Biden Family Crime Spree and World Updates…

There is so much propaganda still being pushed and the hands on training of how to detect a rubber mask disguise from a real face, although entertaining, is really getting old. The show itself is old… especially because it is real and we are living inside of this crazy, insane new programming with desperate people just crazy enough to carry out every evil threat they shout. And so while we are all tired of the wicked RESET plans… we need to stand strong and pray unceasing. Keep our eyes focused on finding truth and question everything, for nothing is as it appears.

As we enter the final battles… remember the wake up calls all along the way. If you think you are tired of the show… how do you thing he feels?

Biden and Human Trafficking? Yes, it’s a thing.

Shell companies, money laundering, and banks filing over 150 SAR reports (SAR stands for ‘suspicious activity reports’ that show criminal activity. One SAR connected Biden and family to human trafficking. The mess is deep and the unraveling has just begun. Representative Comer was shocked at the number of Biden Family members involved with all the monies flowing through family LLC shell companies. The Biden crime spree has reached the point of no return. And not just Joe and Hunter, it’s almost the entire family!

Biden Crime Family is a proper name for it… who else is or was involved…?

They have had to be stooges for some big KM Oligarchs. None of them are that smart, but they are all well protected and insulated. Money launderinging, bio labs, child and human trafficking, gun running, stolen election, crimes hidden… they have to be global puppets for global lizard people. Like little guys for the real big guys. What do you suspect?

Addressing body doubles, they are every where! Finally it is being addressed! It’s not knew it’s just that now they are everywhere!

While all eyes are on Tucker and Joey Rubber Mask Biden… the rest of the world is busy making their own global moves!

Palki Sharma gives a great report on the truth of what is taking place around the world while we are watching Tuckers life regrets and repentence which in this show… could still turn out to be a possible plea deal? Remember, nothing is as it appears and he has lawyered up.

Russia is building Billionaires while Silicon Valley high tech is going broke. Looks like EU and US sanctions have failed and circled back upon their own heads.

Highlights in above video from Palki: China’s New Blunder: “Former Soviet States Not Independent”- What Sanctions? Russians Are Getting Richer – Australia’s Biggest Defence Shake-up in Decades – Kenya’s Starvation Cult – South Korea to Go Nuclear? – Sudan Clashes: India on Standby for Evacuations – Pakistan’s Audio Leaks – Human Rights in America: U.N. Investigates.

Russia fires missilles on NATO CHIEF hiding in a strategic underground bunker!

Fake News calls it fake, other online news outlets confirm it did take place. Toss a coin and if it lands on heads it’s true, if it lands on tails it’s fake. That is what we have now come down to… A COIN TOSS!

“BOOM!” they say bombs are dropping on Kiev. But it’s hard to tell due to the Hollywood Special Effects that have been used in almost all of the Zelensky productions. So, you decide.

In case you missed it… Tucker’s last send off Friday, April 21, 2023. Monday Tucker’s show was canceled and as the day progressed he hired a top notch entertainment attorney, which lends the appearance that his exit from Fox News was a not so agreeable departure.

Is this the dismantling of Fox News or just some distraction drama?

Donald Trump Jr. has a different take on the Tucker firing… and gives his take on the Biden mess in the Sudan among other issues.

Welcome to Triggered… the Donald Trump Jr. Input on the crazy stuff….

The writing is on the wall…

image 348

Kamala has been in the fake seat too long, her mask is already worn out.

So that’s the fast track on what’s taking place, other than the scandals of the UNICORN Tech companies, Bank fails, high inflation, and the usual walmart shoppers destroying the store and someone beating someone up because they want to.

Does anyone know what ever happened to Pelosi? Does anyone miss her? Does anyone even care? She is very quiet – all of a sudden, and just like that???

image 349

Remember the day President Trump was signing the China Trade Agreement while Nancy was using her new pens to sign impeachment number 1? Too bad she was written out of the show. She was quite entertaining. Irritating…but entertaining. Have you ever sat and added up how many are gone? Some have quietly faded away without saying good bye or even screeching and slamming the door. And they were so loud before?

Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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