President Trump #1!

Trump, “You Know there never has been a concession. You know that don’t you?” Crowd roars!

Trump pointed out the strategic closeness of Afghanistan and China and the USA Military base. Let’s face it, this was a treasonous act and the left is trying to play it off like a blundering old fool of a president did it all by himself. Truth is this is a coup and the left has traitors running America into the ground.

China Recognised Taliban’s Islamic Govt In Afghanistan saying, “We Respect People’s Decision”…ya think? Now whose decision was it again? Trump pointed out the way Biden forged a way forward for China in Afghanistan, saying that the Biden administration had put the country and the world in a position where China is very happy. He handed over our entire military base and equipment and now China is eyeing it all.

Now Trump isn’t one to just bring up issues without a plan, and or without already having some form of action taking place. He also is not one to tell you what he is doing or planning to do about it. But, one thing is sure, if President Trump brings up and issue that he is not happy about, he is working on something to solve it. Remember HE HAS NOT CONCEDED… things are moving forward and so is President Trump! 

“I don’t know if Joe is involved,” Trump said. “But somebody is really screwing up our country. They’re destroying our country.” Donald Trump

Trump's rally draws large crowd but lacks "intense pro-Trump enthusiasm" of  past events - CBS News



The audits are successful and the fake news is trying hard to spin it into a nothing burger. Meanwhile, they are sweating bullets and have run out of anything but lies. They have nothing left but to go full blown kill, steal, destroy… and that is what they have lots of practice at. But, even the left has had enough of their terrorizing, so they are about to lose their fake corporate regime.

Keep Pressing forward! Never surrender!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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