What World Are You Living In?

Is it time to go to the light?

Is your world the one that is spinning so fast that it makes the speed of sound look slow? That’s the world NASA presents to you. That one.

NASA tells you they can send a rocket up and chase after one of these spinning planets going 1,037.5646 miles per hour and the speed of sound is 660 miles per hour. But then again these numbers vary, depending on what report one reads. NASA says the speed of sound is 1,000 miles per hour and every 24 hours we make our way around the sun and thus a day has gone by… or some science as that?

One of my questions has always been this: If the earth is spinning a thousand miles per hour… how can a commercial plane flying at 550 to 580 MPH get anywhere? Wouldn’t the earth’s spin keep them from gaining any distance? The same with sound?

And that isn’t any of my tough questions about space travel… if we do catch up with the spinning planets and find a way to land on any of them, how do we land if there is no gravity guiding us in to do so and it is spinning so fast? And then, how do we keep the craft on the planet… do we throw an anchor out or will that float too?

If we landed on the moon… how did we lift off and return home without a big rocket launch? Remember they told us there is no gravity on the moon. If there is no gravity then what was holding the space ship that landed on it down? Why did the astronaut drop the feather and the hammer and the hammer made a thud and kicked up dust that then resettled instead of floating in the anti gravity air? Why did the astronaut when he finished his hammer/feather drop bounce away like he was floating in buoyancy?

Those are just a few questions made from basic “two eye” observations. I’m still amazed that they were able to communicate that many miles in space, especially with limited technology. I mean there weren’t even cell phones or wi fi yet. And even with what we have today, it’s still land based with towers and needs space station mirrors or satelite signal to communicate. This makes one wonder.

But gaslighting is not a lost art, it works today just as it did in times of old and it just keeps on working over and over and over again. Add a lot of equations and fuzzy math… make sure it all sounds complicated and use abbreviations and science lingo to sound brilliant (as no one understands it) and let the little sheep know that because they are little sheep they can’t comprehend it. Poor little dumb things… baaa…baaa….baaa.

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Decoding Science terms.

E = Energy. This is the power source that makes a thing move.

M = mass. Which is the total amount of matter in an object.

c= speed of light. How so? The ‘c’ comes from the Latin word “celeritas”, which means swift.

2 = Square, a term that means the number multiplied by.

Einstein described it for the big brainiac scientists:

“It followed from the Special Theory of Relativity, that mass and energy are both, but different manifestations of the same thing – a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind. Furthermore, the equation E is equal to mc2, in which energy is put equal to mass, multiplied with the [by the] square of the velocity of light, showed that very small amounts of mass may be converted into a very large amount of energy and vice versa. The mass and energy were in fact equivalent, according to the formula mentioned before [E = mc2]. This was demonstrated by Cockcroft and Walton in 1932, experimentally.” Albert Einstein

 E=mc², implies that light can be physically transformed into matter, and matter into light.

So now we know that matter like fire and coal can be used as energy… but the real key here is when Einstein said…..“AND VICE VERSA” which means the principles of turning matter into an energy form let us say Light, and can also take that light energy form and turn it into matter.

Is this what God did to Adam and Eves light bodies? Turn them into matter of living flesh?

A flesh that is still connected to the light and requires the light to even exist?

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Our bodies are made up of living cells, we cannot exist without the full spectrum of the suns light rays. The full spectrum of visible light from the sun gives off light emitting diodes which are absorbed into the cells. Every living cell needs this to use as energy and stores what it doesn’t need to use within the cell itself in the part called the mitrochondria. The mitrochondria acts like a powerhouse. It stores up the light emitting diodes emitted by the full visible spectrum of the sun and uses it to help the body to multiply and divide cells. The full spectrum of the sun is our body’s energy source.

Every living creation on earth absorbs and uses the full spectrum of the sun’s light emitting diodes as energy for cells to multiply and divide. It is needed for our body to heal itself.

The cells that make up our body die off daily and our body is constantly making new cells to replace the ones that die off. The light emitting diodes from the sun’s full spectrum light source is vital to keep all living cells multiplying and dividing for us to stay alive and be healthy. Without the sun… we would die.

image 323
We now have the technology that allows us to emit light diodes into the skin for healing and balancing the body. A form of laser technology that sends light emitting diodes deep into the skin and in some devices all the way down to the bone to promote bone growth.

Which bring us to the question: What if man has desired to learn how to apply these principles in living matter? We now know that all matter can be transformed into an energy of light, which means that all matter can be transformed into light particles. The tiny things that make up the atoms we cannot see which we call photons, electrons and neutrons are what make up all matter and what all matter breaks down into when it is no longer in its form of mass, whatever that form took on. What would happen if we filled up our entire heart, mind and soul and every cell in the flesh with the giving energy from the light of God? What would we be able to be and to do? Could this be compared to healing miracles? Could it be the key to healing the self and others? Now we cannot confuse this with playing God… but we can see what the Lord was telling us by Himself being the light of the world and by us learning to do as he did we could do the same things and greater.

By doing VICE VERSA to the things that tear down the body’s cells through emotions that cause stress, such as fear and anger… when we choose love, empathy, joy, and forgiveness… we are continuing to build up our light resources and remain healthy…we have the energy to pass onto others. Jesus possessed the energy to defy matter. Like when he walked on the matter called water and when he restored life to Lazarus. But to be outside in the sun and absorb it is what builds the needed life force from the visible spectrum of the sun, which contains the rainbow of colors. Each color vibrating at a different energy level as shown in the chart above.

Atoms are made up of electrons, neutrons, and protons. They absorb energy and emit energy.

Wavelengths are vibrating energy fields… and these are emitted around us whenever we move. Science has named this process and the actions in their own terms by their own scientists who have discovered a piece of how it works. For example the Higgs Boson and its field is named after a Scientist who discovered how that worked.

In May of 2014, there was a news release titled “Scientists Lay Out a Simple Plan to Turn Light Into Matter“.

Excerpts from the article:

After 80 years of searching, scientists say they have figured out a way to transform light into matter in a new kind of photon-photon collider.”

“Albert Einstein’s equation on mass-energy equivalence suggested that a tiny amount of matter could yield a tremendous amount of energy — which was demonstrated by the development of nuclear weapons and fission reactors. But that also means it would take a tremendous amount of energy from photons, the fundamental particles of light, to yield a tiny amount of matter.

The concept calls for using a high-intensity laser to speed up electrons to nearly the speed of light, and then smashing them into a slab of gold to create a beam of photons a billion times more energetic than visible light. At the same time, another laser beam would be blasted onto the inner surface of a small gold container known as a hohlraum (which is German for “hollow space”). That would create a high-energy thermal radiation field, buzzing with photons inside the container.” Read Full Article: Scientists Lay Out a Simple Plan to Turn Light Into Matter (nbcnews.com)

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And we all know they have come a lot further since then!

So while scientist are searching for the God particle… the secrets were written in the book of 2 Enoch…but the process was God himself and how he commanded the invisible to become visible.

Scientists now explain nature by knowing we are made up of these same electrons, protons, and neutrons…but they scratch their heads at the how we are and how it is done. They know that what they used to call DARK MATTER is actually SHEER ENERGY. This energy causes all things to move and to be created that is created. Now, knowing this, let us look at the book of 2 Enoch. In this book Enoch speaks of how God told him how he made the earth and creation.

Read: The Apocalypse of 2 Enoch (archive.org)

This teaches so much more than Genesis, and it explains the things that man is trying to replicate. Whereas man has learned that dark matter is energy… they don’t know how to command it like God did. We also know they never will for the fallen only knew the lessor things of the heavens.

image 327

Now let us add to this the fact that all technology for both good and bad inventions come from the wavelengths of the sun. For example – laser technology used to help in surgical procedures for good is done by harnessing the energy that comes from the various parts of the full spectrum of the sun. They have also been able to harness energy from the sun to create lasers that can incinerate a city in minutes. There is always a choice for man to do good or to do evil with what God intended for good.

That being said….what happens when man tries to replicate these principles with lets say with a concept for creating a new kind of photon- like with a photon collider, like at CERN?

All things can be used for good or for evil purposes.

We can use light to heal the body and the planet, or it can be used to destroy the body and the planet. For example: you can take the light to create explosions or you can take the light emitting diodes and heal the body by putting it back into balance.

And when one digs to find truth when they question the world’s facts, they often find interesting things…. what can we learn from what Jesus told us of the light?

Do we hold within us the power to control our matter with the light and truly do the fantastic miracles that our Lord did when he walked the earth? What if there was a great awakening and the force of that awakening was so great that the negative forces could not exist in it? What if Satan was trying desperately to avoid this mass of light energy for it would bound him and dissolve all his mass of negative energy? They would literally melt like the witch in the Wizard of Oz! It’s a thought. Recall when the witch melted her flying monkeys were freed and celebrated.

We see the Trump derangement syndrom affecting many people driving them mad… what would happen if God’s people pressed with the light and gave a push to reach a higher level of oneness of love with God the Creator and our Lord and The Holy Spirit….doing what we were shown to do with the whole armor of God to stand in the wicked day? What evil force could ever withstand that? It could not. We have been given the means to apply the principles the Lord has shown us, imagine if we all sought to use them?

Remember the Lord came and was in the flesh and he did miraculous works and said:

John 14:12

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.”

Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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