Of Walls and Balls – TRUMP HAS BOTH!

trump walls

Will someone please tell the media to just shut up.  Every move Trump makes gets ridiculed and each time they mock him, he gains in the polls.

Well folks,  a new poll is out and in spite of the media frenzie post debate Trump slam, and in spite of  the media harlot trashing by Megyn Kelly where she held a Fiorina’s castration of Trump episode, the new poll is out and TRUMP IS SURGING!

I mean this was a real surge.  Unlike the Fox fake surges where Fiorina is up 3% from 3% and now is at 6 % !  Trump just surged 15 points and is now at 40%!  in the WMUR/CNN Granite State Poll in New Hampshire!  Now that’s a surge!

Who Will Win NH Primary?

When asked who they think will win the 2016 New Hampshire Republican Primary, 40% think Trump will win, 12% think Bush will win, 8% think Fiorina will win, and 5% think Rubio will win. The percentage believing Trump will win the primary has increased 15 percentage points since July. This poll marks the first time that New Hampshire Republicans did not name Bush as the candidate who would win the Primary.

Meanwhile the Ice Queen Carly wasn’t as good of a surgeon as Kelly and her comrade said she was.  Trump still has all his manly stuff!  Not to mention in Europe, many nations are now building “Trump” Walls to keep the so called refugees out.  They discovered the so called refugees were not fleeing, they were invading.

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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