This is what happens when the KM Oligarchs pick the leaders of nations and place them via rigged voting machines and then unite them all with a European Union with more of their appointed heads.

No one is coming to save them from themselves.

The short version of France on Fire: France is under attack by terrorists sent in by the European Union mandates (immigrant invasion) who are obeying orders from their think tanks like Club of Rome, and Council on Foreign Relations, who think up the scripts for chaos in the streets for the WEF who work in tandem with Tavistock who works for the Committee of 300 who are the KM Oligarchs who want to rule the world under their tyrannical ideology and depopulate humanity down to 1 billion or less.

This plan for total chaos is being carried out across the world in nations who are collaborating with the goals of RESET.

So nothing here to see… move along. Prepare as it comes to a city near you.

France on Fire brought to you by the RESET bunch who kiss the feet of the KM Oligarchs behind the veil. Macron… one such RESET kisser.

image 3

Michael O’Fallon – Sovereign Nations Knows the drill. He Tweeted:

1. Create the problem: allow hundreds of thousands of undocumented young men into your nation. Coordinate an insurrection/rebellion. Arm the insurrection. Disempower police, plant the seeds for potential chaos

2. Oraganic Reaction: Unarmed French citizens begin to resist but are beaten and shot. French drivers are being pulled out of their cars and beaten. The French begin to rise up but are outgunned and unarmed.

3. Solution: French military moves in to quell the insurrection/rebellion.

Revolutionaries are embedded within towns, and house-to-house combat occurs. Revolution is quelled, but a suspension of civil liberties is enforced. Rights disappear, and “safety” is enforced. Meanwhile, several other coordinated uprisings are sparked across Europe. European nations begin to point towards Hungary as the solution – but – Hungary is a puppet state of China The surveillance state will be seen as the answer. Create Chaos then create the new order out of the chaos. Because chaos is a ladder…

So now we have who saying what? Oh if more people only knew how this game was being played out. Who’s on first???

Remember France officials threw their police to the wolves. Macron agreed to do all of this for the order.

And then you have this… of course a cartoon in the mix of the chaos.

This guy says, France will have to fight for France… not the good guys.

What are your thoughts on that? I’m still pondering…

This is the sacrifice made by the KM Oligarchs. They are destroying the old world order!

Soon Klaus Schwab, if not already… for some say he’s a rubber mask, will find themselves at a tribunal along with all who have devised this wickedness.

France is burning. Where is Macron? He agreed to this. Remember that.

Meanwhile climate changing weather wars are already in progress. Another chaos idea from the same ones above. Avatar Kingless Charles just set the climate clock.

So… this is all part of the sick Agenda for their RESET. It was all laid out years ago. They have been doing it steadily, and now they have simply stepped up their game.

And now we have the Netherlands doing their part in the starvation plans as they set out to destroy their farmers!

Switzerland has their agreed chaos starting up. Remember these European Union states have pledged to do these things to their citizens.

Again, Belgium agreed to take in all these armies of fighting age invaders. France kicked off the self destruction… and now it’s Belgium’s turn to do the same. Why are all of these crazy puppet leaders destroying their own nations for these lizards? What were they offered? Will they succeed?

Poland is not on board to self destruct!

Regardless of what the Tavistock script writing fake news reports…on the many reasons the people are protesting, the truth is those in league with the UN and EU mandates for climate change and all the sustainable development goals, have created chaos in their nations, and the people are protesting. They planned this long ago and now they have the stoodges carrying it out. The destruction is senseless, but DAVOS lizards want to depopulate the world and push their entire agenda of transhumanism, A.I., electric cars or no cars at all, eat bugs, crickets and printer faux meat… and destroy the old infrastructure and build back better with SMART Cities where everyone is in an open air concentration camp. And the lizards get to do their sacrifices to Baal/Lucifer out in the open.

It is the revenge of the lizard people. They hate humanity and view them as cattle; especially loathing Christians, and Jews.

On a positive note… President Trump had over 50 thousand people show up to hear him in Pickens, South Carolina!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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