100 Tonnes of Dead Fish In Europe’s Oder River

What exactly has killed the fish in the Oder River? The governments of Germany and Poland are offering a huge reward for the person who can tell them who has poisoned the fish, and or what has caused this mass kill off. The Oder river borders three nations, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, and flows into the Baltic Sea.

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Tests have been done for chemicals like the solvent mesitylene, which is known to have a toxic effect on fish, but these have shown no trace of the solvent. Tests for mercury and heavy metals also proved to be negative. Lab tests did show high levels of salinity (salt) in the water.

Testing for pesticides and around 300 other substances are also being conducted, the Polish environment minister said, “We still do not exclude a variant of the toxic substances. We are checking entities which run business and industrial activity along the river.”

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Meanwhile, officials said that no fish carcasses have yet been sighted downstream in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on the German Baltic coast. Reports said that oil booms will be placed in the Szczecin Lagoon fed from the Oder to prevent dead fish from entering the Baltic Sea.

Heat and drought could be factors…

Christian Wolter, researcher at the department of fish biology, fisheries and aquaculture at the Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, said the fish in the river are struggling, due to lower oxygen levels caused by historically low water levels (a trend since 2018) and high water temperatures of around 25 degrees Celsius (77 Fahrenheit). He said, “When fish are stressed, respiration goes up.” Aquatic life need more oxygen.

As the desperate search to find what it is that is killing the fish, they have guesses from factory pollution, drought, to chemicals and so far… they cannot find what or who is responsible. Lawmaker Malgorzata Tracz from the Polish Green Party told DW that despite alerting authorities about the ecological catastrophe on the Oder, Polish government institutions did not even warn residents that they should not touch the river water. 8 tons of fish were found near Olawa alone. She stated, “The problem is huge. It is not something that can be ignored or that will be overcome on its own.” Read: Mysterious mass fish kill in Oder River: Climate change or poison? (msn.com)

In my past efforts of investigating similar fish kills caused by toxic waste dumping in water ways, which cause blue green algae to flourish, thus it robs oxygen from the water, and of several years of deep diving for causes and solutions… along with all the other strange things that have killed life on our earth from out of no where… my humble opinion is leaning toward possiblities of dumping waste waters from mining that can contain things from a toxic salty brine, to radioactive materials, which also take the oxygen out of not only the water, but out of all life.

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Dead fish, no flies, no bugs, no birds picking away having a feast. This is toxic and smells like radioactive waste, and or 5G or Direct Energy Weapons. Was anyone testing their space based toys?

I would also bet that it could have something to do with high frequency currents such as 5G. This takes the oxygen out of the air, water and out of all living sea life as well as land creatures. It would easily kill every bit of life in its frequency range and look like some type of mass poisoning from the water. If someone wanted to cause a mass kill all they would have to do is beam their direct energy weapons in the river at a time when no one was aware. This is odorless, fast, invisible, and the only proof is in the dead life forms. If it were 5-G there could be other signs like collapsed lungs, and some internal bleeding in the fish. I see no flies on the dead fish in any of the videos…this is a sure sign of radioactive and or 5G exposure, or some sort of mining dumping of toxic waste. If the birds and flies are not having a feast… then this is an ominous toxic aftermath. So…. what could it be?

But, then there are other things that can take the oxygen out of the water such as bluegreen algae, but that has not been reported, at least not yet, but then again… that would give the birds a feast and when bugs and birds don’t gather… it is something very bad and harmful.

And then there is Lithium mining which leaves the water very salty….and they have to dump it into the ground and or the water supply and that is toxic. It takes a lot of water to mine Lithium, and toxic chemicals can leak from the evaporation pools to the water supply, such as hydrochloric acid, which is used in the processing of lithium – as well as waste products that can filter out of the brine. So…??? I dug around.

And sure enough…there were a few things that were interesting…. check out these articles…

Can German Technology feed Europe’s Lithium Appetite?

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Lithium is being referred to as “white gold” since it’s used in almost every battery powering our modern gadgets. Although Germany is not known for its minerals, new technology could now help it source its own lithium. Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) may have felt like they had discovered hidden treasure when they succeeded recently in extracting lithium from an unusual source: thermal water. Read: Can German technology feed Europe′s lithium appetite? | Business | Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 27.07.2020

Also Read: Germans discover enough lithium in the Rhine River Valley to build 400 million EVs – SlashGear

But then…. we also have Poland and their mining…

Poland violates law in lignite mine dispute, EU court aide says

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The Luxembourg-based court in September slapped Poland with a daily penalty of 500,000 euro ($565,000) for failing to comply with a previous order by EU judges to immediately halt the mining, which the Czech Republic says is draining water reserves from the border region. Poland has said it can’t afford to switch off the Turow mine and the nearby power plant, which can supply up to 7% of the country’s electricity, as it would pose a risk to its energy security. Read: Poland violates law in lignite mine dispute, EU court aide says – MINING.COM

I think we found the source(s). Time will tell what they find. So far… they are baffled. Or no one is talking. I suspect both.

We know many of the things the so called climate changers are making are not enviornmentally, nor user friendly. Hydrogen is highly explosive the way they are using it in technology and their green projects. And military’s are playing with DEW.

Remember…. some officials have stated, “An unknown highly toxic substance in the German-Polish Oder river has been blamed for the mass die-off of fish.” But they don’t know what that is.

Synthetic chemical’ substance blamed for mass death of fish in Oder river in Germany and Poland as investigations continue

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The German state of Brandenburg’s environment ministry said analysis of river water showed evidence of “synthetic chemical substances, very probably also with toxic effects for vertebrates.”

It remains unclear how the substance entered the water.

“Tonnes of dead fish were hauled out of a 200-kilometre stretch of the river earlier this week, with the situation labelled an ecological catastrophe by water authorities.” Read: ‘Synthetic chemical’ substance blamed for mass death of fish in Oder river in Germany and Poland as investigations continue – ABC News

From April 2020… Read: “Soon dozens of videos started appearing showing dead birds, dead fish and people fainting in the street — all, according to the videos, the result of 5G” How a 5G coronavirus conspiracy spread across Europe | Free to read | Financial Times (ft.com)

Remember Sonar has killed sealife because the man made frequencies were never meant for creation to thrive. It kills life. Read: Navy Sonar Tests Killing Tens of Thousands of Marine Life (thelastamericanvagabond.com)

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They have known these things for years and they never acknowledge what they have done as wrong. And Germany, Poland and Czech Republic know what they’ve been doing. That being said…

Knowing all of our history with the government and the biotesting labs, and their secrets…and their technology… what do you believe could be causing this? (Hint… IT’S NOT CLIMATE CHANGE unless you count all the rush to new technology.)

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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