Time For A Commercial


As the show gets more intense and we head into the final part of the movie, AKA “The Grand Finale”, it’s time to load up on popcorn and perhaps while you’re at it, take the dog(s) out.

It seemed like this was a good time to have a moment of pause and watch a commercial. This one is for animal lovers. Especially during COVID and CHAOS.

This commercial has to do with a question I had. It wasn’t a random question, it came about because I am dog sitting for a very big dog. The question is…. Why is it that BIG DOGS love to block the hallways, entryways and lay down right in your path so the only way to maneuver around them is a pretzel twisting balancing act to get to the other side?

image 69
and injuries and match them with

Sometimes our remedies become another obstacle….

image 70
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Even when you demand they move, they just look the other way.

And just when you thought one dog was a problem….

image 73

And then there are other issues with our furry pets….

Great Dane Has Simple, Funny Solution To Wanting To Peer Through Blinds -  Digg
time for a commercial
When you go into the kitchen, why do big dogs always do this?

And this…

How Often Do Pets Cause Trip-and-Fall Injuries? | PetMD

All I can say is…WHY?

Block the hallway? Some big dogs are the Hallway!

image 74

And sometimes I wonder just what goes on inside the minds of the little dogs heads? I think so do the Big Dogs.

image 71

Little Dogs get spoiled by their owners. Just admit it.

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Maybe that’s why Big Dogs block hallways and door ways? To get some of that little dog attention?

And now we resume to our regular propaganda programming in the final episode of WORLD WAR III.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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