The Gnostic Serpent of Old

Some have their reason in thinking, others in feeling.
Both are servants of Logos, and in secret become worshipers of the serpent.
~Carl Jung, The Red Book, Page 280.

We are now most all aware that we are in the midst of a Spiritual Warfare unlike anything we have ever thought possible to experience in our lifetimes. The days of the early mind control research and studies go back before the flood to the Serpent in the Garden of Eden. That is when Eve was first approached with the fallen one’s beguiling weapon of his ability to tell a convincing lie. Since that day, the lies have not ceased, they have increased and followed mankind throughout all the ages and up unto this very day.

The Lord has warned us of this wickedness and how to guard against it by staying in the Word of God and truth. Be bold and call out the lies by exposing the truth for the truth shall set you free.

We are dealing with a force of evil no different than mankind has had to deal with throughout history, and the cunningness of his lies created much chaos even in the days of the first followers of the way and the apostles. The gates of hell have bit at the heels of every believer like hounds from hell from the beginning.

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We are dealing with people who believe in Lucifer as their god and many who believe there is no god so whatever you grab in this world is what your life is worth and why we live for the day for tomorrow we die. The entire illuminated doctrines of those who desire to rule the world and their study of mind control and how to use poisons to kill, steal and destroy are based on a religion of bringing their lucifer out into the light and a skewed analysis of the Holy Bible and ways to undermine all of its’ teachings to confuse God’s people. The apostles warned of these saying not to be swayed into following vain philosophies and deceit. Psychologist, Carl Gustov Jung, and his handwritten book titled, “The Red Book”, is one such book of a man’s own self philosophy and has its’ share of wise things mingled artfully with the serpents deceit. It was never published during his lifetime, though a few friends and disciples were allowed to examine it. It is his vision and classified and appears to have his share of occultic and gnostic inputs, along with modern day mind control called psychology.

It is said that in his later years Jung had begun to heavily deal in the occult. It is only presented here to show how those with intellect perceive their world without a belief in God. To me, it shows how those such as Klaus Schwab believe taking free will away from man will rid him from his woes. They will be happy and have nothing… he truly is sad and pathetic to believe such things, and such ideas are not from God but from the vile serpent. The same one that these worship on their poles. Listening to it is like listening to the devil’s temptations within the mind. The words sound so demonic to me, and to think these are the ones who put in place the foundation for psychology is a scary thought. But then again, these are of the same whose lifes work taught others how to do psyops on the masses.

Now, that being said, to read it is to understand vanity and the loss at the end of ones days knowing all they contributed was tricks of the easiest steps to confuse and enslave a mind already tormented. The work of Jung will be remembered for his contributions and input to the invention of the field of psychiatry and NAZI style mind control. The Red Book will give you a feeling of the love / hate craziness we experience from the so called educated oligarchs. The same who view mankind as cattle and numbers.

Excerpts from Carl Jung, Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious.

Keep in mind, this is a window into the thought processes of one who is without the Lord leading their way. This is inside the mind of man and his intellect, who one can hear is the voice of a soul who is searching for answers of the world from the world. Babel will be heard in his conversation with his self and take him into many circles of answers and blame among riddles. This is not presented as an endorsement for Gnosticism. Not at all. This is for educational purposes only. As this is the core of the illuminated ones and those who believe themselves wise and you as dumb sheep. In fact the crazy way these sorts think are no different than any man or soul thinks without God.

These deny God and believe in the illuminati lies of evolution, a big bang and all the balloons that come with it.

Carl Jung – The Serpent

More especially the threat to one’s inmost self from dragons and serpents points to the danger of the newly acquired consciousness being swallowed up again by the instinctive psyche, the unconscious. The lower vertebrates have from earliest times been favorite symbols of the collective psychic substratum, which is localized anatomically in the subcortical canters, the cerebellum and the spinal cord. These organs constitute the snake. Snake-dreams usually occur, therefore, when the conscious mind is deviating from its instinctual basis.” ~Carl Jung; Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious; page 166

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Dreams of snakes, dragons, lizards or other reptilian animals can be provocative. According to evolutionary science, reptiles were at the root of a genetic matrix from which all land vertebrate life evolved. Millions of years of biological divergence from the trunk of the vertebrate “Tree of Life” resulted in a world full of back boned animals that, despite their dissimilar outward appearance, share the same parental lineage—an encoded past locked in their DNA.  We humans share DNA with other land vertebrate life forms.

Considering the entire history of our human emergence into the animal world is forever recorded (repressed) deep within our genetic code, certain aspects of our powerful ancient animal nature may lay dormant, just under the surface of our expression.

Philo of Alexandria, impressed with the serpent’s ability to rejuvenate itself through the shedding of its skin, as well as with its ability to kill and cure (an ability which he saw as indicative of the positive and negative cosmic powers that rule the world), deemed it the “most spiritual of animals.” Along with other reptiles it has been used to refer to life in its earliest, most primordial aspects. Gnostics of the Nassene sect (nass=snake) regarded the snake as an elemental life force and imagined it to inhabit all objects and beings.

In Greek mythology, Eros, the god of love and child of Chaos, whose cosmogonic power caused “all things to mingle” including the elements which combined to form the other gods, was, in his original, primordial form, a chthonic snake. In Hindu mythology, the cosmic serpent, Sesa, supports the earth on his head and, as Cosmic Ocean, envelopes the universe. The Egyptians, likewise, regarded the snake as a being so elemental that they incorporated serpents into almost all of their symbols, but in particular, into symbols of the sun. While the serpent figures prominently in creation myths where it seems to be a metaphor of generativity and life.

The serpent, of course, is sacred to numerous gods, especially chthonian mother-goddesses. Eliade identifies Eve (and Cirlot, Lilith) with an ancient Phoenician goddess whose form was that of a snake. One thinks as well of Athena, Artemis, Hecate, Persephone, and of Medusa and the Erinyes with their loathsome, snake-hair. When the cult of the decidedly male deity Apollo usurped the matriarchal cult at Delphi, an act of usurpation mythologized as Apollo’s killing of the feminine serpent, Python, the plundered feminine serpent symbolism became assimilated to him.

In Jung’s view, “the snake, as a chthonic and at the same time spiritual being, symbolizes the unconscious.” (17) In particular, it seems to refer to “the latter’s sudden and unexpected manifestations, its painful and dangerous intervention in our affairs, and its frightening effects.” (18) Crucial to an understanding of the significance of the serpent or snake as a libido-symbol is a consideration of the biological characteristics of the actual creature. Jung stresses the fact that the snake is a “cold-blooded vertebrate” and that with it the “psychic rapport that can be established with practically all warm-blooded animals comes to an end.” (19) Like the Gnostics who identified the serpent with the human medulla and spinal cord, Jung regards the snake as the psychic representative of the profoundly unconscious reflex functions which are governed by these organs. (20)
…the snake would correspond to what is totally unconscious and incapable of becoming conscious, but which, as the collective unconscious and as instinct, seems to possess a peculiar wisdom of its own and a knowledge that is often felt to be supernatural. This is the treasure which the snake (or dragon) guards, and also the reason why the snake signifies evil and darkness on the one hand and wisdom on the other. Its unrelatedness, coldness, and dangerousness express the instinctuality that with ruthless cruelty rides roughshod over all moral and any other human wishes and considerations and is therefore just as terrifying and fascinating in its effects as the sudden glance of a poisonous snake. (2
1) — Greg Mogenson

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Without God you have nothing but vain philosophy and deceit.

“The serpent is an adversary and a symbol of enmity, but also a wise bridge that connects right and left through longing, much needed by our life.” (247)

“Why did I behave as if that serpent were my soul?  Only, it seems, because my soul was a serpent…. Serpents are wise, and I wanted my serpent soul to communicate her wisdom to me.” (318)  (This comment comes after a long dialogue in active imagination with a great iridescent snake coiled atop a red rock.)

“I have united with the serpent of the beyond.  I have accepted everything beyond into myself.” (322)

“If I had not become like the serpent, the devil, the quintessence of everything serpentlike, would have held this bit of power over me.  This would have given the devil a grip and he would have forced me to make a pact with him just as he also cunningly deceived Faust.  But I forestalled him by uniting myself with the serpent, just as a man unites with a woman.” (322)

“The daimon of sexuality approaches our soul as a serpent.” (353)

Perhaps the commonest dream symbol of transcendence is the snake, as represented by the therapeutic symbol of the Roman god of medicine Aesclepius, which has survived to modern times as a sign of the medical profession. This was originally a nonpoisonous tree snake; as we see it, coiled around the staff of the healing god, it seems to embody a kind of mediation between earth and heaven. — Carl Jung, Man and His Symbols, page 153

The serpent is the age-old representative of the lower worlds, of the belly with its contents and the intestines. — Carl Jung
Read More Serpent – Jungian Genealogy, by Iona Miller (

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press. press!


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