Biden, Congress and Senate Violate Law – Treason

Biden and Congress and the Senate have violated the law and committed crimes by aiding Ukraine.

This is a criminal act.

Funding & supplying of any weaponry and funds to the Ukrainian Azov – A3OB Battalion prohibited by Law – President Trump signed into Law 2018

Our U.S. Military, State Department, Central Intelligence Agency, NSA; basically the entire Government IS PROHIBITED BY LAW in the FUNDING & SUPPLYING OF ANY WEAPONRY AND FUNDS to the UKRAINIAN AZOV – A3OB BATTALION. The current goings-on in Ukraine and the Special Envoy of U.S. Defense Secretary and other is a DIRECT VIOLATION OF LAW i.e. TREASON.


THE HILL reported on it in 2018! With the title:

Congress bans arms to Ukraine militia linked to neo-Nazis

President Trump said it was a mistake many times for Joe to be getting involved. Now you know why!

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Many saw this coming as it was one of the goals President Trump had upon his first election in 2016. He had promoted returning to the Gold standard and the critics let us know that this could not be done unless the rest of the world also went along, and of course the critics told us all that the rest of the world would not follow suit as the International Monetary Fund was set up and to change it would disrupt nations and businesses, and all trade. So we were stuck with the Fiat dollar and paying high interests rates for Rothschild dollars made out of air.

Then, a funny thing happened…COVID and the Khazarian Cabal decided to play their plandemic card and crash world economies, followed up by clogging world trade with barges sitting in the sea, followed up with internal destruction and onto Ukraine where Russia says…enough is enough of the biolabs and bombing and shooting innocent people of Russian ethnicity in Donbass and eastern regions of Ukraine. Enter NATO and Go Brandon to impose trade sanctions to cripple Russia and enter the BRICS who already have their own banking system set up based on gold…it was never recognized by the IMF and laughed at… but it was set up because of all the climate change hoops and other global warming controls and how any loans could be spent filled with red tape. Thus, the BRICS nations could bypass that and help developing nations develop.

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So during the Ukraine wars to end the genocide in the Eastern Ukraine region, sponsored by the Ukraine Government, Putin said enough and while he was there he shut down the bio labs and child trafficking and monster experiments and exposed the money laundering head of the Khazarian snake that he called NAZIS. This developed in sanctions leading Putin to demand any payment to them for trade to be done in gold backed Rubles. Of which no gold backed rubles no trade. The BRICS nations complied along with other nations to stay on good terms with Russia trading partners and just like that…Russia had set up the gold standard for their nation.  The opposing ones are the EU, US, Great Britain and Australia. Western nations.

So as the rest of the world sets up the gold standard for trade… it will now be easy for let’s say…the US, and the EU et al to also follow suit and base trade on a gold standard…especially since the economy is all in the tank and Wall Street is plummeting while gas and oil is crippling the auto industry and causing terrible shortages worldwide.

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 Walter Ciantino,  President of Comusav calls it a Black Swan.

In a recent report by Ciantino we find that every evil thing the RESET NAZIS have tried to do to the rest of the world has come back upon their own heads. The demise of banks around the world is imminent. The Bahuen family, which is also the Rothschild banking family, was hit hard as of last week this Bahuen controlled main bank for the United States, whose headquarters is in DC., was fenced off and locked down. Yes…fenced off and locked down.

Also what the fake news isn’t talking about is last week the Deutsche Bank was visited by Federal Police and it closed down. And yesterday the same thing happened to the Banks of England.

It appears according to people and chatter as nothing is confirmed for certain…that most major banks are being monitored and controlled by judicial police for money laundering.

There is something about to burst… and it has to do with an out of control system… so prepare. You can take a visit to your own bank and find the friendly one you trust and ask them about this. You will get an ear full either way, some know and some aren’t sure, but all know it is something. It appears this is not your typical fiat bubble bursting.

This has more to do with a multinational money laundering operation that has been going on for many, many decades by corrupt political parties.  Names included are Soros, Rockefeller, Rothchilds, among others. This is huge…as because of this money laundering trail finally being caught… the Global RESET sponsored by the Great Merchants of the little earth that they thought they owned…. led by their fearless villain leader at DAVOS, Klaus Schwab et al, have been defeated.

Those who have been investigating this ring of fire now have everything they need to bring these banksters and corrupt CEO’S DOWN.  The corporate pension funds BlackRock and Vanguard are in a free fall all these corporate CEO’s are under investigation and it looks like felony money laundering charges along with treason involving foreign nations are on the horizon. They’ve been caught along with the pawns of all the puppet presidents that have been placed by the Khazarian Cabal.

This is a global take down and it is Biblical! Finally, all the evidence proving George Soros has been intervening in all EU governments through his NGO Open Society has been obtained. There is also evidence and witnesses that the World Economic Forum, along with the Bilderberg Group have done their wicked schemes in over 200 nations. 

So what does this mean?  It means as this implodes the first reaction people will have is panic and fear… the evil ones will unleash whatever street armies they have world wide… but… fear not… God is loping off the head of the giants just like David did Goliaths.

Have faith and hold onto what you have…the Lord has this and remember God wins this war! 

The new monetary system is underway. It is NOT A CRYPTO CURRANCY IT IS AN ASSET BACKED DIGITAL CURRENCY. This new system will protect your assets from identity theft and other scams, and be a secured system that will end money laundering and other secret passing of funds that now go undetected due to the corruption in the banking system and those who have secretly controlled the world economies like their own private piggy banks. 

So hang in there… things are about to erupt.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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