Influencer Wars – Game On!

President Trump takes 45 point lead in latest poll. Interesting number that 45 is??

President Donald Trump the 45th President of the United States of America, a Republic, is winning yet again with a whopping 45-point lead over his waning potential rival, Governor Ron DeSantis, R-Fla. What happens when he reaches a 47% lead? Or is 45% the only record breaking number needed?

Trump takes incredible 45-point lead in latest poll (

The master at exposing and winning…. Trump Truths his latest and once again… people start digging. Like clockwork, they always do it!

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Many people laugh at Trump for always showing his influence in TV viewership ratings, and his place in the polls. He gets a lot of flack from the left for doing it. Many look at this as arrogance and criticize him as being narcissistic, but he has a solid purpose to his so called ridiculous obsession.  It is all about influence and the Trump brand. The fact that President Trump is the leader in both … no matter how many lies the fake news pours on him, his ratings go up and that just drives the fake news crazy.

When fake news goes crazy, they get sloppy and when they get sloppy they tell on themselves. Trump uses his influence to show how little the fake news influencers are and the millions paid to these puppets is money in the trash. He uses his influence to call them all out and expose their lies.

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Trump is well known now for saying a truth in a way that fake news thinks they can smear and get him good only to find out later that it drove up Trump’s popularity because he was right.

Trump uses cold hard phrases that get peoples attention and at times these hard phrases  appear to be very raw words… but these raw words stick with people and get them talking and when that happens people start digging and looking and when that happens… truth smacks the headlines harder than the smearing lies and mocking. The result is … ONCE AGAIN TRUMP WAS RIGHT!

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He has always been a ratings type of guy and loves to be number one, so while the fake news is busy making up angles to tear Trump down, doing all sorts of wrap up smears… Trump takes every opportunity to point out the lies and fake news with truth and points out their own dirty laundry. He is actually directing the news programming and they don’t even know it. He sets verbal bait and switch traps all the time and they take the bait every time. Why?  For the ratings!!! 

image 352

The viewer audience that have now all but disappeared from CNN and MSM and a waning Fox News are now seen in large numbers on independent social media sites as people hunt for the truth. This turn of events was combated with the progressive left’s mis and dis information campaign and bots that are not a real people but a fake number to add to someone’s list to make them an influencer in numbers only as a psyop. Fake influencers can buy numbers that give them a large fake following. We have known this, but, Elon Musk recently exposed this as a fact.

Real organic numbers of followers are hard to counter… these are the real influencers and no matter how much fake news tries to build up their fake influencers… they don’t influence.  Trump has pointed this out many times in many ways and many people didn’t seem to understand what he was doing by pointing these things out.

image 357

This lesson was very important because through this we learn how they preprogram people’s minds into believing that this one or that one is winning because…look at their numbers and look at their influence on social media wow… look at the millions of followers this blue check mark has or that one? Fake influencers are not affective trend setters, but that doesn’t matter with a rigged system. All they want is a set of numbers to support their rigged election, or rigged popularity of their rigged fake influencer that they are building up as an influencer in their propaganda.

They do this to back up their chosen ones… the ones they position as puppets to lead their global ideology. They do their influencer magic on a candidate and when they are positioned they say well they aren’t surprised because look at their following… bla, bla, bla. Like Joey who has a handful of people at any of his political events and on Twitter has 37.1 million followers on his personal twitter page and 30.5 million followers on his Presidential page??? 

image 356

And Trump had 32.6 million followers on his Twitter Presidential Page, and 87.1 million on his personal page.

image 355

Who really believes that Biden had or has more personal following influence than Trump? By almost 5 million more? Come on Joe??? And who believes that Trump with 87.1 million followers lost to Joey with 30.5 million follower bots? 

image 354

We know Twitter didn’t give Trump any bots, we can count on that one. They took him down and hid him from everyone…but that never changed the cold hard facts of truth for he still remained the most sought after influencer and the REAL PRESIDENT people listened to and rely on for truth.

Are we supposed to all believe that Kamala has 20 million followers on her personal page and 14.1 million on her V.P. page.

image 358
Joey Avatar at one of his campaign events. Look at the numbers!!

I wonder what the real follower count would be if we took away the fake bot numbers? Wonder if that applies to poll numbers too?

And now you know one of the main reasons why President Trump shows the numbers of the ratings, the polls, and calls them out at every turn!  They simply lie about almost EVERYTHING! 

So since we can only wonder what it would look like if we showed how many real versus fake bot numbers artificial influencers add to their pages and polls in the show, Trump is there to constantly pull out a paper and read the ratings and the poll numbers, and every time he does this it drives the fake news crazy.

President Trump congratulates Mark Levin… “Interview of President Trump by Mark Levin. Congratulations Mark on being Number One!”

image 353

Once again the fake news goes nuts as President Trump points out the ratings for Mark Levin being number one, beating all the network ratings by having President Trump on as a guest. What message does that send to viewers? It tells them that the biggest influencer, and the real President is none other than…. PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP!

So there you have it… Donald J. Trump the king of branding and ratings! Hold on to your seat and stay focused as more and more is revealed. Discern all things and remember, nothing is as it appears!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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