Written by – Margaret A Clark-Price 
We’ve been screaming for someone to take up our fight and bring our country back to good health!
We’ve been screaming for a tough, patriotic and committed fighter!
We’ve been screaming for someone to stop the deceitful corruption!
We’ve been screaming for someone to fight for our veterans!
We’ve been screaming for a bull dog mentality to stop the illegal invasion!
We’ve been screaming to have a champion in our corner to stop Common Core, and defund Obama Care!
We’ve been screaming for term limits, an honest Supreme Court that follows and upholds Our Constitution!
We have been screaming for 7 years to stop the evil corrupt administration!
We’ve been screaming for political accountability!
We’ve been screaming to STOP Political Correctness!
We’ve been screaming for no more Socialism and no more RINOS!
We’ve been screaming for truth, honesty, credibility, patriotism, and the retention of American Values!!
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I, for one, am getting hoarse! 
Our loud screams have been answered!!   Mr. Trump is the Bull Dog and is answering our anger!!
Now, why is there a problem getting Mr. Trump into office????
I am an Arizonian pledging my vote to Mr. Trump because I believe we MUST “Vote American! 
NOT Republican or Democrat!
#Trump #Donald J. Trump
By Margaret A Clark-Price 

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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