Shocking A.I. or Business As Usual?

A.I. is out of control? Seriously? Why I am shocked? I tell you… I’m just shocked?

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A British scientist known for his contributions to artificial intelligence has told Sky News that powerful AI systems “can’t be controlled” and “are already causing harm”. Professor Stuart Russell was one of more than 1,000 experts who last month signed an open letter calling for a six-month pause in the development of systems even more capable than OpenAI’s newly-launched GPT-4 – the successor to its online chatbot ChatGPT which is powered by GPT-3.5. Sky News

And then there is the rise of the new hero Elon Musk… filled with antics and the ability to outsmart the rest of the outsmarters in Silicon Valley the valley so low!

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Elon 2.0

Do we ever question how some people get away with things that would put other people in jail or have their property seized? Do you really believe landlords behave this way? Especially wealthy landlords? Do they really believe that we believe everything they say? Where it is obvious that the In-tel-Q Twitter has been seized, it is also obvious that the new face is indeed a NEW FACE. The take down of A.I. and Silicon Valley is a strategic operation and the fall of the cabal is a tumbling domino process.

Watch the Twits while operation “whatever” transpires and the pods tell you the same thing over and over with sources they cannot tell you of. Meanwhile, EVERYTHING taking place is being done right before your own eyes.

And it is always up for YOU to discern what is true and what is false. In Elon’s struggle to buy out Twitter we had the lies to be uncovered. Forbes put out an article clammouring over the second largest shareholder, Saudi Prince Alwaleed Becomes Twitter’s Second Largest Shareholder ( even posting a copy of a press release stating shares sold to Musk…. so it must be true…right? WRONG!

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Later the real truth came out showing he had to sell his shares in 2019 while under hotel arrest for the plot to kill the Prince of King Salman in Nevada, of which President Trump and the Military intercepted and saved the Royal Prince….and all the bantering was a ruse. See: Records show Saudi prince who rejected Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter sold all personal shares in 2019 | The Post Millennial |

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Twitter was the first A.I. to publicly fall… and it fell with a host of back story history… (Saudi Prince and assassination attempt on Prince Salman.) and when it landed… it crashed and truth was revealed… but it already had been by Leader Technologies who had sued for his stolen patents from the onset. But no one paid attention to Michael McKibben…not even Q. At least not so far. But we now know his patents were stolen by the US Patent office by the CIA and shortly after we have A.I. Social Media and data mining technology out of the Pentagon’s In-Tel-Q. But, hey we wrote about this in 2017 and my sources were Leader Technology and McKibben himself… who also had spent millions in a law suit, pleaded with Obama to get his patents back before they went app crazy… and then pleaded with Trump to sign the Miller Act. Did Trump listen? It appears he did.

None of it was hard to find… it was out there for all to see. It was just that no one was looking in that obvious direction for some unobvious reasons?? I am no whiz, and have no hidden sources… everything is out there for all to find and discern. You my dear each have the same power. So, it’s time to click the ruby slippers and take another look at that yellow brick road.

As long as you wait upon baited breathe to hear the truth from those making lots of money keeping you strung along… you will be waiting with baited breathe. Just a fact!

Know that with Big Government, fear mongering is standard procedure, but apologies are never forthcoming.

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But let’s just move on over to the National Science Foundation where the swords are forged before they are rattled and raised for war!

A few days ago they announced 7 new National Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes! Even though the A.I. Unicorn Techs are on the decline… they plan to give it new breath! Let me first translate their Universtity bla, bla, bla… Let’s decode what they are saying… it is more like “Because they care about the ideology of KM Oligarchs and all the billions and trillions invested to achieve their perfect A.I. world and because their A.I. weather modification, also known as climate change, is being discovered as a danger to humanity and people are waking up, they need to figure out how to get inside that darn brain and control the mind. Or something like that???

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And the same as their pattern to discover medical so called break throughs… they divide their project into parts and send singular parts to different labs so no one working on their part can connect it to the whole unit they are devising. For example, for cloud seeding they may set up funding and grants for one university to research nano particles, and another university will get funding for researching ozone layers, and another university will receive funding for silver oxide Hg20 and what that all does and or can do? It’s all scientific and they make it sound complicated by design.

So the average student asks what does this have to do with A.I.? Boy are you lay people old fashioned and out of touch. This is basic science you idiots. Good grief what conspiracy nuts you all are.

Meanwhile those behind the grants chuckle privately and then put on their serious face to save the planet by doling out their grants and getting universities on board collecting techies to research their own demise.

So the NSF announces 7 new National Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes to their list as a part of a broader effort to advance a cohesive federal government approach to harness opportunities and address risks associated with AI?

They stated on their government website on May 4, 2023 that “The U.S. National Science Foundation, in collaboration with other federal agencies and higher education institutions and other stakeholders, today announced a $140 million investment to establish seven new National Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes (AI Institutes). Today’s announcement is part of a broader effort across the federal government to advance a cohesive approach to AI-related opportunities and risks.

The new AI research is to promote ethical and trustworthy AI systems and technologies, develop novel approaches to cybersecurity, contribute to innovative solutions to climate change, expand our understanding of the brain, and leverage AI capabilities to enhance education and public health. Do you believe them?

They claim these AI Institutes will support the development of a diverse AI workforce in the United States and help address the risks and potential harms posed by AI. Do you believe them?

They also are behind TRAILS: NSF Institute for Trustworthy AI in Law & Society (TRAILS)

Which is led by the University of Maryland. TRAILS aims to transform the practice of AI from one driven primarily by technological innovation to one driven with attention to ethics, human rights, and support for communities whose voices have been marginalized into mainstream AI. TRAILS will be the first Institute of its kind to integrate participatory design, technology, and governance of AI systems and technologies and will focus on investigating what trust in AI looks like, whether current technical solutions for AI can be trusted, and which policy models can effectively sustain AI trustworthiness. TRAILS is funded by a partnership between NSF and NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology).

This investment is nothing new… it is just business as usual.

It involves the Department of Homeland Security and other government offices…

“The new AI Institutes are interdisciplinary collaborations among top AI researchers and are supported by co-funding from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST); U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate (DHS S&T);  U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA NIFA); U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences (ED IES); U.S. Department of Defense’s Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (DoD OUSD R&E), and IBM Corporation (IBM).

Here are some Statements from NSF’s Federal Government Funding Partners

“Increasing AI system trustworthiness while reducing its risks will be key to unleashing AI’s potential benefits and ensuring our shared societal values,” said Under Secretary of Commerce for Standards and Technology and NIST Director Laurie E. Locascio. “Today, the ability to measure AI system trustworthiness and its impacts on individuals, communities and society is limited. TRAILS can help advance our understanding of the foundations of trustworthy AI, ethical and societal considerations of AI, and how to build systems that are trusted by the people who use and are affected by them.”

“The ACTION Institute will help us better assess the opportunities and risks of rapidly evolving AI technology and its impact on DHS missions,” said Dr. Dimitri Kusnezov, DHS Under Secretary for Science and Technology. “This group of researchers and their ambition to push the limits of fundamental AI and apply new insights represents a significant investment in cybersecurity defense. These partnerships allow us to collectively remain on the forefront of leading-edge research for AI technologies.”

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I see deep fakes and rubber masks everywhere….

“In the tradition of USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture investments, this new institute leverages the scientific power of U.S. Land-grant Universities informed by close partnership with farmers, producers, educators and innovators to address the grand challenge of rising greenhouse gas concentrations and associated climate change,” said Acting NIFA Director Dr. Dionne Toombs. “This innovative center will address the urgent need to counter climate-related threats, lower greenhouse gas emissions, grow the American workforce and increase new rural opportunities.”

The leading-edge in AI research inevitably draws from our, so far, limited understanding of human cognition. This AI Institute seeks to unify the fields of AI and neuroscience to bring advanced designs and approaches to more capable and trustworthy AI, while also providing better understanding of the human brain,” said Dr. Bindu Nair, Director, Basic Research Office, Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering. “We are proud to partner with NSF in this critical field of research, as continued advancement in these areas holds the potential for further and significant benefits to national security, the economy, and improvements in quality of life.”

We are excited to partner with NSF on these two AI institutes,” said IES Director Mark Schneider. “We hope that they will provide valuable insights into how to tap modern technologies to improve the education sciences—but more importantly we hope that they will lead to better student outcomes and identify ways to free up the time of teachers to deliver more informed individualized instruction for the students they care so much about.” Read: NSF announces 7 new National Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes | NSF – National Science Foundation

So while you are waiting with “baited breathe” to hear what is going on with whatever this is and where ever it is by someone who finds it important…. remember there are also a lot of distractions used to data mine your reactions and level of gullibility. And lots of bots to drive up numbers for “go fund me while I figure out what to talk about” sites… the same as social pages. And then there are good sources. As Diamond used to say, “Don’t get it twisted.” I sure miss her truths.

Meanwhile, the National Science Foundation is taking your tax dollars to find out more how to control how you think, feel and decide things… so they can take away your mind processes which is your free will. So???? Let’s look at the show and wait to hear what someone’s boots say about that? And let’s buy into the data mining on all of these click baits. That is why we are seeing all of these crazy videos on social media. They are seeing what goes viral, who believes it, who doesn’t, what triggers action, and what people have become immune to based on shares and comments. You are their live lab rats and the world is their laboratory!

That being said….

They always fight fire with fire? They tell on themselves or do they? Do we ever ask who takes these videos showing these things?

Some things are just fun to watch….



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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