the people of the Republic of the United States of America. But remember everything is still developing and nothing is as it appears.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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