The Journey Continues…

What road are you on and what company are you choosing to keep?

How many of you are sick and tired of hearing “It had to be this way…” “Don’t worry this is all part of the plan?” ” People have to go through it in order to see it?” and even “Enjoy the show.”

I am sick and tired of hearing all the above. My eyes see the lies, it sees the truths, it sees the shams, it sees the chaos, it sees the take downs, and the losses…and the lives that are thrown to the wolves merely because they followed the wrong people and listened to the lies and wrong interpretations…. and the worse are those who listen to the riddles and those who look directly at the wolves as they tell you they are for you and believe them and support them all the way to their own demise.

In pondering the question “why?”, the answer appeared to be … it is because they enjoy the company.

You see, not only did the lockdowns and COVID make it easy to stuff ballots and commit election fraud, it made it easy to infiltrate the sheep. Just like it was planned in the Lockstep Program Book. It worked like a charm. A magic charm. A spell casting charm.

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What happened to tangible proof of truth? If you ask an intelligent person what happened the day the twin towers fell, the 9/11 truther can prove the legitimacy of their position. They can produce videos and articles for you, and if they’ve actually done their homework they’ll be able to show you the facts about physics, forensics, architecture, chemistry, and plot holes in the official narrative. Maybe even produce old clips of the Japanese Parliment discussing the dynamics of the Bush lies in his BS explanation of the planes, the planes and the Pentagon plane story falling apart with the evidence showing pictures of a hole the size of a missile going through where gullible sheep believe a plane made that small opening.

If you ask someone with the ability to think for themselves about the JFK assassination, you’ll get another list of truths. But if you listen to the ones following riddles.. you will get some off the wall ideas like JFK is still alive because some grifter podcast said so because Q said it…. at least it was decoded as saying it? And we have pics floating of an older Veteran whom Trump is respectfully addressing with captions saying JFK is alive.

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Recall trust the plan…. Sessions is the man…you’ll see. Meanwhile Trump said, “Sessions should have never recused himself. And said in a Tweet, “Attorney General Jeff Sessions has taken a VERY weak position on Hillary Clinton crimes (where are E-mails & DNC server) & Intel leakers!”  And followers of trust the plan threw facts out the window…facts like when the White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told Fox News that the president was “frustrated and disappointed” with Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia probe. But, hey trust those following the plan and ignore what Trump tells us openly.

These are just a few of the many, many ridiculous things that people listened to and mathematically decoded to mean whatever they decided it all meant….even when other real live factors got in the way…. pay no attention to truth and facts…trust the plan and sit down.

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Well now we are in the middle of a war of psyops left and right and no one wants to do their own research anymore and they are sitting back trusting the plan…. and there is a plan and it is a psyop and Trump is telling us truths along with clues… and he is playing his cards his way… and so… what are we doing? How many are investigating on their own? Taking it all to the Lord for discernment? How many know how to read between the lies? How many have to see a thousand pictures of a fake president doing fake videos on a studio set, where you see the walls, lights and cameras and still say it’s real?

How many really believe that Trump and the white hats are putting Americans through hell, bad jabs, death, starvation, mandates, tax hikes, gas hikes, etc. just because we have to see it and feel it in order to wake up?

How many are there who are buying into the garble that those who see what is taking place must suffer because of all of those who still have to wake up? So trust the plan?

I call and have called Bull on this. However, there is a war taking place and the military is split, President Trump never conceded, the White House is empty, Biden is wandering around like a dementia patient and or a bot, or a double…. while Pelosi et al look different than they did before the show started… and nothing is as it appears.

It is a fact that In-Q-Tel is a DARPA, CIA program and all social media and IT/computer technology including NSA programs operate under their direction. So does the block chain technology.

That being said… it’s time for everyone to do their own research or heck…just sleep and go through the wide gate and follow the road show sheep down the big fat wide path.

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How about checking out this thread, will you?

Life is short and getting shorter by the minute. We are watching chaos in our faces and the entire world is under the same psyop and people are dying to the left and to the right. This isn’t a plan to follow. Anyone who follows blindly and says “trust it” …is not telling you the facts and the truth is not in them, be it in the church, a rally, social media, fake news, podcasts, or political source…let alone the government.

But, watch the cowboy boots and zoom in on the hat as they tell you “It had to be this way … trust the plan… this is the only way people would wake up. They had to kill people with toxic jabs and they had to destroy peoples lives world wide so they would wake up…so relax and they will hold your hand when it’s over…?????”

Good grief does anyone really HEAR WHAT THEY ARE TELLING YOU? I sure do and all of these are not on the good list. These are grifters getting paid to deceive you all in a nice way. For people who want to be deceived nicely. They even have nice deceptive road shows for people who want to learn and get along with everybody…and be deceived nicely.

It is an individual choice. Each must think, feel and choose. No one can do that for you. Meanwhile… MANY ARE TRYING…PSYOPS ARE ALL AROUND YOU. As they say… DONATE TODAY so they can continue to do what they do! Will you? Many will because they enjoy the company, or so that’s what the tiny dragon said.

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!!!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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