What’s Up With Jordan Peterson?


Jordan Peterson is making quite the circuit now. Just one of his Rumble Page names has over  200 pages of listings. From the first 105 pages, I added up 2,376 lengthy podcasts. My goal was to add them all, but growing tired of counting as it was a tedious process with no end in sight… I stopped adding up the podcasts and just added up the pages and there were 200 total each filled with podcasts. So one can double the number of 2,376 and expect somewhere between 4,000 and 4,752 Peterson podcasts on that one Rumble account alone. This big push is all from this past year. Gee??? Does anyone find that odd? I do.

In all honesty, some of these are exposing Peterson, but the majority are trying to sell his views to the masses. The majority of these podcasts have low viewership under a hundred or so, with some more and some less. So, this is absolutely a coordinated psyop podcast effort to push this psyop analyst in our faces, and somehow make him appear the voice of the people of the world… or Noah or something like that?  Obviously the new and improved Klaus or is that Harari? Take your pick for they both have failed miserably to achieve their transhuman and agenda goals. Look for them to add some A.I. hacking to increase his numbers.

It’s obvious as all get out that they are pushing the guy in our faces trying to have him appear like a sought after person?  Keep in mind, this was just one account listing on Rumble. He had several name listings for his psyop warfare. To me, Jordan is just an older grumpier version of what an intellectual Greta would be like.  So, he is their not so magic pied piper.

Oh look they are trying to say he had a meteoric rise to fame! I knew it!! He’s been around a while and he used to make some interesting points about human nature, although an athiest, he wasn’t radical and pushing an agenda like he is currently.

Many people who follow him say he’s changed and he has had many complaints about his new stances in his comments on various videos. So, was he chipped or is he someone else? Or just what happened in preparation for his ARC push?

I wonder how many nervous breakdowns Peterson has had with all his ideas that scare him to tears? Or is he chipped? Mind controlled? What is he now that he wasn’t when he began? Something is very different? Very bad and wrong. What has Tavistock done to this Canadian? Or is this just who he is unleashed? Has he just been a part of the entire ball of wax all along?

Too bad for the global cabal that Peterson is already known for all his left wing lube jobs. He is without a doubt a global puppet pushed out front because the puppet masters all believe people are stupid and they will follow the “crying all the time” confused  Jordan.  Fake tears or real?  Who knows and at this point of the war… who cares. We have seen many real tears from innocent people, no one has time to worry about the enemys clown and his “sad face”, “happy face”, “false face”, “two face” show. 

I wonder if he has the guts to talk about child sex trafficking and human and child sacrifices?  If he has the gall to open up and speak of spirit cooking and secret oaths and Baal worship in modern times? Does anyone know if he’s gone there?  I haven’t been watching all the thousands of videos that pop up. There are simply too many. It would take a couple years just to watch all his videos. How did one man make them all in the same amount of time we’ve all been given? Something doesn’t add up. Are there a bunch of Jordan Petersons?

Why does Peterson look and sound different in different videos? Are they using voice over C.G.I. in some of these? Does he have a double? I really began questioning this a week or so ago when he just didn’t look and sound like the Peterson I used to hear? But we were digging into Maui and there was no time to figure out whether there was one, two or a bunch of Jordan Petersons? Maybe others can do that dig?

There is one thing for certain, and that is –  Peterson is not going to save the world from itself, he can’t even save himself from his own foot that often finds itself stuffed in his own mouth after it twists around his head, kicking it a few times before it finally lands there. Picture it! 

Here’s one of those times… Example: 

Wonder what wrestling fans will think of this? I wonder how many of them, knew they were playing out some deranged mental sickness just a bit lower than all you who go to the movies who are also playing out some sick mental something?  He said, “People watch pro wrestling because it was a battle in a coliseum  between the forces of good and the forces of evil.  I didn’t understand that. I didn’t know it was a drama for people who didn’t go to the movies. It was one level of fiction below movies.”   He ends with, “I’m not being smart about this.”  Of which that was the one wise thing he did say. Oh my head hurts.  This man is supposed to be what exactly?  He speaks like a dragon.

Garble and argumentative intellectualism is not any thing the Bible tells us to follow. In fact scriptures instruct God’s people to avoid such babbling of vain philosophies and deceit.  For these ones are forever learning and never coming to the knowledge of the truth.

He is a sad person, as we count saddness in those who are so miserable inside for having no real vision of what God is all about except his intellectual ideas he conjures up to deny him… and now he has decided God exists. Of which at first I was moved and so happy that he had finally come to see the Lord and God our Father… until I heard him describe what that was and listened to his garble that our gods are what we make them to be? He has dared to rattle on to his own folly, as we count those who dare to believe that God will sit and have a debate with those who can’t wait to throw at Him their earthly wisdom. Has he read the book of Job yet? Just curious?

In the past I found Peterson harmless to others and only detrimental to himself.  Was that naivity on my part or was that my  live and let live mindset? Perhaps it was my intrigue with the mans arguments that held so little water that it never warranted much of a response.  Shake the dust from shoes and proceed to the exit?  But now he has not only appeared on the scene where so many have been banned… but in our faces at every turn .  He’s the type you can’t just wipe the dust from your feet and leave for  we now see he not only throws the dust we shook off our feet back at us,  he has come in with a back hoe to dump a mountain of dirt on our backs.

What I mean by that is Peterson has made it hard not to bring his name up because he is now in our faces at every turn working his craft in our faces and the faces of innocent people  who don’t know  what he’s up to or even who he is or where he came from.

Peterson is aligned with think tankers and billionaires of DAVOS, and it now appears he has aligned with others who take their direction from Tavistock Institute think tanks who are the so called experts on the new and improved psyops to play on humanity as a whole. The target appears to be Christian America… aligned with Jewish, black and british trickery, dancing to the KM Oligarch puppet strings. Peterson has his new annointing to head up “The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship” (ARC). This is being established as an international community with a vision for a better world where every citizen can prosper, contribute and flourish. ARC and the billionaires who desire globalism are working Jordan’s strings and funding his new  push to shove  humanity onto his ARC of responsible cititzenship of which he himself has revealed it is simply a kinder approach to get on the world FEMA bus and accept the soylent green agenda. He admits the old way has failed, and the new way is much more appealing???? 

Dung is dung no matter how you serve it. Does not Peterson understand this fact as so?  Or is he so stuffed with his athiestic past that he can’t see it? So far I have heard the many ways he has denied God and all of man’s gods as equal in the sense that none is any more greater or lessor than Peterson himself.  So sad that such intellect is blind and deaf to the most important things. But, then again… he is a professor of intellect and ideas and handed a script long ago… of which he has followed for he approved his own position to do so. He made his decisions from his own intellect and his own knowledge of which he is forever learning and coming to new deductions and erasing and rewriting, always rethinking and stinging like a bee anyone who comes with Biblical truth where in his psychiatric mindset, he will entertain fools all day long most graciously.

Whereas his dots are not only connecting tightly to what he believes no one will connect, his SPOTS are showing and through understanding and counting how many there are… we have no doubt at all that he has failed to pull the wool over the eyes of God’s children. He only has fooled himself and the billionaires who believed he was the one to steer their ARC. Read: Welcome to ARC (arcforum.com)


Will someone ever tell Mr. Peterson there is a difference between a story and the truth. There is a  bigger difference between a made up lie called a story and facts of truth. He can call on scientist as witnesses all day long as though that were some sort of badge of truth telling, when in fact it is a badge worn by memorizers and mind controlled graduates who stayed in school memorizing garble. Scientific theories are opinions with legs that can be paraded around appearing as though they are actually walking. Whereas theories support no truth, but are the needed story to sway humanity in the direction they want them to go. It is a great deception. In reality, it is a lie. The entire system is coniving and crafted to deceive the masses. The truth is there are two forces at play… good and evil. Evil pushes its own doctrine and and their students learn their stories. They can keep their blueprints of deception and read those depopulation think tank reports all day long. Wisdom does not come from evil, it comes from God and reading God’s word. 

image 193

Ancient philosophers controlled the common peoples minds by gaslighting and brow beating them with names of inferiority and dunce cap titles.  Today, people see through all of that and are no longer buying into the lies which are think tank manufactured, upside down, and inside out. There are so many dumb grads that no one buys their PhD anymore as anything sound or valued. Universities have become Ultra mind control boot camps with ceremonies at the end and a certificate of “One of Us”. And then, there are some that have managed to graduate and remain critical thinkers. These are the rare and the few who played the game to graduate and now can set out to apply common sense.

This explosive Peterson talk is only designed to increase low blood pressure and have those with elevated numbers have heart attacks and strokes. No thank you Jordan… no one but the ones who are already lost beyond lost are getting on your ARC.  Have a nice voyage. I hear it’s hot there… lots of wind fire spirits in charge of the flames. As for me and my family, we shall serve the Lord.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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