Today’s Dots…. It’s All About The Dots!

It’s time to see what new information connects to what!

If you have a good memory and know how to recall and discern, or files filled with historic research… you are able to connect a lot. If not… you can yet begin today!

Tip – look for patterns for nothing is new under the sun and history repeats itself. Ecclesiastes 1:9 “That which has been is what will be, That which is done is what will be done, And there is nothing new under the sun.” 

All you need is a memory marker and the new dots and see what connects. If you haven’t done your own research, you may not see the patterns as your memory has no memory marker. But, you can still check these out for what they are. Begin building your memory banks. Nothing in… nothing out… lots of data in… lots of dot connecting. Some dots are not dots. Some dots are actually spots. Spots are misshaped dots or untruths. Spots are fake lies and disinformation…also known as psyops. So, spots are only good to spot as lies from liars and fake news. Spots can sometimes be useful dots when you see that they are spots and psyops.

Jonathan Cahn connects the dots in Barbie to “The Mystery Of Barbie, Ishtar, and Smashed Babies!”

So connect the dots and remember to also discern spots for you gain clues from spots, even though they are psyops. Some dot connectors gather all the spots so they can see the lies. Knowing the lies is also good for seeing the truth. Keep the two separate…don’t confuse the two. i.e. dots connect the truth; spots hide the truth.

President Trump retruthed an article from “American Thinker” that pulls the lawless ones rug out from under them. The title is:

It’s time to prosecute the prosecutors

By Don Brown

Excerpts: “The farther we drift from the constitutional rule in this country, the less shocking the shocking will become.

“Afraid your opponent might beat you at the polls?  Is his rhetoric a little too hot to handle?  No problem.  Just prosecute him.  The Russians, Venezuelans, and Cambodians do it.  So why not the Democrats?  The ends justify the means, say the Marxists.

The Democrats over the last eight years have pushed the envelope ever closer to the unthinkable.  Never let a crisis go to waste, as Rahm Emmanuel famously advocated.  The Democrats create their crises, and then create their own heavy-handed, unconstitutional solutions to the crises, with the ultimate aim always the same: more power.

In other words, set the fire, and then solve it by pouring on the gasoline. Read full article: It’s time to prosecute the prosecutors – American Thinker

image 188

That being said, President Trump also announced a change in plans for the news conference slated to take place on Monday regarding a release of election fraud evidence. The new fourth indictment has brought about a new approach that will place all the evidence of election fraud in formal legal filings in Atlanta. In court it is presented, filed and hard evidence. He will prove his case directly in one of the states he knows has committed election fraud. It is genius. BOOM!

image 185

More dots… it’s a war!

China tells Biden, it’s war if you continue to fund Thailand, oh and they are very angry about Guam too.

China’s nuclear forces include space based weaponry. Think Wind Fire and scalar weapons! Wuhan and their Huawei 5-G, 6-G and beyond! Like president Trump said, “The ‘plague from Chy-na’ should have never happened.” It all came from CHY-NA!

Chy-na has all the missile defense toys that the Pentagon has… and weather war toys too! They make very hot Wind Fire!

A few days ago we touched on the Pacific West military maneuvers when outlaying the mess in Maui… but now it’s time to dig a little deeper in what has been taking place while all eyes were on indictments! Long before the “Wind Fire Climate Change gods” struck Maui, China was already threatening the US with retaliation if they continued their military goals of placing a US Missile Defense System in Guam and arming Thailand.

Meanwhile, the Joey Avatar regime in the bankrupt District of Columbia, aka: USA, Inc., is out for lunch and appears to be spending its last dimes on trying to destroy the world because if they can’t have it nobody can. What else would you call this mess? Where is General Charles Flynn? Why isn’t he reporting on what is taking place in the West Pacific China situation? After all he was promoted by Biden to run the entire show from the military base in Hawaii … or was he? What went wrong? What caused the Wind Fires? Was it climate change or Chy-na? Was it our own rogue military? Was it Russia, Russia, Russia? What was it?

No matter what the truth is, the scripts sent to fake news are still calling all this new weaponry Nukes! They pushing climate change and not talking about the space based weapons they call missile defense systems, that cause all the weather wars, earthquakes, and now wind fires. They want you all to believe that these world wide fake natural disasters are out of the blue, and due to their pea brain garble (propaganda campaign) about climate change.

On the other side of the dots… China has future plans so the likelihood of them going full suicide and trying to nuke the planet will not serve their goals. Especially knowing retaliation will be swift and there goes their other projects… and they would kiss goodby to their “Starchitecture”. They love building cities.

image 186

The city of Dezhou in the north-eastern province of Shandong now brands itself as “Solar Valley”, a renewable energy centre intended to rival California’s Silicon Valley. At its heart is the Sun-Moon mansion, a vast fan-shaped office building powered by an arc of solar panels on its roof.

image 187

This was the brain child of Huang Ming, aka China’s “sun king”, an oil industry engineer turned solar energy tycoon who heads the Himin Solar Energy Group, the world’s biggest producer of solar water heaters – as well as purveyor of sun-warmed toilet seats and solar-powered Tibetan prayer wheels.

So connect the dots…or add them to your dot list as these dots will be useful later. For now, it shows me… China is a builder and wants everyones technology and of course they desire to make lots of money and to conquer. But communism hasn’t allowed them to have a happy society with the same freedoms that the rich have been able to fen shui for themselves.

That being said… who is causing this war of the nations? It’s not the BRICS… so who is it?

Update from Ricardo Bossi Australia One Party…..

More updates from Ricardo Bossi: AustraliaOne Party – Next Phase of Operations (18 July 2023) (

image 189


Big dot…. save it for later if you aren’t sure where it goes.

Then this dot…

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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