Do You See Rats Scrambling Yet?

Two More Durham Indictments! BOMBSHELL New Clinton Investigation! Will Hillary Face Murder Charges?

Deep State is going after Texas and Florida with a vengeance.

The plan is the same…they come in droves from other states looking for a new horizon and bring all of their progressive commie ideology with them. They settle in and go right to work doing their minority pushes from A to Z. Right now, Texas is false flag country with increased immigration and border crisis, drag queens for kids, with a big push to take away gun rights in the middle of all out propaganda wars.

An influx of liberals over the years into the Red State from California was by design. Why would liberal loving gender savvy woke ever want to leave their land of Hollywood and trend setting for a cattle raising, God Fearing, gun toting state like Texas? Why to turn it blue my dear…turn it blue! But, that’s not working out so well. You will have to get past some pretty strong Texans before that happens. And it doesn’t look like that will be taking place.

Have you seen who wants to come across the border…

image 79

It is a lot of able-bodied men and who knows what country they are really from. Biden’s puppet masters (or whoever has their hand up his masked head) …. want chaos in the streets. I pray the military is ready for these mercenaries, whoever they are and whoever sent them.

Florida is another hot bed with increased numbers of shootings, break ins, and compromised school systems. Disneyland is no longer its’ own state within a state as it has been exposed for years of operating questionably, with having its own child trafficking and pedophile scandals. Add to the mix Florida’s regular sunshine state issues, some old and somenew….such as upside down gender school curriculums, rainbow parades, homeless living in the woods, drugs, and illegal immigration/border issues of their own with an influx of progressive Dems arriving on cue from New York settling in…while BlackRock continues to buy up all the land, condos, and rental properties it can. Thus, inflating both commercial and residential rent to numbers so high that people can’t afford to find a descent place to live or run a small business. This has also affected home owners insurance and most all insurance companies have raised their rates. Property taxes are rising and to top it off rumor has it that Pelosi is looking to buy some of that sunshine state, look out Florida here she comes.

image 82
From 2020, today the Republicans have an even greater lead. A lot of Democrats have left Joe’s Regime!

Inspite of all of that, the  Democrat Party of Florida is falling apart! The Republicans are at around a 150,000 voter registration lead.  Democrats are shouting they need more finances to win the races they need to win. What happened to their ground game? Could it be DeSantis crack down on voter fraud and ballot harvesting has something to do with liberal donors backing out of Florida? Or has it something to do with the song birds that were once hawkish campaigners over confident that their system was here to stay from sea to shining sea for ever more…and now in a dark room looking across at questioners, its veil has been lifted high. Behind it was found 2,000 Mules and organizers that went scrambling? Could it be possible that Democrat strategists have lost their IV drip of  liberal donors and perhaps some are backing out of Florida for a host of other reasons? The question is…will the commie party devise a new strategy or will they continue to do the same things and expect the same results?

But the Progressive Democracy Soros type donors to Biden’s Build Back Better, which by the way is the Global slogan used for RESET to Build their Klaus Depopulated World Back Better…. are all of a sudden holding back their funding. Gee?  Why is this? Several top donors this year, such as billionaire George Soros, are concerned that Jen O’Malley Dillon, a deputy chief of staff to President Joe Biden in the White House and his former 2020 campaign manager, may be holding back DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison from hiring the staff he wants. They are also worried she could have too much sway over how the committee spends money, some of these Democrat supporters have said.

Going back to as early as November 2021 CNBC (for what that is worth) an advisor to the president told CNBC that O’Malley Dillon doesn’t make hiring decisions for the DNC. This year the DNC brought on Roger Lau, who was Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s, D-Mass., campaign manager, as well as fellow Warren campaign alum Kristen Orthman.

image 83
Harrison DNC Chair pushes Build Back Better which is the Global One World Order RESET Slogan. Joe is for Global policies and that is why America took a dive so fast and is starting to look like a third world country. They want it destroyed from within.

They also stated that Harrison, the DNC chair, recently told The Associated Press that he meets two to three times a month with O’Malley Dillon and they are building a friendship. “I’m going to continue to push, I’m going to continue to be creative, but Jen and I are working hand in glove in terms of trying to make this work,” he said.

In a statement to CNBC, Harrison denied there is any tension between him and the White House.

“As I’ve said on the record numerous times, the White House, myself, and the entire DNC staff have a close working relationship and anything to suggest otherwise is flatly untrue. Anyone who knows me knows that I treat the people I work with like family — and that’s exactly what we are down to every last staff member,” Harrison said in an emailed statement Tuesday. “While many people seem to not understand the role the DNC historically plays when our party is in control of the White House, our focus remains on promoting President Biden’s agenda and continuing to deliver for the American people.”

Maybe he meant the fact that voter fraud is still a big issue and President Trump never conceded, and the Rubber Masked Joe is not Joe, and no one is in the White House, they are on a movie set and voter fraud is under a very heavy investigation and that makes the original methods of investing in elections kind of futile and a waste of cash?

The CNBC also said that concerns about the DNC have convinced some Democratic lawmakers in reliably blue New York state to stay away from seeking its help in next year’s elections, according to one person familiar with the matter. Does that not smell like something is rotting? Gee…wonder what would make Dem. donors in New York take precautions? Sounds like an ongoing voter fraud investigation that just isn’t going away. And now…in June… we see the Democratic fund raiser wiz O’Malley Dillon has lost her mojo.

But then the DNC still has Jen O’Malley Dillon waiting in the wings….or do they?

Remember Durham is looking into all the Hillary stuff…and she has been indicted. Remember Clinton body bag counts and her trusty DNC operatives. One of those is none other than….surprise -surprise Jen O’Malley Dillon.

Excerpts from an article titled “Inside the DNC Unity Reform Commission” by Alexander Zaitchik from 2017.

I’m not posting the link because it was alerted the site was unsafe. So google it from the title if you want to take the risk.

“While Clinton has yet to announce her Unity appointments, her choice of co-chair suggests the commission’s factions will line up according to a familiar script. Out of all of the people in the country Clinton could have chosen, she tapped Jen O’Malley Dillon, a party insider, “data analytics pioneer” and breathing embodiment of the DNC as a patronage system for wealthy donors and Beltway consultants. A former executive director of the DNC who helped run Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, Dillon is a partner at the billion-dollar D.C. consulting firm Precision Strategies — a company that has long been under contract with the DNC. Dillon is billing the very institution she is tasked with reforming. (She didn’t respond to a request for comment.)

With Dillon as chair, that’s like two levels of corruption, right there,” said Nomiki Konst, a journalist and Sanders Unity delegate. “Sanders chose reformers who actually believe in things. I expect Clinton will stack the commission with the Neera Tandens, the Maria Cardonas — the same people with vested interests in the status quo. If Perez is smart, he’ll give Ellison a vote or two.”


Here is part of what Dillon as a partner to Precision Strategies offers:

image 84


image 85
image 86


image 87


We worked with MFOL to help them build out their integrated strategy across workstreams. We executed key tactics including: supporting their 100+ stop tour across America to recruit new members and register tens of thousands of voters; strengthening voter registration efforts by building state-specific email and SMS programs; and helping the students lobby the House of Representatives for new gun violence prevention bills while directing thousands of calls to Congress. Now, we’re helping them develop the strategy for the next chapter of their movement.


MFOL is widely considered one of the largest and most effective youth movements in American history. It has changed the calcified debate on gun violence, helping to make it a top issue for voters and encouraging dozens of companies to cut ties with the NRA. It also helped inspire a record 47% increase in youth turnout at the 2018 midterm elections. Most importantly, 137 (and counting) laws have been passed at both the state level and in the House in favor of gun control.

image 88

Jen O’Malley Dillon is a Co-Founder of Precision. How nice?

image 89

Check out what else they do… and then you will understand why Dillon was possibly investigated? Just possibly…??? And possibly arrested and just possibly why no one has heard any comment from her since that was said… where is this strategist? Why isn’t she shouting …“That’s NOT TRUE!”

And now we also know what the White House aids leaving in droves (press calling it blackxit) meant when they said they needed organized. Can it get any more clear?

image 80

Today a CNBC  headline reads: “NYC’s wealthy Democrats forced to pick sides in ‘awkward’ primary fight pitting Nadler and Maloney against each other”

This is the result of a court ordering New York’s 12th congressional district to be redrawn which encompassed much of Nadler’s old district on the Upper West Side and Maloney’s on the Upper East Side so… only one can be elected. 

Many of the liberal Blue States have had mass exoduses of people leaving their states and cities (as discussed above) and this has left some low populated patches resulting in redistricting. Congress is losing its’ Joker card in the game. That is the game of moving mass populations together in zones to create new districts and gain more pawns in play on their congress chess board. (Illegal immigration has multi uses for the Dem party). Read:

Meanwhile Idaho is telling Californians to leave their commie views in California don’t bring them into our state.

image 81

Blue states are losing their tax paying population, including lots of businesses, and making up for it by gouging whoever is left.  Increasing everything from excise taxes to property taxes and making up clever ways to tax everything possible. It’s like living in the movie Popeye where the village tax collector taxes everything from an “ask a question” tax to a “scratch your nose” tax!  And all tax is higher on Sundays so don’t ask questions ‘til Monday. 

Meanwhile all services are restricted due to interrupted supply chains and store shelves are becoming empty. Many bold shop lifters have just marched in filled up their bags with what ever they want and march right out daring anyone to stop them. Many security guards watch as though these were paying customers and almost tip their hats as the thieves take off with whatever they can carry.  This seems to be a new way to kick small businesses to the nonessential curb. When stores have nothing they sell nothing and have all the operating overhead costs. So … this is what the commies are doing. Driving business owners out by halting supply chains.

It is all man-made shortages with Joey and his administration shouting blame on anyone and all who have nothing to do with it. So where does America go from here. Some have said Mexico is actually looking rather good these days, while patriots are firm that if anyone is leaving it will be those who are bringing their ideology with them. Some have suggested Dems who cross state borders with their commie ideals should just keep on going and find another place to roost, for the Global Klaus RESET thinking isn’t welcomed in their towns.

So as the state of the union is rather dire and preparing for Biden’s hot summer… there is hope on the horizon as true Americans quit donating to grifters and take to their own city halls and school boards shouting enough is enough.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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