Trump and Clean Up on Aisle State and Local- “Coral Gate’s” a Mess!

President Trump has told us from the beginning that things all begin at the local level.

It is you who vote for who will run your city, and your state, and you send your neighbors to DC on a national level. Did you ever consider how the corruption begins on a local level in order to send their picks to the national level? If not, now is the time to google it!

That is why Trump supports our farmers, our labor force, our families, our education system, trade schools, and all citizens across America from sea to shining sea!

President Trump had a great speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition!

Using Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, we will deny entry of all Communists and Marxists into the United States!” President Trump

President Trump, whose ratings are climbing with each attack the left wing KM Oligarchs hit him with, is roaring out like a lion and calling them all out!

President Trump said, “They are waging war on God Almighty, Himself, and it is not a war they are going to win!”

President Trump is now attracting the future of america… which is our youth! Our children don’t want to be enslaved. They like FREEDOM and what is said in our CONSTITUTION! God bless our youth!

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That being said, with the Tavistock media, mind control system in place, we must discern all things. Especially knowing that all but a few in the mainstream fake news media are bought and sold, and are out looking for political blood.

Now with Tavistock which we covered in the past few blogs, we are talking about those who manage and greenlight what slant of the “new” story is going to be allowed to be printed, and news casted. Which quite often is always tipped off by the flunkys for the guilty party. Those who are slated to go under attack, in the same manner we have watched President Trump, Lin Wood, and others. Generally they always have eye witnesses pop up who are compromised by some form of blackmail, used in the same style as Epstein MIS agents who do set ups and find the sound bytes to use to control others or they will “destroy them”. Which there are two ways to murder a person… literally kill them, and or to literally destroy their reputation by bearing false witness which in the case of President Trump, Lin Wood, et al, that is exactly what they did and are continuing to do.

The Bible has ten commandments and two of those are “Thou shall not murder”, and “Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

While at the same time, the true guilty parties are made to look innocent, honest and facts are ignored. Just like what we are watching with the “Hunter Biden and Joey Avatar stolen election show”.

Dr. John Coleman exposed how this works and what a weapon it is. By now, most all of us are aware of how the bearing of false witness and black mail attempts work. We have all watched as people have no conscience when it comes to making up fabrications that are not true and sheer lies against innocent people. There is nothing new under the sun. They were doing it in ancient times, that is why God put it out as an abomination to Him and we are not to do it.

Meanwhile, those who desire to destroy good people always go after those who support President Trump. That’s what happened on J-6 to Trump Supporters, and that’s what happened to Lin Wood and that’s what happened to Kari Lake, and it filters down to Municipalities as in the recent News Item in Southwest Florida, Council Woman, Patty Cummings on a local government level, in the midst of a hurricane Ian shambles in Cape Coral, Florida. But, after looking at what had been revealed in news papers and social media… it appears to be a deep, wide, ugly snake pit, filled with lots of serpents that have been slithering together for a long while.

When we detected that there was a cleanup on aisle state and local… we see that many wolves in sheep’s clothing are being exposed. And some are just wolves, threatening and chasing as wolves do and among these are Jackals. As Lin Wood always says… “Do your homework, you decide.”

Corruption begins on a local level, and they never stop with just the black mail… it always runs deeper with all the bells and whistles of “Crimes against humanity”, as in the case of a Cape Coral Councilman, Dan Shepherd who the night when Hurricane Ian was whipping up and about to hit and rain was quickly flooding the streets, he received a phone call telling him that Ian was about to hit and his home was in the path where it would be hit the hardest. He was told by the mayor’s office to get down to the City Hall fast with his family. So he did just that. When he, his wife, their 12 year old son and family pet got there, they were denied entry because he did not have a security pass, as required by the city manager Roberto Hernandez. Of which they were now stuck outside with streets flooding to the point there was no driving away and they were outside as the water was rising and the wind was whipping up.

image 232

This was a scene from out of a Hollywood film.  They were stuck and left to die in the Hurricane or figure out where to go if there was anywhere to shelter at all?  When suddenly, from another building a man came out shouting to them as he ran to them and led them into another Cape Coral government building where the city workers were. That man was the Public Works Director, Michael Ilczyszyn.  The family had no sooner been sheltered and the storm kicked up into what was then national news as it ravaged Southwest Florida. Pay close attention as later this man becomes the temporary City Manager in what I am now calling “Coral Gate”.

image 233

Now the city manager who denied the entry of Councilman Dan Shepherd, Roberto Hernandez, had also denied any of the trained search and rescue teams to go out as it was not safe, so the community residents did their own search and rescues. Of which as soon as Ian had passed through, Councilman Shepherd was out searching those on his list. As the 311 call lines were taken down the day before by some sort of lack of wisdom on the part of the City Manager who was preparing the city for safety. In fact it all stayed locked down until two days later when Governor DeSantis brought in military and FEMA. It was only then that the city manager Hernandez decided to allow the Cape Coral First Responders to also go out and search. The way this was all handled was terrible according to those who knew what was taking place behind the scenes. 

Enter Political Corruption as this was six weeks before the election. The mantra of “never let a tragedy go to waste” was prime in this county. The pattern that is always used, a rather rinse and repeat pattern is the spider web of the entire circle of corruption. It is weaved by political parties who always take the opportunity to side with whatever suits their political cause. As in this scenario, we find that an election was forthcoming and voting was to be in the following six weeks in the midst of the hurricane disaster. Oh what a web?? 

Fast forward….

Later, after the election the city manager’s contract was up for renewal and for a host of reasons, it was voted on to not renew. Now after this took place, a high level city department head warned the Mayor  that the City manager was going to destroy all the council members who voted him out, which included the mayor, and he threatened to destroy the city. At that time the council held a meeting and voted to give him his severance and fire him, removing him from the remainder of the contract.  After that Hernandez hired a lawyer and threatened to sue the city unless they paid him a large amount of money, and wrote a letter of apology for firing him. If not, he was suing for more money and it would cost the city into the million(s) of dollars. This is what is legally called by attorneys as a “shakedown”, and obvious black mail and a criminal offence. But this is how corruption works. Read: Report: Former city manager’s allegations of discrimination, retaliation, unsubstantiated | News, Sports, Jobs – Cape Coral Breeze

The entire circle of corruption is a web, weaved by political parties who always take the opportunity to side with whatever suits their political cause. As in this scenario we find that under the  circumstances of a pending lawsuit, the council was quiet on the matter. It was then that the “Tavistock” style using the media as a weapon to establish a “guilty until proven innocent” (only for select members of the city council that is), was implemented. But in this case, it was so sloppy that it was obvious that the ex-city manager was disgruntled and planning a coup. Complete with political election interference. As the election had just ended, and new council members were sworn in, including a new mayor.

image 235

So as Coral Gate progresses…

After time passed and the council did not agree to the terms Hernandez demanded in his shake down letter from his Attorney, or rather the demands that would drop the threat of a forthcoming lawsuit, his attorney extended the deadline’s time date so they could reconsider or else it would cost them 1.4 Million Dollars?  And they did what appeared to fit the terms “Blackmail”, “Extortion”, and “Shakedown”, openly and publicly for the world to see. Yet, not a SINGLE NEWS SOURCE CALLED IT WHAT IT WAS, NOR DID THEY SAY IT LOOKED LIKE IT COULD EVEN REMOTELY BE a shakedown, blackmail, or extortion? Now that is Tavistock system control in action!

You just can’t make this stuff up!!!

And then, after all of that, an anonymous letter was sent to the state to remove a council member from their newly elected seat, after the lawsuit was in process by the disgruntled city manager, Roberto Hernandez. The charges were sent to the Governor’s office, of which the Governor said there was no wrong doing. Now the ones who were in the shadows doing this didn’t like that answer and went full throttle to create a plethora of false accusations. And out of that, came an investigation to determine if there was any validity to the “anonymous letter”, that should have been dropped as Sunshine Laws in the State of Florida. But, it did not.

Read: Cummings’ attorney: Allegations ‘false, defamatory and legally erroneous’ | News, Sports, Jobs – Cape Coral Breeze

So out came the little grubby minions to do their part to unseat, and bear false witness. Oh, this is long, deep and sloppy and as I said… you just can’t make this stuff up. You have an angry political opponent of the winning Mayor, named Shadrach, who after losing the election, appears to now be steamrolling a push to unseat council members and acting as though he were even seated higher than the elected mayor, sending emails of how they are to do things, or else… and his own wife is out doing nefarious things that are now all over social media… and made the headline news by being the one who drove the vehicle in a Highjack blocking a man from driving off and threatening him if he dares and tries and or hits her car that is blocking him. It sure appears to be ANTIFA style. Oh and the surveillance cameras on the grounds caught everything… complete with her giving the victim the middle finger and her copartner in crime Julia Bartlett, with three last names, banging on his window and threatening him because he did what exactly??? Why did they do this to the man in his 70’s?  Because he was a friend of Council Woman, Cummings.

image 236
Surveillance footage of John Karcher blocked by Michelle Shadrach, wife of the losing mayoral candidate and Julia with three last names Bartlett at Karchers truck window threatening him.

So here is the link, complete with ANTIFA type minion truck highjacking of an elderly man who just happened to be a member of a Republican affiliation and a friend of the Council woman under attack, Council Woman, Cummings.

Watch video of news report here:

After his complaint made the news, victim John Karcher said, “Sometimes as hard as you try your point is not made clearly in a news report. NBC 2 reported the sound bites today and did a good job, but I would like to hit the real concern clearly for which I filed charges with the Cape Pd.

After the Republican club meeting on 4.25, 2 people decided to hold me against my will saying they wanted to talk to me. There was plenty of time to speak to me in public in the building when the meeting ended. They elected to take a premeditated approach that I was told is illegal. They asked a member what Vehicle that I drove.

You can clearly see in the Video as soon as I left the building and went to my truck they quickly blocked me in and refused to move. I asked repeatedly that they move but they refused. Julia beat on my window and door as Michelle flipped me off and dared me to pull forward and hit her car. I filed charges with the Cape PD in hopes that no other senior citizen experiences this.”

So there you have it. The only ones who have the right to their opinion… are the ones who are doing the false witness to attack the innocent. All part of the minion playbook. We have all been watching these type of situations ad nauseum for a very long time. We have it down now and we all know the drill.

And as we dig around, we learn that the “whistle blower” who wrote the anonymous letter was none other than the same one “Julia with three last names” who banged on the elderly man’s window and threatened him.

image 239
John Karcher’s friend, Council Woman Patty Cummings.

This was officially discovered, or shall I say claimed by Julia with three last names, as she made her rounds telling people that she was “the one” while at the Lincoln Reagan Dinner where President Trump was speaking. As the whistle blower whose name is Julia Bartlett (who also goes by two other aliases) told a LARGE NUMBER of people that evening who were not just witnesses to it, they were victims of having her attack their tables with that information while they were minding their own business and trying to enjoy the event.

Are you seeing why I’m calling this “Coral Gate” yet?

It is now known that while people were trying to listen to the speakers, the anonymous letter writer went from table to table telling people she was the whistle blower and Council Woman, Cummings was guilty of all sorts of things. Well, apparently that didn’t work so well for the whistle blower, for these people let Council Woman, Cummings know what she (Julia with three last names) did. Now what makes this so sloppy is this same film footage showing Council Woman, Cummings calling her out was used as vital evidence against Council Woman, Cummings by the attorney named Sprout who was hired by the mayor who submitted it as evidence. However… it does not appear to be evidence to support any wrong by Council Woman Cummings. It more clearly shows evidence to support the attacks on Council Woman, Cummings as in the footage she points toward when she clearly states is a large number of witnesses who have told her what Julia with three last names had said to them, and offered to testify that this woman did this. Obviously the Attorney Sprout didn’t investigate very well. Or maybe, Sprout didn’t think anyone but the council would ever see this footage?  Who knows?

This entire thing is a sloppy, mess, performed by amateurs in “Epstein” style shake down politics. But, it is now obvious they have a support team that is above them… and it appears that on a municipality level that support team is about to be exposed as there are many people coming forward who have their sides to the story that have not yet been heard and now pieces of it are coming out.

Read: Updated: Cummings’ attorney asks city to close residency complaint; investigator says cooperation has been lacking | News, Sports, Jobs – Cape Coral Breeze

image 238
Council Woman, Patty Cummings

 And now, it appears that Council Woman, Cummings has come forward to tell her side of the story. And now the video of her side can be found here…

This is just heating up. And is a prime example of how corruption works on a local level. This is just beginning… so now we have a disgruntled ex-city manager who was an employee, he was not in an elected position. Who this disgruntled employee, Hernandez met with Julia with three last names, who somehow emerged as Attorney Sprout’s key witness against Council Woman, Cummings. Julia Barlett the star witness who we also learn from the video had threatened to “destroy” Councilman Cummings if she did not give her a job in the City. The same star witness Julia or whatever name she is using today, also threatened Council Man Dan Shepherd if he did not get him a job in the city. And is the same key witness who instead of Bartlett, used the name Julia Ettari, (she has three to choose from), and now appears to be the same one who made an anonymous complaint after the disgruntled city manager sued the city, and after meeting with the disgruntled ex-city manager and writing an anonymous letter, told influencers at the “Lincoln Reagan Dinner” where President Trump, Michael Flynn and others were speaking, that she was the whistle blower, i.e. anonymous letter writer, in an effort to defame the character of Council Woman, Cummings.

What is obvious here is that this is a political coup, as another council member has been drug into their name dropping who is up for re-election, which now lends the appearance of election interference. This is the same man who was left outside by the City Manager, with his family as Hurricane Ian was beginning to hit in their City of Cape Coral. Now keep in mind… this was the location also of the “City Shelter” for people who needed a safe place during the storm. He was called by the mayor and told it was not safe, get down here now, and turned away by the city manager’s order when he arrived. Remember that. It means something here and soon we just may find out exactly what and why.

image 237

This Tavistock type of attack on aisle state and local is taking place across the entire nation. What success or failure these state and local attacks have will directly affect the entire justice system of the entire nation. This is all part of the playbook on how to destroy a government from within. It’s time to expose the minions who serve masters at a lower minion level for a handful of coins on local levels for the dirty tricks they do.

I’m calling this the imbecile version of Epstein and MI6 take downs. They are sloppy, but appear to get the same results… unless bold and brave people stand up and call them all out. In the manner we are watching Lin Wood, Kari Lake, and President Donald J. Trump! And now a Council Woman named Patty Cummings in little ole Cape Coral, Florida.

And while we are at it, there is a little town in central Illinois who are now having parents ask… “What the heck are furries?”  It appears their little town of 29 thousand has now had their high school infiltrated with the furry bug.  We told you it would happen. Were you listening?

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God!  Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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