Glass Onions Don’t Need Peeled… You Can See Right Through Them!

So is Candace Owens Farmer extreme and out of control? Or is she groomed for such a time as this? And what time is this?

Who knew that in 2017 she was already not only pushing, but creating with HER TEAM a way to spy and track you and kill your reputation on line. It was called Social Autopsy.

image 373

When you see what that entails…. you will see that it sure sounds like the newest threat of social media score cards and tracking that all but make free speech a crime. Only this just goes right to the juggular and chokes the persons social reputation to death without a trial.

So, little Candace is a real agenda driven character. She is known also for doxing Trump back in the day before he won the election. She was a “Never Trumper”.

Do hard left leaning liberals and RINOs ever change?

Well, if her recent attempt to have GloriFi banking app that she posed as a bank for patriots and conservatives, is any indication… then the answer is, “no they don’t.”

It now appears that “GloriFi” was a “social control” bank app…sponsored and owned by the same central bank bunch including Rothschild & Sons, Credit Suisse, Google, Bank of America, with its business model subsevient to Master Card, and links to the FBI, Miltary, et al. Well… look again at what the light shining down revealed.

image 378

What did the data miners discover five years ago?  What did they find in a month doing her social mining bank app?

It appears that Candace has been at this for a number of years. The question is… who funded her all this time to stir up hornets and bees nests?

The question is…who put these things together?  It wasn’t the face of Candace anymore than Zuck built Facebook, or Jack Built Twitter. These are faces appointed by the rich ones who think tank these ideas or outsource them, pay for them and put them in motion. Look to the ones behind the ones, who are behind the ones who pay the ones, who but the IT together for the face they have appointed.

Which bring us to the question… who appointed her?  We now know how they do things, and we now know how they control social media and how they put people in facebook and twitter jail…. And so this was the next step from the mis and dis information gatherers.  But what halted it in 2017?  Was it getting to much of a back lash or was it the fact that Trump was elected as president that slowed it down and put it back in the box for later with different instructions?  Or new packaging.

image 380
Mind control look or real?

Remember Hillary was never supposed to lose. Candace was a democrat. She dissed Trump and was ready to dis and destroy anyone that didn’t comply to whatever anyone said offended them by putting them on her social  autopsy site that would destroy people for what they said, thought, and shared. Destroy to the point it would social media shame them publicly and get them fired from their employment and keep others from ever becoming employed. This was a very terrible knife stabbing at free speech and anyone who dared to speak their thoughts.  Candace was adamant about this being needed, and this being done. She took full credit for founding it. Yet, at the time she was around 26 years old and not in a position to financially do such things… unless…unless she was groomed to do such things. The new face for hate speech and where we will slay you for the rest of your life for anything you said in anger, or of belief, or if someone else didn’t like it.

Was this a first step attempt being formatted toward the new social score banking for the US, the same as the WEF et al are pushing per the designs of China and their social score card system?

But then, alas, Trump got elected, and Hillary lost, and Russia, Russia, Russia started and the deep state had to regroup. Regrouping meant the social autopsy wasn’t going to be a thing allowed, the new President would have called it out for what it was and it sure would have been revealed and their little star would have been fallen. They didn’t want anyone snooping around in Twitter, Facebook, or any of the Google social media data mining processes.

So the scenario looks like there was some regrouping and infiltrating and now we have an insider that is a darling of the conservative party and most people never looked into any ugly past because she admitted to being a democrat and wrong and was now out to set the record straight as a conservative like Milo was at the time and become a super star for conservative values, even though she was a Trump hater and social autopsy pusher for social media. And the people cheered for she found a better way.

If there is a mistake the Trump supporters have made, it was to allow any convert into the fold as a new found hero.  Whereas welcome the new found convert or the one who woke up and now see America and the constitution as valuable for all freedoms, and the bill of rights, and nice to have them see the light and wake up… the downfall is making these ones out to be some sort of hero and follow their lead.  Herein so doing, we feed the monster and allow the 98% truth and are grossly harmed by the 2% lies.   Which come as very cleverly disguised deceit and is often equipted with a very sharp knife under their cloak, to be used best in the dark with a quick strike that cuts deep into the back.

image 381
What happened to her eyes? Her entire persona seems to have taken a shift???

Discern all things, and remember the real heroes are every common citizen and every person who can think critically on their own and need not have any heroes to follow except God and His Son, our Savior Jesus the Christ.  It is God and God alone that will help His people and a nation called by his name. God chooses the one to lead the masses and God builds up and tears down. This is a time of testing, trials and tribulations and we have been in it for 2,000 years or so now and we are nearing the end of the beast and its’ Baal systems. 

As far as our leader, it appears to be President Trump. And to add also the words of Mordecai to Ester, “14 For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?” Ester 4:14. The message here is that God will always find another. He never leaves His people without. But, woe to those that do nothing when they are placed in the position to make that difference.

Someone, somewhere was successful in eliminating the doxing website known as and stopped its founder Candace Owens from doing any harm. Or was it pulled back and put on hold after Hillary didn’t win? Unfortunately Candace Owens is under a new name “Red Pill Black” (which in itself is a bit slurish) and she recently introduced GloriFi banking, that went down as fast as it went up. Why did it go up and what made it go down? What interfered? These questions have to do with timing, not for funding. Lack of funding is a big fat lie when you see who the funders and founders are. These are the great merchants of the earth. And who grooms these young faces? Are they mind controlled or just wired that way to begin with? These are among the many questions to be asked and answered.

For example:

image 375

In 2020… Trump endorsed a candidate and Candace trashed the endorsement setting the stage to challenge the President of the United States for popularity and attention in his reelection campaign. I thought she was red pilled? Obviously she was wanting her own reality show. What else could it have been? She dug her heels in and bled it for the last drop it could bleed out.

image 384

Funny how after her marriage she stuck herself inside Kanye’s reality show Ultra-mind controlled world… acting as his agent of sorts and setting up a few obvious scenarios that were drama based and who cares what Kanye thinks or does? It was all designed to poke the Trump and get a reaction from President Trump and his 2024 run… it was a big attempt to leave a skid mark and a crappy stain on the Trump brand. It all fits together now. You have to look through the glass onion and see it. With that you don’t have to peel back layer, upon layer, upon layer. Just peer into the layer or puzzle piece and see it. It’s like going to the back of the book to see the ending and then going back to read the steps of how it got to that particular climax. It is then that you find some of the things you couldn’t see before. Because now you know what you are looking for.

Some of the backstory dots… In early 2019, three weeks after she met the apparent love of her life, Owens became engaged to George Farmer, an Englishman and former chairman of Turning Point UK. Farmer is also the CEO of social networking website Parler. On August 31, 2019, she and Farmer married at the Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia. Interesting that after that… Candace quickly became a sort of glass onion type of double personality or her true mission was now being set in motion?? Who knows… it just appeared to be out of touch with her new character… and more on track of her old character? Or is this a combo of both characters and a new actor in the show? The one who wants TRUTH, TRUTH, TRUTH.

image 376
Candace in her “Glass Onion” look.

In the Newsweek article titled “Candace Owens vs. Kimberly Klacik—Why the Two Black Female Conservatives Are Feuding”. How many missed this one? Candace Owens vs. Kimberly Klacik—Why the Two Black Female Conservatives Are Feuding ( If you missed it, don’t feel bad, this was among the many distractions we were supposed to follow instead of the stolen election. Give yourself a pat on the back for not being distracted by it. Smile.

The founder of GLORIFI is a Texas man named Toby Neugebauer

Below are excerpts from the article written by Anonymous Patriots on American Intelligence Media, titled: “CANDACE OWENS’ GLORIFI TIED TO ROTHSCHILD & SONS”



“Next thing we know, the Paypal drama, as described under these headlines, begins to unravel.

PayPal tells users it will fine them $2,500 for misinformation, then backtracks immediately

PayPal pulls plan to fine customers $2.5K for promoting ‘misinformation’

Classical Hegelian Dialectic: thesis-PayPal; antithesis-Block Accounts; synthesis-Run to Glorifi you stupid patriots (we control it too)

Then, out of nowhere comes the SOLUTION from Candace Owens who runs out in front of the Hegelian dialectic screaming, try my GloriFi app. “I am the co-founder”, this Pilgrim Society puppet claims. We are patriotic and all that. Queue up the sickly sweet video “ready to go” to lure Paypal users and Trump cultists into the next Rothschild banking cartel corral.

“Cutsie, well-produced emotional videos still fool many brainwashed, unthinking people, supposedly.

Cue Fake Pilgrims Society RINOs Kanye and Candace

image 385

“So Kanye and Candace team up for a white lives matter thing. Then Candace promotes GloriFi and Kanye pushes Parler. Common theme, GEORGE FARMER: 

This deal will change the world, and change the way the world thinks about free speech. Ye is making a groundbreaking move into the free speech media space and will never have to fear being removed from social media again. Once again, Ye proves that he is one step ahead of the legacy media narrative. Parlement will be honored to help him achieve his goals,” Parlement Technologies CEO George Farmer.

Tyler Durden. (Oct. 17, 2022). Kanye West To Purchase “Uncancelable” Social Media App Parler. ZeroHedge.

“But that didn’t last long either, for after Kanye’s anti-semitic rants  Ye, agreed to terminate the intent of the sale of Parler, according to a statement from Parlement Technologies which is owned by Candace’s husband and father in law. Read: Kanye’s purchase of Parler ends after antisemitic tirade – Los Angeles Times (

Read the entire article:Candace Owens’ GLORIFi tied to Rothschild & Sons – American Intelligence Media (

End of excerpts.

The above web link states:

“In 2004, Lord Farmer was a founding partner of the Red Kite Group of hedge funds, which provides mine finance and futures investment opportunities for funds. Lord Farmer has over 50 years of base metals trading experience and has led two of the biggest copper and base metal trading companies of the last 30 years. 

“Lord Farmer has been a Conservative Peer since October 2014. He was appointed Co-Treasurer of the Conservative Party in February 2012 and appointed to the board of the Conservative Party in January 2013, as Treasurer of the party.

“Lord Farmer is a trustee of various Christian trusts and was, up until 2014, a trustee of the Kingham Hill Trust and was on the Oak Hill College Council. He is also involved in the Academy Schools programme, being the founder sponsor for ARK All Saints Camberwell.”

So now we see the way the infiltration works and how they push out, pull back, and reorganize and roll out again, they never throw their ideas away, they just present them with new names and their patterns are predictable. And very influential with the churches.

So what does that mean for Kanye and Candace? Or is that reality show secret out yet? In short… Candace has entered the programming.

We see through the glass onion that she is throwing out all sorts of things to see what sticks. So far she is being exposed instead of sticking. She has lots of money behind her… it is the timing that’s off. These folks didn’t expect people to be awake. And they underestimated who watched Ye and his distractions. It’s not the average conservative audience. It’s the audience that follows the View. She blew it big time. They just really aren’t that smart. They are memorizers.

image 386

What we are watching is a glass onion in real time. Candace is trying to have the next reality show without a studio contract. Her sugar daddies are paying the way. It appears to be a family, sorta, something like that, thing. So far she helped mess up Kenye a bit more, tried to get people to say she’d make a great Supreme Court Justice, and asked Trump to make her his Vice President. So far…the only thing working out for her is the Ye Ultra mind control reality show, of which she is looking more like Will Smith than Candace in it. Every once in a while her alter ego comes out and that is just downright scary to look at. Oh and she now supports Hitler. CANDACE OWENS DEFENDS HITLER!? I Think Not – Culture, Race & Economy –’s Discussion Forums

image 387
Candace Owens ‘Supreme Court’ Tweet Goes Viral As Breyer Set To Retire ( She could be Will Smith’s sister. Can’t not see a younger Will here???
image 388

So is she an MK Ultra groomed piece for the Marxists? Or is she a distraction for the left? It is obvious she reads from a script for whatever the role is to be played. Just make sure you aren’t being played by her performance.

Remember reality shows involve real people as they pull them into the limelight and honey pot them into a mess. The kind that reeks a spot on social autopsy. Which started out as social coroner… until she (they, the groomers, handlers, funders or whoever???) decided to kill the name instead and disect it up into oblivion. You never existed… you are done sort of social autopsy thingy. Now it’s back as social status cards. They are watching all of us.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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