Can You Buy Freedom?

Or do you take a stand and fight for it?

Attorney Thomas Renz is fact checking the fact checkers just for fun…but to put an end to the evil being done against all humanity, he has brought down the hammer in the courts! His evidence is out for any and all to see… you can’t hide public records for ever. Not even Fauci and Gates. If they are even still at large? Who knows as this war is full of doubles, C.G.I. video interviews, fake footage, and lie, upon lie, upon lie.

People are dying from the “experimental” so called emergency vaccine for an illness that has a 99.9% or more recovery rate with therapeutics, and there is no denying that fact. The entire COVID plague is a fake pandemic. More commonly known and called “the Covid Plandemic”. It has all been planned and it is exposed and there will be many arrests made by the time this ends and the end is now in sight!

Has anyone ever stopped to think why we are all being censored, threatened, and demanded to comply, while, most people, and events continue on and function as though nothing was taking place? What has changed is the bombardment of fake fear factor news, tyrannical governors shouting threats, an illegal president…wandering around like a robot with low batteries, and that’s on a good day!

Who ever it is that is making the decisions for the seat of the presidency….it is not the double/bot/C.G.I. thing we are watching eat ice cream and dribble in the microphone, led by nurse Jill, (who has, as of lately, been missing in action.

We are watching generals like Miley commit treason in broad daylight, even admitting to the actions, and at the same time walking free with no consequences. We also see Jezebel governors threatening their citizens livelyhoods, by mandates to vax or lose their employment. They are mandated to take an experimental vax that does not keep them from getting sick, but does but them at risk of dieing and or becoming permanently disabled, and absolutely will have spiked proteins of toxic nanoparticles growing in their bodies that will eventually kill them off slowly.

Okay folks…what the heck is this? How big of a show is this? If you don’t see it, can’t see it, or won’t see it, then my pointing it out won’t matter anyway. Enjoy the show.

501c3’s – The Uphill Battle

Meanwhile, because everything costs money, people donate money to those who are stepping out to serve others to save lives and the nation. They donate directly and some sell, hats, banners, posters, cups, T-Shirts, Jackets, etc. Get them on line, off line, standing in line…just get them! Add to this all the people raising funds to run for office and all the trinkets being sold like the keepsake gold coins…for free with shipping and handling of only $17.95! With a soon to be $300+ value! And all those who’ve been hard hit can come and learn why and how many of the others who are speaking have been hard hit and those who can’t attend can watch a tuber somewhere and donate to them, because it costs money to deliver the news. But what happens when there is NO 501c3 because the IRS has said your .org doesn’t qualify, or you are no longer allowed to use this cause as a tax deduction for those donating? Do people say…”Gee, sorry guys. I know you are trying to save America and fighting for our rights, but, my donation isn’t tax deductable….so here is __$, I’d give more….but….”

image 1

Now don’t misread what I’m saying here, there are events that need funding and ticket sales go to pay for the event, that is not the point here. The entire point is that during this war…where all of our lives and nation is under seige and mandates…why are we holding circus type events and funding according to IRS guidelines? If it’s 1776 again, and our very lives depend on winning this spiritual warfare, why are we holding our purse strings according to IRS guidelines?

The examples of putting your purse for your nation, as the founding fathers did so do, is in Mike Lindell who said something to the affect of….”What good is it to have millions and lose everything in the end? I can always make more money, but never have another America.” Many are putting their purse where the people are needing the funds to save our freedoms. And in this dash to save our constitutional rights, one of those being the right to worship, and freedom of speech, many have snuck in to take advantage of people who are willing to give freely to support others who have positions to make a big difference. And yet, the big difference to be made rests on each individual coming together collectively, each doing what they are able to do. Each prepared with God’s strength to stand where they are led to stand.

People are attending, donating and buying shirts, mugs, and hats like it’s 1776, right?! It just struck me that there seems to be a huge effort in merchandising and go fund me’s…some to the tune of half millions in a very short length of time. Meanwhile the poor smucks who also lost their jobs and refused to wear masks are getting zip, nadda, zero. We all know of hometown businesses who were forced to close and never were able to reopen. Others reopened with undo hardships and never got any of that FREE money. So, in the midst of all that is taking place… let us not forget our neighbor, who may not have a big name and is not asked to come and speak to the masses….let us also remember these people, these citizens each and all are going through the trials and the testings and we must also see what we can do to help our neighbor living next door, and in our own cities and towns. The heck with 501c3’s, it’s time to use our resources without international tax collector guidelines.

If we do not come out of her my people, we are fighting a war by the enemies own rules. Do we really believe that God is impressed with that? I am sure He is not happy with such lack of discernment in many of our decisions when we obey the enemy and not do as he calls us to do because we are in fear of losing a tax excempt status. At least that is how it appears. Have we not learned our lessons in the churches and in other charitable organizations that are mandated to follow government guidelines and not speak out or give to things that Big Gov. tells us is against the rules?

Founding Fathers Tote Bags | Society6 | Founding Fathers Meme on

Otherwise, when we look at what is taking place…. it often lends the appearance that many are fiddling while America (Rome) burns. Many are collecting silver and gold as an opportunity to line their pockets and many are giving all they have to fund those who are truly battling for the rights of all.

God bless the Frontline Doctors, the Frontline Dream Team Attorneys, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Alfie Oakes, General Flynn, and all the people who have stepped up, given all and spoken out. God bless every person who has stood up at their local city council, their school board meetings, and each one who has sent a letter to their congress persons to fight the good fight. God bless every one who has given to their neighbor, not because it was a tax write off, but because they NEEDED HELP!

This is what I thought about, as I got to looking at what it is we are doing too stand up for America? Things I wondered about. Just throwing this out there to see if anyone else wondered at some of these things that kinda snuck in among the wheat? Just wondering.

That being said, America is the only place I know where you can make money on peril during hardships. That’s capitalism for ya…one side makes money lying to you, and the other side makes money telling you the facts. Where are you going to invest?

The Patriot | Where to watch streaming and online |

Ted Cruz is taking on the Dark Money in Campaign Funding: Supreme Court Takes On Ted Cruz Case – The High Court Plans Showdown Between Cruz And FEC (

Meanwhile, it appears we have broken the through the race propaganda barrier and now BLM has joined forces with Trump Supporters!

Together they are addressing the real issue and that is vax mandates under the looming arm of tyranny! There is no time for the fake causes when our freedom to breathe air and live is at stake. Now that is one good thing the deep state did, but I don’t think they planned it that way.

And now there is also the unpopular Biden bot thing… that’s what happens when you steal an election and were never really elected.


No one wants to see this picture of this small child below, neither do I . But this is what needs to be seen because by not seeing it, we are allowing it to become a common, ordinary thing. This must never be normal and this must stop now!

This is why we are standing up to stop it!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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