No More Secrets!

Chances are Your Church denomination may be among the Evangelical System Tweaked by the Club of Rome. How would you know?

It started long ago, but it was so subtle… most never saw it coming. In 1991 Dr. John Coleman wrote about this in his book “The Committee of 300”.  He said,”The Club of Rome feels confident that it has carried out its Committee of 300 mandate to
“soften up” the United States. After 45 years of waging war on the people of this nation, who will doubt that it has indeed accomplished its task? Look around and see how we have been demoralized. Drugs, pornography rock and roll “music,” free sex, the family unit all but totally undermined, lesbianism, homosexuality and finally the ghastly murder of millions of innocent babies by their own mothers. Has there ever been a crime so vile as mass abortion?

“We were spiritually, morally bankrupted, with our industrial base destroyed throwing 30 million people out of work with our big cities, ghastly cesspools of every imaginable crime with a murder rate almost three times higher than any other country, with 4 million homeless, with corruption in government reaching endemic proportions, who will gainsay that the United States is ready to collapse from within, into the waiting arms of the New Dark Age One World Government? But the church was what held our moral and ethical fiber together and so that was the area the Club of Rome attacked.”

Well, it was under attack way before then, but Dr. Coleman was referring to the modern day church. The statistics of the state of the nation have escalated since then, all of them. In fact before Trump took office, we were and yet are, at a moment in History where we are hanging by a thread. That thread would have snapped while we were all sleeping if it had not been for Trump coming down the escalator to run for office. Well, he won and we managed somehow to hold on and avoid some major hits, and gained a bit of a reprieve with the four years of President Trump. We quickly learned of what Trump called the “Deep State”, and how to “Drain the Swamp”, “Fake News”, and we had people taking the red pill over the blue pill. Q popped up and keyboard warriors hit the internet.

The more the KM Oligarchs saw Trump executive orders nullifying their plots and plans, setting them back… the more they hissed and sent out all their dogs to bark and bite at his heels. You know the drill.  Most had no clue that the church holding our moral and ethical fiber together had become a 501c3 rubber band and it was so stretched out with controls it was about to break, thanks to all the efforts of the script writer think tanks in the likes of the Club of Rome. We now had over 40,000 denominations, government rules for 501c3s, and a World Council of Churches writing theology and Sunday sermons for the clergy, and a World Council of Prophets, of which there were also “Prophet Programs” that taught select members of Mega Churches how to be a prophet. The entire Church Stucture was systematic like their A.I. world. The appointed heads decided who could and could not be big in their system. But as we look around today… remember this just didn’t happen with the stolen election. It started long ago and grew into this Mega World Council of Churches and Prophets.


Now we are finding the same ones who desire to have their Lucifer come out into the light are the ones who created the mind control that has bewitched many people.

Mark Taylor forwarded the video from “The Tree of Knowledge”, (Cody Mello).

“Satanists/trans activists marching the streets of America. Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Mark Taylor spoke out about the state of America…

“Have you ever seen this kind of thing happening in America at this magnitude? Would you like to know why? Because the Church has FAILED MISERABLY! You have False Profits and Pastors, Mega Churches, Prosperity and Hyper Grace movement’s, Prophetic psyops, Brainwashing God’s people that Money, Power, Corporations and Control are more important! This is why the Church System is under JUDGEMENT! It has become a Dis-Grace! They have become Spiritually Combat ineffective! God is about to issue a serious CORRECTION!”

Mark saw this coming and has warned about it. But, the Club of Rome did their work well. No one wants to believe that what they have been taught and sharing with others is wrong. Especially when it comes to the words of the scriptures that have been interpreted for them by reknown pastors. But, the truth is in the Club of Rome, and in the CIA, FBI, Intelligence files and writings of the think tanks who planned this deception, and wrote the predictable programming on how to do this, complete with the timelines for this to be accomplished. These think tanks were authorized and paid by Marxists, Communists, NAZIs and Mutants to achieve it for the ones who hide behind the veil who make up the Committee of 300.

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Taylor states, “It’s more than just this. As a 501c3, your headship is not Jesus Christ it’s Baal/Federal Government. Because you’re a CORPORATION. You now answer to the State, meaning you have two levels of Governing over you, State and Federal, which is why the Church has NO Power and Authority! You can’t Govern when being Governed over! The Church has a SLAVERY mentality, which means you are a SLAVE to their system. Jesus came to set the captives free, to give you back your TRUE SOVEREIGNTY! FLEE the 501c3!”

On January 28, 2022 Mark Taylor had a prophetic word to the Churches. Please read for the time is at hand.

Judgement Has Begun

The Spirit of God says, “Many False Prophets and Pastors are Prophesying
Judgment in 2022. Do you not realize they are prophesying their own Doom? The very things they are prophesying they are guilty of! The sins of these False Pastors and Prophets are great! The bowls of sin are overflowing for these corrupt leaders who have been fornicating with the Whore of Babylon long enough! The sand has run out of the hourglass and my Judgment has begun for those that are drunk from her wine, the Blood of the Saints and my true Prophets! Those that have enjoyed her delicacies have truly received their reward! For I will pour out my Judgment on everything that is corrupt!

I will start at the top of their Pyramid, the leadership that has lead my people astray. The infiltration from the enemy is catastrophic! Everything has been infiltrated and corrupted. Seminaries, Churches, and the people that have been lead astray. The wickedness of these False Prophets and Pastors has become a stench unto my nostrils! They have turned my Houses of Worship into a market place and a den of money changing thieves! You Vipers! I paid the ULTIMATE PRICE on the cross for all of Humanity through my Pain, Suffering and SHED BLOOD! Did I charge money for that? NO! Woe, Woe, Woe, to you money changing Vipers! I already paid the PRICE, so my Gospel is FREE! My Gospel was never to be PROSTITUTED for Money, Big fancy Homes and cars! REPENT”!

The Spirit of God says, “The Deep State Church is plotting and planning in their
secret chambers.
They are trying to prevent their coming exposure of their great
deception of death against the people, and the Illuminati equation. Why are you blindly following these corrupt leaders who seek Glory from man and don’t give Glory to me? Why are you not using Discernment? You have no Discernment or Spiritual senses because you are Drunk from the enemies wine! For they plot and plan against you with their next money and influence scheme, all while making you a slave to them, their system, and their Old Religious Order! I the Lord God came to set the captives free through RELATIONSHIP, not RELIGION, to free the Oppressed and to give you your sovereignty back. Through their schemes they are assisting in ushering in the New World Order, the Antichrist Spirit, and a One World Religion under the guise of Unity, and it will be a false unity under the enemies Triune. You have turned these leaders into idols before me! You support their corruption and further their Demonic plans, therefore you are complicit in their wickedness! REPENT”!

The Spirit of God says, “The System, the System, I the Lord God will crash the
Religious system that so many for thousands of years have tried to protect. I have sent many WARNINGS to COME OUT of HER by many of my servants, my true Prophets, only to have them Ignored, attacked, harmed, or Murdered! Their innocent Blood cries out to me and I will avenge them! Do you not realize that under the System, (501c3) you are under a curse? You took a bribe for the slaying of my innocent, my little ones! You have denied my Kingdom for the enemies! Now my Judgment is on the Religious System and its leaders! Righteousness and Justice are the foundation of my Throne! They are trying to protect the Old Religious Order, but I the Lord God shall expose it and destroy it!

This is a Sodom and Gomorrah moment, COME OUT of HER NOW for my Judgment has begun! Do not look back as Lot’s wife did, for I will destroy the very System the Apostate Church has become and fornicated with! So as it was for Sodom and Gomorrah, so shall it be for the Whore and the Old Religious Order that has fornicated and protected her and lead my people astray! Some Churches, Ministries, Lodges, Orders, and their man made Kingdoms will burn to the ground! Others will go Bankrupt! Some leaders will be removed from the face of the Earth!

“Why aren’t they listening? Because pride has handed them over to a reprobate mind! Being handed over to a reprobate mind is part of the Judgment! Their arrogance knows no bounds! Repentance will save your soul but it will not stop my Justice from being served! Some will say this is an attack on Christianity. NO! This is my Judgment on the corrupt System that man put in place, NOT I the Lord God!”

The Spirit of God says, “Read the signs, read the signs, the False Prophets are
no longer hiding their true intentions, for the clash between the Spirit of Elijah and the prophets of Baal are at the crescendo!
They will call on their God and my true Prophets will call on theirs and you shall see who the one true God is! Their God is Baal, Moloch, and Mammon, but I the Lord God will show myself strong and mighty, and the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord shall fall on the people”!

The Spirit of God says, “Woe, Woe, Woe, to you False Prophets and Pastors
that have lead my people astray! Do you think I don’t see what you do in your inner
chambers abusing and sacrificing my little ones? Do you think I don’t see it all? Woe
to you hypocrites for you are whitewashed tombs! It would be better for you to have a millstone hung around your neck and cast into the sea! (Mat 18:6) Woe, Woe, Woe, to you false Prophets and Pastors that are Witches and Warlocks calling down Death curses on MY TRUE Pastors and Prophets! Therefore if you do not Repent and you take 1 of mine, I will take 100 of yours! You take 100 of mine I will take 1000 of yours! REPENT”! (Exodus 22:18)

The Spirit of God says, “Do not Fear my people when you see these things for they must come to pass. I will split the Old Religious Order wide open for all to see, the lies that have been perpetuated against all of humanity and my people.

Then the lost books and scrolls shall be opened and my TRUTH shall be set FREE! I will establish my Kingdom on the Earth with my remnant Ekklesia. The transfer of wealth and assets will be transferred from the Wicked, the System, and will be transferred to my Kingdom remnant! Then my Gospel which is FREE will begin to spread through Home groups, the highways and byways, street corners, and open fields. My true Gospel will flow with FREEdom to the ends of the Earth! Rejoice for I am establishing the foundation of my throne on Earth as it is in Heaven for My Righteousness and Justice shall reign!”

The end of Judgement Has Begun.

image 8

Dr. Coleman’s government intelligence investigative work has verified how those who desire a world order have set out to achieve their mission to destroy the church and the lands of Gods people. His work has shown how they infiltrated and created what Mark Taylor calls the “Whore of Babylon” riding the beast.

In 1991, Dr. Coleman said, “The Club of Rome had succeeded in splitting the Christian churches; it has succeeded in building up an army of charismatics fundamentalists and evangelicals who will fight for the Zionist State of Israel. During the Gulf War of genocide I received scores of letters asking me how I could oppose “a just Christian war against Iraq.” How could I doubt that Christian fundamentalist support for the (Committee of 300’s) war against Iraq was not Biblical– after all didn’t Billy Graham pray with President Bush just before the shooting started? Doesn’t the Bible speak of “wars and rumors of wars”?

“These letters give an insight into just how well the Tavistock Institute has done its work. The Christian fundamentalists will be a formidable force behind the state of Israel, exactly as planned. How sad that these fine people do not realize that they have been GROSSLY MISUSED by the Club of Rome and that their opinions and beliefs are NOT THEIR OWN, but those created for them by the hundreds of Committee of 300 “think tanks” that dot the American landscape. In other words, like any other segment of the United States population, the Christian fundamentalists and evangelicals have been thoroughly brainwashed. We as a nation are ready to accept the demise of the United States of America and the American way of life, once the envy of the entire world. Do not think this has happened on its own– the old “times are changing” syndrome. Time does not change anything, PEOPLE do.”

So we have an investigative agent exposing the Ultra Mind Control tactics performed on the church leaders and humanity in his book, which also documents other things people don’t want to hear that our government has done and is doing and people calling that a conspiracy and choosing not to believe it. And we have Mark Taylor who has been given a prophetic word and the voice of a watchman to warn the people, and the pastors to repent and come out from the throws of the ones who have built their Babylon the Great, and he too receives backlash from those who don’t want to hear it.

When a watchman is given a message and they keep it to themselves, the blood of the innocent is on their hands. (Ezekiel 33:6-8) But if they declare it and it is not heeded, that is on their hands. Mark has declared his prophetic word and received much backlash from those who do not want to hear it. But, just because someone doesn’t want to hear it … will not make it go away. Today both the methods and think tanks are now exposed, whether people want to hear it or not is their own free will and choice. But remember, you have been warned. Discern all things with the Holy Spirit in prayer.

Enjoy this new word from Mark Taylor….”God’s Annointed and Appointed, Donald J. Trump”.

In 2020, as soon as the election was stolen, the thieves did all they could to catch up for time lost and undo everything they could, throwing every crazy idea out to see what they could get to stick. It is time to expose them all and shout it on the roof tops. Let their secret ideas be known. The truth shall set you free.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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