IRS Has A Real Killer Program For New Hires!

I wish this was satire, but it is all part of the Left’s Wish List and it isn’t even Christmas yet!

All congress wanted (along with a long, long list of other things) was a well armed IRS designed to kill, steal and destroy on demand. After all, NATO and congress deal makers need more money to bribe the world and keep up their lifestyles. And it’s also part of their RESET goals where you have nothing and are happy. Or at least you have nothing.

It’s as though they are out to teach every patriot a lesson for cheering on as their Ukraine Piggy Bank cover was blown. At least they will go after all the go fund me’s that spoke out against them. Kicking them off of social media sights wasn’t vengeful enough, now they will send out the IRS. Watch for it.

Weee…weee…let’s have fun and shoot someone.

But the real organizational Structure is much worse than the one they think will impress you into fear.

There is a lot going down and it is piling up fast. It’s really called the Inflation Reduction Act. And the Democratic Congress and RINOS pushed it through. You can tell them thank you??? Or sue them all for their unconstitutional actions!

They want your last dollar and anything you have that looks like Melania’s wardrobe!

It’s time to end the IRS all together. This is an international debt collector!

image 232

What could possibly go wrong?

image 233

MEANWHILE… THE CHENEY FAILED THING IS STILL GOING ON… She’s far away from reality. Even the show is not able to wrap around her idea of who she is and what she is? She’s acting like an out of touch mind controlled clone or something???

And now the schools system is imploding as the teacher shortage is blamed on Republicans who want their kids to learn things other than the furry, transgender agenda. I say…start over and clean it all up! The Five digs into this issue!

And now for some hard truth on the IRSInflation Reduction Act” that will be a big fat bait and switch! This is not going to work out the way they planned.

And just for fun… because it is so nerdy… let’s look at the new recruits one more time. I’d laugh but they are now given guns…never laugh at anyone with a gun in their hand. Smile.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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