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America is made up of big cities, small cities and towns called main street U.S.A.  There are those who live on ranches and farms away from towns and cities.  Some folks live on riverboats, yes….a few still do.  It doesn’t matter where you live, what matters is how you live.  The sad thing that has happened is little by little America has changed.  Not the basic nature of the people, but the nature of the beast I choose to call government.
Today Government controls all things. Washington Bureaucrats have looked at the great land across America as an ATM machine and figured out what licenses, taxes, fees they can get from roads, fishing, hunting, owning this or that, taxing land, personal property, everything we purchase and everything we sell. They have confiscated the minerals and natural resources giving us back in return polluted waters and air.    Bureaucrats have pushed our ranchers and farmers into corners letting the great merchants of the earth take over industries, resources and profits.  Pushing regulations and rules on all who are not in the circle of big government.  Lobbying to push local, state and federal regulations on all things that were once free to all Americans.  There were no heavy restrictions on those who owned private property, nor state parks and reserves.  Waterways on property, from creeks, to ponds, to mud puddles belonged to the one who owned the land, not the government mandated by the UN.  Making  decisions like who can have a garden to grow their own food and where it is allowed and where it will be forbidden is now made by bureaucrats.  Who can fish and where and how many they can catch, again government controlled.
delta valleyBureaucrats  have placed licenses  on all things from fishing, hunting, driving, building, professions, and fines if you fail to have one or let it expire. We are taxed on everything we buy, even paying tolls on our roads and bridges. Then we have Bureaucracies that protect the environment and wildlife like the minnows in the California Delta Valley, and in the process allow the most fertile ground in the world to become a dust bowl.  Where were the conservatives when this happened?
Conservatism was supposed to ease the never ending burdens of big government  bureaucracy and halt its’ hammer on society. It was supposed to reduce the numbers of bureaucracies, and hasn’t even decreased the sizes of  any, nor stopped the never ending government over reaching.  Instead it has grown into a huge beastly monster that restricts a free people and places economic burdens on their backs.
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If any in the GOP conservative party can dare to so boldly  stand and say that during the last 30 years conservatism has benefited Americans and fulfilled its’ proposed purpose….then why are we all but sold to government bureaucracies who have us all but placed in a basket to be handed over to the world bureaucrats at the United Nations.  So much of America and what makes her a strong sovereign nation has already been handed over to their U.N. agenda for sustainable development for the 21st century and handed over generously by conservatives as well as progressives in both political parties. And they have the nerve to ask why Americans are angry.
Conservatism in theory was a bold and welcome balance.  In practice it has drastically failed to do anything but get promising politicians elected into office.  Sadly, once they arrive at that great big white capitol building….they learn to get in line and do as their donor’s lobbyist ask…..they subserviently back the proper bureaucracy that they are told to support.
There is only one way to get off this hamster wheel.  That way is to run for office in the manner that Donald J. Trump has shown can and must be done.  To run on their own or private donations (corporations are not people), and to limit the contributions one can have.  Let the people decide on the candidates merits.  And receive no compensation once in office.  That would change the entire dynamic, now wouldn’t it?
I believe the time for political parties has reached it’s peak and toppled over into a mire. The time is ripe for a new way of  balancing government.  A government with no party but one.  That one is the AMERICAN PARTY.  Let each person run on what they would do for America and not a party.  The party system is a dinosaur that has crippled and divided our once great nation. It is time to do what is right for America.  Not what is right for a party or the United Nations world goals.

Conservatism did not work. It failed America.  It is time for America to return to what made her great.  The first step is to elect a leader who can take the first steps to regaining America’s financial  independence and stop her from crumbling beneath the bureaucracies that are pounding away at her foundation.  That leader is DONALD  JOHN  TRUMP.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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