World Suicide of Nations Update…

Many are changing their minds about dying for a global cause… and some were never on board!

Ukraine denounces a new attack with Iranian “kamikaze drones” on Odessa. After bragging about receiving $20 million dollars worth of Drones weeks ago, and recently received four additional HIMARS rocket launchers – the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems he screamed and threatened to get or else and this was proudly confirmed by Ukrainian Defence Minister Olesii Reznikov. And then, here comes Russia with Iranian kamikaze drones striking a military facility in Odessa and what does Zelensky do? He shouts Not Fair… Not fair… and now claims they did not receive the NASAMS complexes themselves, but so far only agreed on their transfer. This was stated by Zelensky’s press secretary Sergei Nikiforov.

What a liar, liar, liar he and his fellow puppets are. This picture floating around says it all!

image 265

Zelensky is so out of touch. He created a war and guilty of war crimes against his own people along with continuing all the crimes of those who have set up Ukraine to be a headquarters of bioweapons, drug, human and child trafficking and a money laundry hub for KM/RESET Oligarchs and any greedy merchant. He demands like a brat billions of dollars, Himmers, fighter jets and nukes and calls foul play when he loses. The foul play is him and his band of no common sense and not so battle savy coup of evil doers.

Zelensky’s air defense does not work. And this now gives Russia the opportunity to destroy warehouses with ammunition and barracks with personnel without using expensive missiles. It is said that now the liquidation will occur much more often.

One thing is clear, and that is Zelensky must have a lot of blackmail against Biden Avatar and the NATO puppet masters with all their Oligarch biolabs and money laundering in Ukraine… that he can act like an idiot and still be in charge. They have to put up with him or put on a rubber mask (if they haven’t already) or their entire cover is blown. What will they ever do?

Meanwhile in Italy… Center-right is winning Italian elections!

▪ For the first time in history, the country will be led by a woman, the leader of the right-wing Brothers of Italy party, George Meloni;

▪ The winning coalition of centre-right forces unites the parties “Brothers of Italy”, “League”, “Forward Italy” and “We Moderates”;

▪ It is already known that the current Italian Foreign Minister Di Maio will not get into the new parliament;

The Democratic Party of Italy admitted defeat. Its leaders announced that the party was going into opposition.

So what does the propaganda news shout? They call it fascist just like Trump supporters!

The EU is calling this a far right threat and making it sound fascist… but in reality it is moving toward a right center conservative base with morals and values. This weakens their NATO grip on Europe. They fear other nations will follow in the same direction. What a problem that will be for them to have nation leaders actually doing what is good for the people, their economy, and their future.

This is met with more rhetoric to create fear from WEF who are ramping up their RESET “Monster Inc.” fear canisters!

Listen to the next Prime Minister of Italy!!! God is with her! A God wave is forming and it will be a tsunami for the KM! KABOOM!!

You’ll Have A Microchip In Your Head And Hate It!  That is if you live through the process required to have your body even receive it.

Klaus Schwab admits that in order to have their microchip work, you first have to have your second immune system which is being brought about with the biggest illegal and inhumane experiment ever devised.  Your COVID serums have been filled with things to destroy your God given immune response and replace it with Nano-bots that take over to be compatible with their Google cloud brain system. Probably to be operated out of the largest computer system in the world which is CERN and what operates the cloud now.

And what if they are successful in having a few survive this process?  Or what if they just take over all reproduction of humans in test tubes?  Especially after their jabs create infertility for those who do survive their doomsday experiment.

What if they achieve some success with this and they have their Google cloud society in some sections of the world. What happens when the power goes out?  What happens to the bots then?  The ones that need CERN to operate from the cloud?  And will they have ceremonies for their creation at CERN on an annual basis? Good grief this sci-fi live theater attack on the masses must end. And it will.

So when it does end, where will we put the 500 million who behave like monsters?  Where will we put these ones?

Let’s start looking at this issue differently. Where will these ones go?  What are we going to do with these insane thinkers of destruction? We certainly don’t need them in any capacity in any world society… so where will they go?

It looks positive that when Kissinger and Albright were removed from the Pentagon Foreign Advisory Board they were permanently removed from the private sector as well. Kissinger with RmL Disorder (Rubber Mask Lines) was seen on some C.G.I. videos a couple times and Albright was never seen again… and then it was announced she was dead and they had a funeral. The question is… what about their protégé’s… how many of them are still roaming freely and how many suffer from RmL Disorder?

Even Liberal Bill Maher is not on board with the present crazy train…

And another hit for the Crown…

It is now being reported that Britain’s newly elected Prime Minister, Truss, has the Bank of London and their fiat money plummeting! People are selling off their British assets of air as Truss gives tax cuts.

Intro To video below – “Keeps Getting Scarier!”

“The World Economic Forum would have us believe that they’re merely a benign organization that brings together thought leaders from across the globe to discuss solutions to the greatest challenges facing humanity while developing the future leaders who will likely be charged with implementing those solutions. And yet they continue talking about off-the-wall sh*t like eating bugs, implanting microchips in our brains and technological advances that will render many humans extraneous, obsolete and useless.”

And now the Indian Markets are crashing!  

The Sensex closes 1.6% down Losing 85 Billion dollars in one day, and on Friday they lost 49 Billion.

Germany is following with collapsing markets. A world-wide collapse is expected…as the dollar hangs on and rises. This sure looks like some bank manipulation taking place… that is leading to RESET plans. So, how can the people collapse the plans of those behind the veil? 

This entire collapse has been self-imposed by climate change RESET garble that does nothing but destroy economies. That is what climate change was always designed to do.

So while no one cares about the illegitimate Crown Royals these days, and all the RESET mouth of the toy King… we in the states are tuned into the weather wars and what is coming to our shores. Many are speculating this is part of a RESET manipulation of jet streams and others are too busy preparing for disaster to sort it all out… but it seems to have all the hallmarks of man made sky weaponry. Doesn’t Rothschild own HARRP now? Yes they do. Reports using words like “it’s moving unusually slow”, and “this is rare” raise many questions, especially when every main stream weather station in the world is watching this monster storm form, at least they are all reporting on it and escalating fear scripts from “we’re all gonna die”, to “even if it goes west you’re going to still get hit hard”. Weather stations have even been shouted angrily at by Cuba for over sensationalizing the weather report and creating undo fear. Maybe they should be appreciative that there was some interference…perhaps from somewhere up above.

Meanwhile Florida is bracing for the worst and praying for the best.

Which brings us to this thought for today:

Did you know the origin of the English word “hurricane” comes from the Taino (the indigenous people of the Caribbean and Florida) word “Huricán,” who was the Carib Indian god of evil. Their Huricán was derived from the Mayan god of wind, storm, and fire, they called “Huracán.”

So when man is manipulating the weather and making massive storms of destruction, Klaus et al are acting out their role of the pagan gods of evil RESET… what else would you call it? It is sheer wickedness!

On the political US homefront, Biden Rubber Mask and the entire disordered regime have totally blown it with the Hispanic community!

They have filled up their heads with pathetic categories that their sick little minds believe… their “save our democracy” is headed for the gutter!

On the Democratic idea of securing the Hispanic voting base, they are a proud working class people with a strong work ethic, and many among them are entrepreneurs! They are not buying into the democratic idea that offering free hot sauce and handouts is what they want. They are insulted by being marked as low class with their hands out begging for money and they don’t care about J6. They are busy working and raising families and primarily above all… most of them love Jesus and respect their elders. They aren’t woke, they are awake.

So all the evil ideas of saving their democracy are going down the toilet along with their toxic jabs and RESET. America is going to build back by taking out the trash that think they are better…and America is GOING TO BE GREAT AGAIN!

One last question… does anyone know what happened to Biden’s White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Jenn O’Malley Dillon? Haven’t heard from her, or of her, or about her, since they said she was arrested in the hotel…and fact checkers said she wasn’t. Where is she? She’s always flapping her mouth… especially during elections.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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