In the midst of the battle in wicked evil days, God is always a light that shines and gives joy and peace to those who praise his name…Oh Lord God Thou Art Holy!

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So in the midst of COVID CHAOS and the SATANIC WW3, let us rejoice in the Name of the Lord our God! Strengthen one another and rejoice for the Lord has Sent His Holy Spirit to Comfort and Protect His People! BLESSED ARE THEY WHO COME AND GATHER IN THE NAME OF THE LORD!

Below I present three categories of choices we can strive to be a part of. The first one is to follow the example of those who trust in the Lord and praise God. The second are those who want to kill, steal and destroy. The third are those who want to blame, control and punish others with their own form of lawlessness based on their own judgement.

Check out the different categories and decide who has peace, who has a sense of direction? Who is God smiling on? Who has the best chance of surviving the storm we are in?

The first category: View those who gather in the name of the Lord with faith that God will provide for and protect them. They strengthen one another and worship God in joyful praise as they instruct one another how to stand against the wiles of the devil and put on the whole armor of God. They share how to call on the power of the Holy Spirit for comfort, wisdom, strength and protection.

The second Category: Taking place at the same time, are those who desire chaos and destruction and gather to do much evil in darkness.

These are those who do the wicked bidding of the great merchants who desire to kill, steal, destroy all who are of God, and all that is of law and order. They are guided by demonic forces that dwell within them to do great wickedness.

GOD IS NOT THE AUTHOR OF CONFUSION AND HAS NO PART IN THE CHAOS OF THE DARK SIDE. You have no peace, no joy, no comfort, no love, no direction following chaos. You have fear and torment, pain and misery. No direction. Once they conquer their space, they destroy that as well. We saw it in “Chaz”.

The Third Category: These are the blind who seethe with rage at every turn. Seeing not and hearing not…they know not any joy nor peace. They thrive on their own self created chaos and self-righteous madness. They feed off the energy of their victims.

These types suffer miserably in the darkness for they have chosen to be the complainers, the blamers, the fault finders and the ones with the beam in their own eyes who put their faith in their own hands and their own devised thoughts, lusting unceasing for power to force their demands and opinions onto others. Sociopaths and bullys. Troubled souls that need the Lord. Some have lost their minds and others may be pulled out of the fire, hating even the garment upon them. Tough stuff…but with God all things are possible. It takes a special person to get through to these types and full armor, fasting and much prayer.


What do you think of these three divisions of behaviors in people? Which category are you attracted to? The first, the second or the third? For me it is a no brainer. I choose the Light of The Lord and His Divine Protection! I will gather with those who share the joy and knowledge of the Holy Spirit and stand together in building one anothers faith so we will run and faint not. I want no part of the darkness nor any who are blind! Keep me in the protection of the Holy Spirit and let me always stand in the light of the Lord’s protection and mercy, Amen!

The choice is yours. You can praise God with those who gather, filling up your heart and soul with joy and comfort, empowered by the Holy Spirit; or you can run for your life to and fro in the midst of chaos in the streets chanting evils to your own souls self cursing. You can also choose to be outraged, blaming others for your own misery, pointing your fingers in judgement, slapping, tearing up property, shouting they all be stoned unless they do what you say.

What is good? What will God stand behind and support? Where do you want to be? You have the choice. Make it a wise one.

THAT BEING SAID, HERE IS SOME MORE REALITY. These people, whatever their real names are, have no self- control and they desire to control something, so they focus on YOU!

Disclaimer: The name Karen is a beautiful name, and has sadly become the term coined for complainers and people who freak out at others with rage and without self control. It was started somewhere along the line of chaos by someone, most people don’t even know how or why it started. But, rest assured, I am told that no real Karens were harmed in the filming of these videos.


The term “Karen” is a psych weapon. It is a propaganda tool devised to create “White privilege” behavior disorders. The crazy mental behavior they attach to it, is a propaganda tool for the NAZI left. Designed to instill in your minds that whites are self serving and bad for society. They need re-education camps. The real truth is, the very same behavior can be found in males, children, and all nationalities. So don’t buy into the subconscious mind control game that the so named “Karens” of the world equal White Privilege…it’s time to identify these people for what they really are. People with mental issues and personality disorders. And some are paid crisis actors for propaganda videos. Read more on the origin of Karen here: Karen – Dictionary.com


We have one way out of the lawlessness and chaos and that way is to stay in the light. Pray unceasing and Praise God giving him the glory always!

Karen Wheaton has a gentle, yet powerful manner in sharing the truth of the Word of God. She shows how to know the weapons of the enemy which among those are doubt, fear, and lies. upon lies, upon lies! Choose to seek the truth or believe in a lie. We each have free will….how will you choose?

Believe…. stay strong and never stop pressing forward in the name of the Lord!

Galatians 6:9 King James Version (KJV)

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

Faint not…never give up! If the enemy can steal your hope and cause you to faint, he will have stolen your faith. Keep on pressing forward into the Kingdom!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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