There is a difference between gaining new information and making a better decision versus changing your mind on stances.  Trump is a key player on a world scale because he accesses new information daily and can promptly access and adjust his position to best achieve the goal.

Imagine if you will … a military general who has a strategic battle plan set forth by his commander in chief.  Imagine that invading forces just doubled their troops and went toward one of your chief strongholds. The general advises the commander in chief of the new circumstances.  Do you want a commander in chief who will stick to a now failed plan because after all, he just announced that is what he planned to do?  Or do you want a commander in chief who (although just announced they were doing plan A) has the wisdom to move to plan B?

Moving to plan B is actually staying on course to win.  Not going to plan B is losing big.  Watching Obama continue to try and arm moderate ISIS to kill terrorist ISIS and topple Assad in Syria while Russia, China, Iraq, Iran and France move in to support Assad in Syria and destroy all the terrorists (for there are no such thing as moderate jihadists)  is one good example of sticking with plan A and losing big time.  But, if plan A is to topple nations and create strife and chaos to usher in a new world order of governance, sticking to it is the only way it makes sense.  It is what it is.

I want a commander in chief that is for America and respects other nations. I want a commander that does not manufacture a crisis, nor lies that false events have taken place in order to create more crisis. I want a commander in chief that can not be bought nor enter into establishment wars. I want a commander in chief with a strategy that conquers the real enemy and is smart enough to do so.  That is why my vote is for Trump.

Aren’t you all tired of the lies?  Aren’t you tired of being told we are fighting ISIS, by the same regime creating the entire mess? The regime that is training, financing, supplying and orchestrating gun running, and terrorism on your tax dollar and lying about what they are doing and have done?  Why do you think they had to lie to the public?  It is because they knew the public would never approve of regime toppling and mass murder to any segment of humanity, especially sovereign nations.

So as more is revealed as to the true nature of what has been done, it is important to have a commander in chief who can act soundly and make the right decisions to end the war strategies that have created world chaos.  The last thing the world needs are more puppets who work the bidding of great merchants of the earth.

There is only one who is not bought and paid for…that one is Trump.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.