Ireland, Scotland, Jeremiah and King David…

569 BC Jeremiah arrives in Ireland…. and he’s not alone!

According to Irish History, in 569 BC, an elderly white-haired patriarch, sometimes referred to as a “saint,” came to Ireland, which had been colonized centuries before both by Israelites from the tribe of Dan and by Jews of the line of Zerah.

So the lineage of David was moving about from the time Babylon fell and growing outside the crushed walls. Yet, all eyes are on Daniel in Babylon then go blind until the time our Lord is born. So we have to find the puzzle pieces. So, let’s see what we have and how it could fit. Some things were recorded by Josephus, and then there are the 5 books of Maccabees. And the great history of Ireland and the Scots. And pieces from the story tellers…. many things that was not included among that of many Jewish records.

Could this be the heroic tales of King Arthur?  Or the prelude to them? Could this be the story arc within the Bible story…reentering into the scenes…where now we show flashbacks of what was taking place while we were watching our other Bible heroes and their journey?  Could this be coming into alignment now to join in the climax of the show and make for that drama, that awe inspiring twist in the plot that we never saw coming? The epic part where the reader now sees the final conflict and battle the ultimate grand finale?  It sure looks like a story arc that will reveal it’s purpose in the show… WE NOW BEGIN THE PRELUDE TO THE BLOODLINES OF KING DAVID, and THE SONS OF EPHRAIM AND MANASSEH! THE ULTIMATE GRAND FINALE TO THE AGE OF THE GENTILES!

Jeremiah is shown where to preserve the Ark of The Covenant, among other things. God had directed him to do this for His purpose.

2 Maccabees 2:4-8 Original King James BibleJeremiah hides the Arc of the Covenant!

4 It was also contained in the same writing, that the prophet, being warned of God, commanded the tabernacle and the ark to go with him, as he went forth into the mountain, where Moses climbed up, and saw the heritage of God.

5 And when Jeremy came thither, he found an hollow cave, wherein he laid the tabernacle, and the ark, and the altar of incense, and so stopped the door.

6 And some of those that followed him came to mark the way, but they could not find it.

7 Which when Jeremy perceived, he blamed them, saying, As for that place, it shall be unknown until the time that God gather his people again together, and receive them unto mercy.

8 Then shall the Lord shew them these things, and the glory of the Lord shall appear, and the cloud also, as it was shewed under Moses, and as when Solomon desired that the place might be honorably sanctified.

God Uses All People To Serve His Purpose… whether one believes or not believes, God will move one’s heart in mysterious ways to help his people who are seeking His truths. God uses those of other beliefs as well as those who serve Him to complete his purpose. The journey is one that must be traveled, it is a great quest. No one jumps from A to Z….it is a journey of A,B,C,D,E…etc. However, in our understanding of it, because it has been hidden, as we seek the truth… we are as one on a hunt for a great treasure and find our truths one at a time, out of sequence. We may find the W before we find the A and the D….then perhaps we find the S and then the Y. With these pieces we begin to see a sequence and make sense how they, just as the letters of the alphabet come to gether and form words, will come together and show the truths we are seeking. So let us see how many pieces we can fit together without cutting them up (misinterpreting them) to fit where they don’t belong….

image 286

… and without making them make a picture that simply is not there!

image 287
This is what we have right now. It’s time to put things in their correct places.

That’s not to say as we go along we may not have to rearrange a few pieces that we have placed. We surely will! But, we have to start with the pieces we have. We must learn the clues to find what is missing. Smile.

What has been hidden shall be revealed ….Luke 8:17 “For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.” 

Which brings us to….

Josephus Concerning Alexander The Great and  His Vision To Help Jerusalem

Josephus writes concerning Alexander the Great: 5. And when he understood that he was not far from the city, he went out in procession, with the priests and the multitude of the citizens. The procession was venerable, and the manner of it different from that of other nations. It reached to a place called Sapha, which name, translated into Greek, signifies a prospect, for you have thence a prospect both of Jerusalem and of the temple.

And when the Phoenicians and the Chaldeans that followed him thought they should have liberty to plunder the city, and torment the high priest to death, which the king’s displeasure fairly promised them, the very reverse of it happened; for Alexander, when he saw the multitude at a distance, in white garments, while the priests stood clothed with fine linen, and the high priest in purple and scarlet clothing, with his mitre on his head, having the golden plate whereon the name of God was engraved, he approached by himself, and adored that name, and first saluted the high priest.

The Jews also did all together, with one voice, salute Alexander, and encompass him about; whereupon the kings of Syria and the rest were surprised at what Alexander had done, and supposed him disordered in his mind. However, Parmenio alone went up to him, and asked him how it came to pass that, when all others adored him, he should adore the high priest of the Jews?

God gives Alexander the Great a vision to help Israel…

To whom Alexander replied, “I did not adore him, but that God who hath honored him with his high priesthood; for I saw this very person in a dream, in this very habit, when I was at Dios in Macedonia, who, when I was considering with myself how I might obtain the dominion of Asia, exhorted me to make no delay, but boldly to pass over the sea thither, for that he would conduct my army, and would give me the dominion over the Persians; whence it is that, having seen no other in that habit, and now seeing this person in it, and remembering that vision, and the exhortation which I had in my dream, I believe that I bring this army under the Divine conduct, and shall therewith conquer Darius, and destroy the power of the Persians, and that all things will succeed according to what is in my own mind.”

And when he had said this to Parmenio, and had given the high priest his right hand, the priests ran along by him, and he came into the city. And when he went up into the temple, he offered sacrifice to God, according to the high priest’s direction, and magnificently treated both the high priest and the priests.

Alexander The Great is shown the Book of Daniel and he marvels!

And when the Book of Daniel was showed him (23) wherein Daniel declared that one of the Greeks should destroy the empire of the Persians, he supposed that himself was the person intended. And as he was then glad, he dismissed the multitude for the present; but the next day he called them to him, and bid them ask what favors they pleased of him; whereupon the high priest desired that they might enjoy the laws of their forefathers, and might pay no tribute on the seventh year. He granted all they desired. And when they entreared him that he would permit the Jews in Babylon and Media to enjoy their own laws also, he willingly promised to do hereafter what they desired. And when he said to the multitude, that if any of them would enlist themselves in his army, on this condition, that they should continue under the laws of their forefathers, and live according to them, he was willing to take them with him, many were ready to accompany him in his wars.

6. So when Alexander had thus settled matters at Jerusalem, he led his army into the neighboring cities; and when all the inhabitants to whom he came received him with great kindness, the Samaritans, who had then Shechem for their metropolis, (a city situate at Mount Gerizzim, and inhabited by apostates of the Jewish nation,) seeing that Alexander had so greatly honored the Jews, determined to profess themselves Jews; for such is the disposition of the Samaritans, as we have already elsewhere declared, that when the Jews are in adversity, they deny that they are of  kin to them, and then they confess the truth; but when they perceive that some good fortune hath befallen them, they immediately pretend to have communion with them, saying that they belong to them, and derive their genealogy from the posterity of Joseph, Ephraim, and Manasseh.

As we learn what is written in the history of the Jews, by Josephus, we see why much was hidden from the people today. For with the knowledge of the truth in history, it makes it difficult to twist the scriptures into pretzels that supports conclusions of the interpretations and doctrines of men. We also understand why the committee of Theologians always deny any truth to any story that doesn’t match what they have been taught by Vatican sources, and their studies based on Vatican and Jesuit sources.

With that being said, we return to the quest for the Holy Grail…

image 262

Jeremiah, Ireland, and the Dynasty of King David

After the fall of Babylon, Jeremiah and the Kings daughters were taken by Johanan the son of Kareah, to Egypt. It was later that Jeremiah took the Kings Daughters whose names were Scota and Tamar Tephi who were heirs to the Throne of David, out from Egypt into the Isles and into Ireland.

The journey is written here a little there a little in our Bible, both orthodox and that deemed unorthodox, and in the records retained by Jeremiah, in the annals of history of Ireland, Scotland, England, and the book of Maccabees, and other annals of history. It truly is a truth that has been known and celebrated, yet not talked about within the church, who have mostly adhered to a memorized dogma of a last day dispensation chain of events while ignoring true history and what the prophets have said and done. Today’s theologians stick to the dogma’s and are beginning to have to admit things one tiny piece at a time. People are simply ignoring the dogma chatter and breaking free of the hold it once had on them. Watching the Khazarian, COVID RESET show has aided in opening eyes to the lies in this, and other areas a lot. 

Back to the journey…. There came to Ireland an old patriarch with an Eastern king’s daughter with a Hebrew name, Tea Tephi (or Tamar Tephi). The old man was Jeremiah, and the princess was a daughter of King Zedekiah of Judah.

Among those in Jeremiah ‘s care was also a prince, the son of the King of Ireland, who had been in Jerusalem at the time of the Babylonian siege, who had become acquainted with Tea Tephi, and they had married shortly after Jerusalem fell in 585 BC.  They had a young son, who was around the age of 12 when they came to Ireland.  Later when their son (a prince) took the throne, he took the name Herremon.

As the daughter of Zedekiah, Tea Tephi, was heir to the throne of David. When Herremon, a descendant of Zerah, married this Hebrew princess, a descendant of Pharez, and their son sat as king over Israelites, the ancient breach was healed. This dynasty continued, unbroken, down through all the kings of Ireland. It was overturned and transplanted in Scotland in c. AD 487 when a prince of Ireland’s royal line was crowned King Fergus I.

image 263

How Does this Royal Bloodline carry over to the Isles?

Now while there are quite a lot of inflated stories to sift through, and much folklore painting views that are not quite historically accurate of the transfer of David’s throne to Ireland, etc, what is important to acknowledge is there are historic facts that document the truth that the identity of modern Israel regarding David’s throne was established in the Isles.

Which also validate the birthright given to the sons of Joseph- Ephraim and Manasseh fulfilling Bible prophecy through the Royal Reign of the lineage of David and the House of Pharez Judah.

image 264

Jeremiah Gives A Warning for Jehoiachin

24 As I live, saith the LORD, though Coniah the son of Jehoiakim king of Judah were the signet upon my right hand, yet would I pluck thee thence; 25And I will give thee into the hand of them that seek thy life, and into the hand of them whose face thou fearest, even into the hand of Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon, and into the hand of the Chaldeans. 26And I will cast thee out, and thy mother that bare thee, into another country, where ye were not born; and there shall ye die. 27But to the land whereunto they desire to return, thither shall they not return.

28 Is this man Coniah a despised broken idol? is he a vessel wherein is no pleasure? wherefore are they cast out, he and his seed, and are cast into a land which they know not?

29 O earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the LORD.

30 Thus saith the LORD, Write ye this man childless, a man that shall not prosper in his days: for no man of his seed shall prosper, sitting upon the throne of David, and ruling any more in Judah.

Now the lineage of David continues and it is divided. Our Lord is born of a virgin who is of the lineage of David…and is baptised of John who is the last living of the Levitical Priesthood lineage, and did not proclaim his priesthood, but instead went crying in the wilderness to prepare to all the way of the Lord. Who was to come and is the High Priest of the Heavenly Order of Melchilzedek – which ended the earthly priestly line which was a shadow of things to come. Yeshua, the Son of God became our High Priest forever and is The King of Kings, and Lord of Lords whose Kingdom is not built by earthly hands, it is the Kingdom of the God of Heaven on earth.

John 18:36-37: 36Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence. 37Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.

King Herod was not of the lineage of David. He was appointed king over Judea by the Emperor Caesar. He was a usurper on the throne. There had not been a King over Israel of the lineage of David in Jerusalem since King Zedekiah. Yet, during this time the throne of David was never without a King, for God had kept his promise to David and prepared a way to always have a King sitting upon the throne of David.

The lineage of David had found its way to Ireland with Jeremiah. And after that… the lineage of David arrived by Joseph of Arimathea… of who Josephus calls James the righteous, the brother of Jesus.

The direct male line was cut off. The prophet Jeremiah, fleeing Jerusalem to Egypt, was entrusted with King Zedekiah’s daughters. When we follow Bible history, and follow the written logs of  Ireland  and the Royal Weddings in both Ireland and Scotland, we see truths in the lineage of David and its continuation outside of Jerusalem during its destruction by the King of Babylon. 

The Scot’s Throne of David Comes To England – The Birth of Great Britain

In 1603 when Queen Elizabeth died, she had no children and the closet living heir was King James VI, her first cousin twice removed and son of Mary Queen of Scots. King James VI was of the House of Stuart. He took the throne as King James 1 and ruled over the two nations, while both nations maintained separate parliaments, courts, and law, under the same Kingship. When Scotland’s parliament decided to invade England this led to a merging of the two nations under one government and in 1707, the English and Scottish parliaments voted to merge, creating a single Parliament and a single Kingdom of Great Britain, with its capital in London. The old Union Jack Flag of a white cross on a navy blue background was changed and a red cross was added which symbolically combined the Scottish and English crosses.

image 288

This marked the beginning of the “many nations” in the blessing of Jacob to Ephraim that would become the greatest empire in the history of the world.

image 265

Let us first begin by saying… all of the Cathedrals throughout France built by the Knights Templar dedicated to their Elect Lady called Mary Magdalene were not built out of a fantasy to believe in a myth of a woman who at that time had been deemed a whore by the Vatican since 571 AD, and taught to be so by the Orthodox Church they served. For the Nobal Knights Templar to bestowe such valor on “a whore” is luidicrous to even consider. In reality the opposite was true, for so great was the respect and admiration for Mary Magdaline that these noble knights would lay down their lives and die in an inquisition to protect her lineage, which became known as the Holy Grail. They would no more lay down their lives for a fantasy as fools any more than any of the first Apostles would have set out to tell tall tales and lay down their lives to die for a lie. They did so as a witness to the truth of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ (Yeshua).

1 Corinthians 15:29-32

29 Else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead, if the dead rise not at all? why are they then baptized for the dead?

30 And why stand we in jeopardy every hour?

31 I protest by your rejoicing which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I die daily.

32 If after the manner of men I have fought with beasts at Ephesus, what advantageth it me, if the dead rise not? let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we die.

We are now learning that many interpretations of scripture have been lost in translations and this happened at the time of the first followers of the way and continued into the church age up to this day.

When we handed over our minds to the church to tell us what to think, feel and choose. We handed over our free will to religious men who knowingly or unknowingly were led by darkness in their midst. Or simply taught wrong and had a mechanical religious system. Today we are yet within the same system and in order to be a member of the church (almost any denomination) most also give up the liberty to seek the scriptures and find their own truths. If you come to an idea that isn’t in the theology they are teaching…you will find it isn’t always well accepted. Especially if it isn’t in their vast volumes of theologian teachings.

We have come to the era of church systems having check lists for others to decide what you thought, felt and chose in order for THEM to decide whether or not you received the Lord as your savior and are ready to be baptised or whether you need to go pray on it some more and than come back and schedule your baptism. The same church system swings as far to the other side with “don’t worry be happy and it’s okay if you don’t go visit your parents on holidays if you have other things you want to do. God wants you to be happy. Don’t feel guilty…just do what makes you happy.” (that’s pretty much a word for word quote from a mega pastor you all know of.) But this is a smorgasbord of doctrines…so if you keep looking you will find one that will let you be you.

On the other side of the church spectrum, many are now teaching beyond the way of the followers of the Lord, and are way into using the light and leaving out Jesus or using the teachings of Jesus and creating their own idea of following the way and getting way away from the way. So be careful what you watch and believe and discern all things for the same process to the father of dark and false light is the same process to the our Father God. The difference is that you cannot receive the Holy Spirit without a repentative heart and receiving the Lord as your Messiah, and serving God with all your heart, mind and soul, and loving your neighbor as yourself. I heard a video where a man was talking about the gospel of Thomas and at the same time reassuring his audience that he was not talking religion and religion had no part in what he was about to share but this is what Jesus taught. I don’t know what he was sharing for I ended watching at those words. Now he is into some new age universal light that the UN pushes. They have a one world religion universal light they are pushing…but that is light of Lucifer from Lucis Trust.

You see, either way here, there is no lukewarm…to be lukewarm you are a sitting duck and defenseless against darkness pretending to be a light. We are entering into a point where the dark side will try to confuse the good with bad as he always loves to do. Beware and use discernment.

To say you aren’t going to do anything but pray. Well, that is what prayer is …connecting to the Lord and the Father through the Holy Spirit. See the wiles of the devil at play here? You will know the good from evil with the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit, you have no defense.

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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