DAVOS A Runaway Train…

Wrecking soon… on its last hoorah!

Remember in 2018 President Trump attended the private club of those who seek to rule the world and he told them “America is roaring back!” They hated him.

By 2020 President Trump had pushed America to a spectacular turnaround and energy independence in phase one and phase two was beginning of which he announced to the DAVOS bunch and the world. Again, they hated him.

President Donald J. Trump, with Dan Scavino, Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor for Digital Strategy and Ivanka Trump, White House Assistant and Advisor with Klaus Schwab Founder of the WEF at its 50th Annual World Economic Forum meeting January 21, 2020, at Davos in Switzerland.

image 220

As we pause to reminisce just how fast the Trump Train was moving, it is becoming very clear why they pushed their COVID-19. It was their only weapon to stop the Trump who was ruining all of their hard work that took decades to achieve, almost overnight.

And so because under President Trump’s leadership we were undoing all of the negative shouts and underhanded actions of the Puppets at WEF and its leader Schwab and his muppet Greta Thunberg.

At the same time Trump was attending the WEF to let them know they are not going to rule America… Pelosi was busy with her impeachment coup. The WEF et al was trying hard to get rid of their greatest roadblock… namely President Trump.

Today the world is on fire and the fire starters are caught with the matches in their hands and they are going down, one by one and sometimes in big groups!

Note the nations hit the hardest in the RESET war are the ones who were not on board with the WEF and their propaganda. Which is another tell, tell sign.

Today after two years of Joey Avatar and the RESET war on steroids, the headlines read ‘Klaus Schwab and Soros will not be attending their WEF Summit Meeting….

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to ________ we go!

Tell me this guy is not a rubber mask…

DAVOS attendees are memorizers who lack critical thinking skills and sadly believe they have them.

Take away his private jet and make him wait for the electric one!

Let Gore return home on his own hot wind!

I have a feeling that the ones that are not in attendance will NEVER be in attendance again. What will the memorizers do without their master minding ilk?

image 218

Governor DeSantis in Florida is fighting the holding companies buying land and properties to control the state. He knows the drill and is right on board with President Trump’s foreward program to make America Great Again! He stated the ideas coming out of DAVOS is dead on arrival in Florida!

Good Grief… this year’s Computer Generated Image of Kissinger at DAVOS is such a joke. Watch the video below! I swear this reminds me of Stephen Hawkings, except Hawkings was a real science project. Check out Kissingers floating head and chin hovering over his tie and body. Watch it float, kinda like the Wizard of Oz. The shirt isn’t picking up all the pixels. This is a dead give away that this is not even a rubber mask it’s C.G.I.!

Meanwhile back at DAVOS, they are pushing the fifteen minute smart prison cities.

The only way that will work is with the Klaus mind chip where you are brain dead. Basien Girod needs to do it first. Put him in a fifteen mile radius with no car, no access to anything without his smart arse pass and see how smart he thinks this is after that!

If you loved life during the COVID-19 LOCKDOWNS, you will love the new 15 Minute City which was inspired by the LOCKDOWNS.

It appears that after watching how people responded to the ominous ‘STAY IN YOUR HOUSE MANDATED LOCKDOWNS’, (probably meaning they didn’t get out their pitchforks and make a run on government buildings….most obeyed the mandates), the wicked ones at DAVOS think tanks decided…it is time to release the SMART CITY PROGRAM!

15 minute cities are designed like prison cell blocks. It makes no sense unless you are initiating a “Hunger Games” type global world. Which then it looks much like the film itself.

I’m sure the prodigys have been given permission to live in the luxury districts in return for their betrayal of humanity.

image 223

The war they want us to fight is the Hunger Games story. There is a way to end this before it gets to that point. It is to not obey the horrible fear mandates that breed violence.

image 222

And then there is this… my goodness this will explain a lot of lies and propaganda about “Ukraine is our friend” now won’t it.

image 224

Pray unceasing and help one another. Together we win by doing the right thing which is exposing all the lies! Fear not and have faith in God for this is a spiritual warfare to possess your mind for they cannot have your soul!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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