Pres. Trump Rally & Audit!

President Trump Will Be Speaking Live At 6:00!

MEANWHILE – Live Coverage of Arizona Audit!

The Arizona Senate released its long-awaited audit report of the 2020 election in AZ. Senate President Karen Fann and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Warren Petersen received the report on the Senate floor at 1 p.m., Sept. 24, 2021, followed by a detailed discussion of its findings.

Also see: Sidney Powell on Maricopa County Audit, and the 2006 DOD Patent on Technology to Flip Votes | Worldview Weekend Broadcast Network

President Trump Knows What’s Going Down and His Speech Is Bound To Be Revealing!

While you wait, go to to 35 minutes in to watch Turning Point speeches of Trump and others.

Meanwhile, Rightside Broadcasting brings you the live coverage now!

Looks like a mother load of shove coming from Sidney heading straight for the liars den!

It’s going to be good….keep on pressing forward!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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