Cloud Seeding… Why Are They Now Telling Us How They Do It?

And admitting they’ve been doing it since the 1940’s? What else have they been doing?

It sure sounds like they shoved Tesla out of the picture and took his patents for themselves, and started their own testing programs. But, hey, we knew they did this along with other mysterious experiments with Tesla Technology, while pushing Albert Einstein relativity to the forefront and began splitting atoms and testing the atomic bomb on US soil in the western deserts before dropping it on Japan in world war II. It was of course classified military operations, top secret by the US government and for the greater good of all mankind. It’s always for the greater good.

Do you believe what they tell us? What exactly can we believe?

Which brings me to another question I’ve had for a long time. So I’ll just get it out of the way first. My question is….’If the fallout to atomic and or nuclear radiation is deadly and radioactive for…they tell us decades? And they use references to Chernobyl in Ukraine’s power plant in 1986 and the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 to provide insight into the short and long-term effects of radiation and thermonuclear detonation on the environment.  Read: Environmental Effects of the Atomic Bomb | Sciencing And they tell us that Chernobyl is still contaminated after 37 years now, then how did Nagasaki and Hiroshima get rebuilt and was thriving way before 37 years, which USA occupied Japan at the end of the war and began rebuilding???

Hiroshima six years after the bomb hit…. someone lied to you???

image 53
Hiroshima above after bomb. Below after rebuilding.

So I did some digging and found that many people had my same question. Many answers were given, but the consensus was the amount of radiation was different:

How come Hiroshima and Nagasaki wasn’t like Chernobyl where nobody could live on that land due to radiation?

“The answer here is complex but basically comes down to the amount of radioactive material and how it came down. In the atomic bombs both relatively small and released it in the atmosphere at very high heat disbursing it. In Chernobyl the amount of material was in many tons. The results were that larger more dangerous radiation was released.” Do you believe that?

image 54

So, knowing what we know now, and knowing how they have lied about most all things… this raises more questions. But, that is another deep dive. Back to cloud seeding and our transparent government.

Those who spoke of Cloud Seeding and weather manipulation were called conspiracy theorists, nut cases, tin foil hats, and liars.

Fact checkers said there was no truth to what they said.

Now we see they always had their work documented and you, the people, were never supposed to know it. There have been no official apologies to any truth tellers yet. And pay no attention to HAARP, or any direct energy weaponry, nor any bioweapon warfare, and A.I. ACORN stakeholder start ups are just to build economies. Joey Avatar is your president and Harris is VP and has always looked and acted that smiley way.

image 58
Have you seen these on poles or other structures? They come in many shapes and sizes.

And now from the “Weather and Climate Modification Report of the Special Commission On Weather Modification”, National Science Foundation.

There is now a big PDF explaining everything about cloud seeding and how they have been doing it since the mid 1940’s. The National Science Foundation grants, contracts, reports of which research and study are to be published and every thing. Read: Weather and Climate Modification (

image 52

The PDF was issued in 1965 and contains information on weather modification and the positives and negatives and legal ramifications. Here is a section from the document on the law.


The ramifications to society—and hence to our legal system—of the technological capability to order weather would be enormous. Even a limited capacity to modify weather poses legal problems of great complexity. Urgent as these problems may soon become, uncertainty as to the scientific capability makes the recommendation of long-range legal solutions impossible at the present time.  

“Nevertheless, the law is already involved with weather modification and it is necessary to come to grips now with some aspects of the problems. The involvement of the law with weather modification is of two kinds: the rules governing the responsibilities and liabilities of weather modifiers to other members of the public; regulation by government. As to the former, it is premature to make any recommendations concerning the rules of law which should be adopted to govern “property rights in weather,” or the liabilities of weather modifiers with respect to those claiming injury to their persons or property.

“It is to be hoped that problems of weather modification will be decided on their own merits rather than on the basis of too facile analogies to the law respecting land, water, wild animals, airspace, and the like. The few court decisions to date, while useful in illustrating the kinds of conflicts which can be expected to arise, do not give much basis for predicting how the law will develop. As the law stands, however, government contractors and grantees are subject to a risk that liability will be imposed on them for damage caused by their activities and that risk may have an inhibiting effect on participation in government programs.

“As to regulation, some twenty-two states have enacted laws regulating weather modification. Most of these statutes require licenses. One state prohibits weather modification activities entirely. While these statutes have had little effect on weather modification activities, there is a distinct possibility that they may interfere with desirable Federal programs in the future. Until recently the only Federal “regulation” was the requirement by the National Science Foundation for reports on activities already under[1]taken by operators of whose activities the Foundation was aware.

Effective January 1, 1966, the Foundation substantially increased its record-keeping requirements and imposed on all operators a requirement of advance notice to it of any activity.

“The present authority of the Foundation under Public Law 85-510 provides for obtaining—by regulation or otherwise—information, including advance notice of any proposed weather modification activities, deemed necessary to its program of study, research, and evaluation. This information is an aid to the Federal research and development effort and to the protection of its integrity. But, the lack of Federal authority to stop activities which may interfere with or contaminate Federally-supported programs renders the Federal government powerless to protect its programs from the actions of privately supported parties or state and local instrumentalities except by voluntary arrangements.

“Thus, the Commission recommends that the Federal government, by appropriate legislation, be empowered to: delay or halt all activities—public or private—in actual or potential conflict with weather and climate modification programs of the Federal Government, whether these programs are conducted for the Federal government, by its own agencies or by its grantees or contractors; immunize Federal agents, grantees, and contractors engaged in weather and climate modification activities from state and local government interference; and provide to Federal grantees and contractors indemnification or other protection against liability to the public for damages caused by Federal programs of weather and climate modification.

“These recommendations are deliberately restricted in scope, in the belief that in the developmental stage of weather and climate modification the minimum regulation consistent with immediate goals is desirable. However, it should be recognized that as knowledge develops and as weather and climate modification activities increase, more comprehensive regulation in the public interest may be required.

“Such regulation might include setting standards of professional qualifications and financial responsibility for operators, establishment of appropriate authority for determining which experiments or operations may be undertaken in the public interest, and a requirement of evaluation of activities by the operator. Finally, since weather no more respects national boundaries than it does State lines, it is hoped that early efforts will be made to delineate and study the international legal problems of weather and climate modification.” End of excerpts. Read full report: Weather and Climate Modification (

So now the truth is out. They have been modifying the weather and cloud seeding since the mid 1940’s and never telling the people who questioned any of this the truth.

In another report now easily found on line the article explains another version of the story of cloud seeding and how it was done then.

image 59
Another good article on Covid to Ukraine and Weather wars….‘Covid’ Ops: Whether the weather is part of a strategy | Futurism (

Operation Popeye

“It all started in the 1940s, when a pair of scientists from General Electric Co. were experimenting with using super-cooled clouds to stimulate the growth of ice crystals while hiking Mount Washington. The mountain, located in New Hampshire, is often called the “stormiest mountain in the world” and it’s considered a prime spot for cold weather testing. After a series of experiments there and in New York, the two researchers managed to make it rain using silver iodide bullets. They got a patent for their technique, referred to as cloud-seeding, in 1948.

“A few decades later, the US military brought cloud-seeding to the battlefield. Between 1967 and 1972, during the Vietnam War, it spent roughly $3 million each year on weather modification campaigns designed to draw out the monsoon season and create muddy, difficult conditions for enemy fighters. One campaign involved an attempt to flood the Ho Chi Minh Trail, the main route that enemy fighters were using to deliver their supplies.

“Here’s a snippet of a document from the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) detailing the campaign:

FAS weather modification documents vietnam

“The program was also known as Operation Popeye, Operation Intermediary, and Operation Compatriot. Whenever too many people would learn the name, the military would change it. Whether the program worked or not is still a matter of debate. According to the FAS, its “effects were minimal.”

Read: China Used Weather Modification to Control the Beijing Olympics (

Well now, scientists, and government experts in the cloud seeding departments are talking about it so nonchalant on the internet, one would believe we have always known and had fair and balanced conversations on this chem trail wonder and always had such transparency on the reasons of doing it all. The fact is, this information was hidden from the public, denied and forbidden to be discussed as anything the government was ever doing for real.

The picture below was from central Illinois this afternoon. It was put on social media. They just never, ever saw clouds like this they said.

image 55

Another person from the same area posted this one…

image 56

What on earth are they planning? Wonder what the weather will be like there later in the evening… or tomorrow?

So the question is this. Why after all of the years of denial and name calling and labels given to concerned cititzens asking questions about odd shaped clouds and stripes crisscrossing …. why are they now acting like we all knew and the government had many conversations about this fantastic process all along?

What is up with that?

Another question to ask is … why with the internet now almost all archived and poof gone, unless you know the exact website label… do all of the cloud seeding articles pop up just by googling “cloud seeding”? Articles back dated from all sorts of dates as though we were updated all along the way. Even information from the 1940’s, including current laws for different states on the procedures and uses of cloud seeding?

This gives the appearance of pure and simple gaslighting 101. Back date articles and announcements of advancements like it all happened and now act like it has always been open and transparent? Are we now to be called crazy for saying they never told us?

I remember how hard it was to find information on this when the internet wasn’t scrubbed. The rare gems to explain criss cross skys and cloud seeding were “Snopes” fact checked as not true, and conspiracy theories. So now that it has obviously been declassified and is now available for anyone to find… what does this mean? Does it mean it is now being exposed and we can have that discussion? Or does it mean they are doing it and there are now state and federal laws in place so shut up, they can and are now doing it legally?

So now we have states like Utah and Colorado who have had problems with their A.I. cloud seeding guesses like mudslides, flooding…and goop falling on land, homes, cars and wildlife. One person in Utah called it mud…they say it was raining mud? White mud on car, windshields, everywhere.

Rainmaking Experiments Boom Amid Worsening Drought – Scientific American

Florida has a new Hurricane legislation in place as well. Read: Hurricane Modification and Adaptation in Miami-Dade County, Florida | Environmental Science & Technology (

And there are lots of patents. Even on Hurricane and Tornadoe control. So far I haven’t seen any thwarting of hurricanes but we did see a cat 6 make a sharp turn in Lee County with hurrican Ian, thus saving a lot of lives. But who brewed it up to begin with? We know it was man made and weather modified to kill steal and destroy. But, why there? Why then? Who authorized this devious plot? Will we ever be told? This was a weather war. It had all the hallmarks of someone pushing it in and someone fighting to push it out. Nothing about it was natural. And don’t hollar climate change. The only climate change taking place is man made weather wars. That is very obvious at this point of the show.

Read about hurricane patents: US20030085296A1 – Hurricane and tornado control device – Google Patents

Pray unceasing and stay strong in your faith. This is quite the time to be alive and awake. Question everything. Discernment comes from questioning and asking the Holy Spirit what things mean. Sometimes the answer is to look and see… read the scroll and look and see!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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