Ukraine, Russia, EU, Nuclear, CERN, HAARP – Please Ignore The Man Behind The Curtain!

Zelensky began to make excuses about his recent statement and explained his words about “preemptive strikes” on Russia by saying that he meant was new sanctions from the West, and not strikes with nuclear weapons. Yet his words, his tone, his eyebrows, and voice was all but nuke strike them first.

Putin isn’t phased by Zelensky’s propaganda… he counters it with either truth or silence. But, this is war, why would he ever show his next move? With a sloppy organization of mercenary troops led by a comedian who was placed as Ukraine’s presidential puppet, it’s obvious to most everyone watching that Zelensky is only allowed to do what his script writers tell him and sometimes he goes off script and adlibs.

Putin and his top brass know who the puppet masters are, we who are observing as lay people don’t have that type of accurate intel. But, when it comes to nukes, his father land, and humanity, Putin isn’t wreckless.

With every stupid thing the puppets shout, Putin throws a punch. Keep talking puppets…and you will find yourselves somewhere you don’t want to be… and it is hot there. Very hot.

Putin signed a decree on the 7th of October for Russia to take over the operations of the Exxon Mobil in the Sakhalin-1 oil and gas project. Exxon Mobil is an American energy giant. Russia is now the biggest operator of the Sakhalin-1 oil and gas development project, located off the coast of Sakhalin Island in Russia’s far east. The takeover of Exxon by Vladimir Putin shouldn’t bother the west since they are going green should it? Or were the RESET bunch planning to return to oil and gas after they harmed humanity? We’ll see how they react.

So now…Putin is kicking the Joey Avatar out of his projects and sanctioned them? That’s what it looks like. I can hear Putin chuckling while he awaits their next not so SMART move! Putin’s waiting. He hasn’t even begun to show you what he will do and NATO has now thrown all their spaghettio’s at Russia and all they have left is a little bit of the sauce they scraped off the wall and Zelensky.

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Another thing fake news isn’t telling the truth about…

Russia’s seizure of Zaporizhzhia on March 4 included a nuclear station taken as a spoil of war.  According to reports from International Atomic Energy Agency, attacks on the plant have increased since the beginning of July. But who is doing it? Zelensky has blamed Russia and Russia has blamed Zelensky. It would make no sense for Putin to create a disaster area out of Zaporizhzhia when he is trying to free them from Ukraines abuse of power.

Zelensky’s story in a nut shell is that Russia launched an invasion for no reason at all on Ukraine in February 2022, and then on March 4th Russian forces captured the nuclear power plant near Zaporizhzhia by shelling the facility causing a fire and damaging electrical lines vital to the reactors’ cooling systems then occupied it and stationed personnel and munitions there. Russia allegedly used the nuclear reactors as a shield for their offensive operations. And so as he ends every propaganda piece, Zelensky shouts to send him more billions of dollars and military nukes to punish Russia.

So why would Zelensky or his proxy warmongers want to tamper with the nuclear power station? Perhaps because he would rather blow it up than allow Putin to have it. And why would he do that? Because Ukraine sells nuclear fuel from this station to some of Europe, and Ukraine also uses it for themselves. Under the Russian Federation those sales would go to Russia and also include Ukraine. This will make some of Europe and Ukraine dependent on Russia for their Nuclear fuel. Losing the power plant is a game changer for Ukraine.

Occupying engineers have already been laying plans to connect the facility to Russia’s power grid and charge Kyiv’s government for the electricity it generates. But currently, the plant is still delivering “electricity exclusively to the Ukrainian power system.”

Unlike coal- or gas-fired power plants, reactors require a constant flow of electricity for water pumps needed to cool fuel and prevent a meltdown. The Zaporizhzhia plant’s design and containment vessels make it highly unlikely an explosion like the one that wrecked Ukraine’s Chernobyl plant in 1986 could happen. But an accident similar to that at Fukushima in Japan just over a decade ago can’t be ruled out if the plant loses all electricity, according to Popik and Robert Kelley, an ex-IAEA safeguards director. 

And what type of accident happened in Japan?

It had a HAARP earthquake and tsunami, causing three reactors to melt down and hundreds of billions of dollars in damages, and decades to clean up. While radiation released led to some direct deaths, and forced more than 100,000 people to relocate, of which 3,691 of them died prematurely of disaster-related causes. So, today with all the weather space based toys firing off around the planet creating terrible disasters from droughts, to monster cat 5 Hurricanes in SW Florida…earthquakes and now let’s look forward to winter snow monsters…those are coming…of course that is a possibility and maybe that is what Zelensky is shouting to have done. They do have the means. But he obviously don’t know how to do it himself and/or hasn’t gotten permission from his masters to do it…or he wouldn’t be shouting. 

So in August 2022, Russia circulated a diplomatic note in Vienna that said attacks had damaged four of the plant’s seven power lines, pushing the reactors closer to a “nuclear disaster,” according to an official IAEA document. 

Meanwhile Zelensky shouts…Russia bombed it…while Russia worked desperately to repair it. Who do you think damaged it? It is so obvious, even a child can tell you who did it and it doesn’t appear to be Russia. Read: War-Hit Ukraine Atomic Plant Poses Risks to Europe’s Energy Grid – BNN Bloomberg

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With a sloppy organization of mercenary troops led by a comedian whose best skills are acting and throwing spaghetti at the wall, it’s obvious to most whose shells went haywire at the Nuclear Power Station in Zaporizhzhia.

It’s all about CERN and RESET…

This NATO proxy war is being fought by puppets who have masters that simply don’t care what happens to humanity and want to destroy anything they can’t have. That has become very obvious. Ukraine has been trying to wipe out the people in the Donbass area with bombs and evil devices to create hardships for over 8 years. Why? They want them all to leave. What else would you call an obvious attack on your own citizens?

But what this means now for Zelensky is the possibility of having to purchase energy from Russia. So now you see why Zelensky wants to blow it all up. If he can’t have it…blow it up. That is his NATO proxy demands. Or so it appears…for he is their puppet minding their self serve money laundromat.

How many billions have been sent there since Biden took office to save their democracy?

Remember their celebration….

It just wasn’t your normal everyday type of thing a civilized society does. These are so called advanced civilized countries of the European Union. The same EU that is fighting the proxy war with Russia.

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Now remember Project Bluebeam…

And CERN the largest computer source in the world for everything scientific and project bluebeam!

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The more you know, the more it all makes sense. Connect the dots!

Meanwhile these activities brought to you buy the West have caused the stock markets to tumble under Joey Avatar Biden by 7.6 trillion. He set a world’s record.

And in Florida, Sheriff Grady Judd told Floridians that if anyone comes to loot at their time of distress… shoot them so they look like grated cheese.

Remember the same RESET COVID MANDATE people who support Ukraine and funnel weapons and billions to Zelensky Spaghetti boy are the UN, EU, Joey Avatar et al.

It was Putin who took down their bioweapon labs in Ukraine. That made them all very mad. They worked for years to build their perfect little hub of NAZI science and money laundry machine for their dark markets.

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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