Unicorn Valley is Fallen is Fallen!

DOOMED FROM THE STARTUP! The illussion is the only part that is real!

Clawing back our nation? Or just laying out the truth? When the Joey Avatar Administration’s Attorney General speaks and tells way too much, are we listening?

AG Merrick Garland said this of January 6, 2021: “The Justice Department has conducted one of the largest, most complex, and most resource-intensive investigations in our history. We have worked to analyze massive amounts of physical and digital data. We have recovered devices, decrypted electronic messages, triangulated phones, and pored through tens of thousands of hours of video. We have also benefited from tens of thousands of tips we received from the public. Following these digital and physical footprints, we were able to identify hundreds of people.

What’s up with the unconstitutional boldness of the NSA?

And do you remember when DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz recently said, “More than 3.4 million search queries into the NSA database took place between Dec. 1st, 2020 and Nov. 30th, 2021, by government officials and/or contractors working on behalf of the federal government.”  The result was “more than 1 million searches of private documents and communication of Americans that were illegal and non-compliant,” and over “10,000 federal employees have access to that database.”

So do they get to do this on all of us because of the Patriot Act, or just because they can?

We now know that hundreds of so called “stakeholders” in the Lawfare network joined forces with hundreds (if not thousands) of people who became staff researchers for a weaponized Congress.  Hundreds (if not thousands) more social media background agents then poured thousands of hours into feeding private information to the DOJ, FBI, J6 Committee and all of their hired staff working on the project.

Below is an example of Lawfare media propaganda in favor of democratic views. Take what is said, and know the opposite is closer to the fact. Also know that there is no such thing as Republican and Democrat. It is all by selection and difficult to determine which person when voted in will not be compromised by bribes, threats and blackmail. It was the democratic appointments such as during the Obama regime that padded the liberal courts whose views were controlled by… lawlessness. This is what happened to the 9th disctrict courts that led to the more in your face boldness of mass lawlessness nationwide in the judicial court system. Remember also that politicians are appointed by those who desire a global world order ruled by those behind the veil.

These are the same ones who control the economy, big banking, A.I., Big Pharma, Big Food, Hollywood, the big literary arts field, big corporations, Wall Street, the military industrial complex, United Nations, European Union, Vatican, and all the UNICORN tech company start up venture capitalists. And mis and dis information campaigns.

This is the nature of the corrupt beast we are fighting. There is no place clean. Remember who owns the media.

That being said, UNICORN Tech Company start ups are down world wide! Why is this? Has there been a shift of sorts?

Funds are drying up… there is an inflated assessment of the market and broken revenue models.

Why is that?  Looks like the UNICORN project is falling, is falling.

For those who haven’t read our earlier blogs on UNICORN start up companies… here is a good refresher source.

A unicorn company, or unicorn startup, is a private company with a valuation over $1 billion. As of April 2023, there are over 1,200 unicorns around the world. Popular former unicorns include AirbnbFacebook and Google. Variants include a decacorn, valued at over $10 billion, and a hectocorn, valued at over $100 billion. Download the full list today to see each company’s valuation, investors, and more here: The Complete List Of Unicorn Companies (cbinsights.com)

They report it is due to economic uncertainty.

The truth is the entire UNICORN tech company start up at a rapid pace happened during COVID and the worst economic uncertainty ever in history of the world. Yet, that didn’t hinder their little system. So, let’s look behind the curtain and find the real facts, which are not the ones they are reporting.

image 50

At least Palki Sharma is reporting the fact that start ups can’t just take money… they must do something too, like make some money with their start up!

Palki Sharma stated that start ups like internet companies have misjudged the market. They often talk about how big the India population is…1.4 billion people, increasing middle class, increased purchasing power, all of this is listed as an advantage and companies raise money on the potential of India as a rising economic power. As a major market place, which it is, but they have over sold it because not all Indians are buying their services.

image 48

Palki stated, “The population is over 1.4 billion, there are more than 300 million households consuming, but out of these only 10 million are responsible for 50% of all consumption. Let me repeat this, just 10 million households in the country contribute to all the consumption. And where are these households? In the top 30 cities. Look at the numbers again. This is the targeting audience for most India start ups. So the real market is in fact much smaller. And that’s what a lot of companies get wrong. CEO’s have admitted to making this mistake.” Watch the video.

My question is what mistake have they really made? Did they really expect to use the startups for the projects they stated? Were they going to use them for other purposes? Or other data tech driven ideas? They appeared to be doing fine until the Silicon Valley Bank closed and started a domino effect on the rest of the related financial UNICORN banking systems and venture capitalist stakeholders.

It appears if the UNICORNS aren’t useful for RESET data ideas … the startups now have to be real entrepreneurs and start proving they have a viable business and make it work on their own dimes. That’s what it looks like based on things the EU president Ursula Von der Leyen has said, especially when she proudly boasted of the EU’s UNICORN HEADQUARTERS grand opening in Silicon Valley and the praises rained down on other data mining pro UNICORN venture capitalists.

But that was being done in the light of day after Biden stole the election and mis and dis info was booming and Klaus Schwab and his data mind chips was a big go, and Harari and all the useless puppet heads were bobbling up and down and side to side doing their road laying for the RESET GPS tracking everything, everywhere, on everyone. India alone had over 1.4 billion people to surveil. So what could go wrong?

The startups had a “burn cash before you earn cash” concept that is the polar opposite of a main street USA entrepreneurial start up where you outlay all your cash and keep reinvesting in the business and pay day is only after you make sure all hired employees are paid first, and the business can afford to pay yourself too without stripping its cash flow needed to keep the doors opened.

image 49

Last year of the 23 startups which turned UNICORNS in 2022 only four were profitable! UNICORNS are companies valued at a billion dollars. Something is totally off on these billion dollar ideas…or their real market concept was interrupted? You decide. Since this is happening world wide… take a moment to ponder what genius(s) who earns big salaries reviewing business models for venture capitalist firms would approve such a massive made to fail “cash hand out” program for young tech memorizers who thrive on soy? It truly makes no sense.

These tech startups are being handed millions of dollars up front to do what exactly?  How many entrepreneurs with ideas to grow a business were ever handed even one million dollars in the USA with just an idea, no business plans…just an idea… before the A.I. start up revolution? 

It used to be and still is for main stream USA, that start ups had to have a sound business plan and sit with hat in hand at a bank in front of a loan officer, and cross their fingers to be approved for very small loans to be paid back monthly with interest? (No where near the shark tank type millions doled out to young grads who have an idea for another chat app?)

“In the US funding is down by 31 percent and in Europe 45 startups were dehorned”, stated Palki. “They lost their UNICORN status, and the same story in Africa. You need a leap of faith to start a company and a good balance sheet to keep it running”.

Observing from the red pill side of this show, it is apparent that funding slow downs and sell off of publicly traded tech stocks hit them all hard after Silicon Valley Bank started the domino effect on the banks. Coincidence?

image 51

The war between humanity and global tyranny is raging.

Nothing is as it appears, yet the truth is in plain sight and so is all of the corruption. Our assignment is to seek the truth and stand for God’s law and His commands. Love God with all your heart, mind and soul and love your neighbor as yourself. Accept the gift of His Son whose blood erased the sins of all who believe and follow Him. If you accept this assignment you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit to lead, guide, teach you discernment, truth and wisdom, protect and comfort you.

You will also be hated by the world, even as His Son was hated, but you shall be blessed beyond anything you could have imagined. Decline the assignment and the world will accept you, perhaps even give you some silver… a shiny new car, a big fancy house? Who knows maybe fame? But when the days you are given are over, all will have aged and faded as quickly as your time passed. Whatever is left of your fine belongings will be left for others to do with as they wish. You can’t take any of that with you… and without God, the place left to go is utter darkness where there is weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth.

Without God’s grace, love and protection, your time on earth will be filled with falsehoods, fear and lies, and you will be surrounded with the same sorts in your social yoke. You will be looking over your shoulder most every hour of your day, but then again… it was your desire to run with those in the world and to eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you die. Or some sort of mantra like that. For the common good of all? Another lie they who are their own gods told you. Sad… very sad. Alas, one more time heed the call my friends… “COME OUT FROM HER MY PEOPLE!”

Is this McConnel 2.0? Sure looks like it… either way it’s called “defeated”.

When we recall crows in the Bible…what could this possibly hint at?


Dr. Etienne Graves of ATKN and his teaching on DNA and how God can graft a person back into the tree of life. A most intriguing message.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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