ROVE STUPID – TRUE CONSERVATISM? GIVE ME A BREAK – Trump is saying what we have been yelling at our TV's!

The so called conservatives are up in arms with the Trump calling out Rove and the GOP.  What part of Trump defending his stance do people not understand here?
Rove was the mastermind behind Bush W. and lucky he didn’t go to jail over the scandals that were looming at the end of the Bush administration.  DOES ANY ONE REMEMBER?  For some reason, Fox brought the “almost went to jail” conservative on board as a pundit to talk to other conservatives????  Well, since then we have watched the “Rove Stupid” charts and listened to the “Rove Stupid” polls, predictions and other “Stupid” talk.
As far as the media, GOP, Pundits, and any conservative talk show host shouting out about bold things Trump is saying….they must not be listening to all the terrible name calling and bold things EVERYONE FROM THE GOP DOWN TO THE LEAST CONSERVATIVE PUNDIT is yelling out at Trump.
I have heard him called a Jack ass, told to go to hell and I will beat his brains out if he comes to South Carolina, among other things from presidential candidate Lyndsay Graham who has the nerve to say Trump is not presidential.  I have heard him called many names by the media, the GOP candidates and pundits galore.  I have read his death threats on the internet.  Not only the terrible name calling and death threats to Trump but to all Trump’s supporters.  The name calling against Trump supporters has been awful and very STUPID.  Totally LEFT LEANING! In fact it has been gutter type remarks that astound even hard ball liberals.
So if Trump is yelling back at the evil establishment puppets on both sides of the isle.  I say it is about time!  When Trump does this, he not only comes to his own defense, he comes to the defense of every wide awake American who wants to make America a safe place to live and a place that is great again.
I have watched the so called conservatives applaud radical Islam and unsafe borders. I have heard them all ban together as though they were insane to insure that illegal visas get more rights than US citizens. It is STUPID AND INSANE.  Which brings me to this question – name one who is not serving as a puppet and pushing the new CONSERVATIVE WORLD ORDER!  Name one for me!  Other than Trey Goudy, he doesn’t count.  He is on the side of the law.  Of all the candidates running for office – name one who is not controlled by an establishment donor who looks forward to the New World Order ideology?  They are drooling to implement TTP and other goodies.  They can’t wait for their North American Union and free trade with low labor costs. The heck with made in America – it will mean nothing any more.  It will be made in North America via India and China.
A world without borders is a world without cultures.  A world without a diversity and America will be gone.  So will any dream of being more than a worker for the tycoons.
So I applaud Trump and answer the questions for those scratching their heads – the American people who vote for Trump know the entire conservative party is about as legit any more as the GOP and all their evil scandals to rig this election.  We see it and we say – call them all what they are Donald – we have been waiting for this day a very long time!
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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