Obama’s Brotherhood Is Getting Trumped!

There is as much confidence in NATO protecting the world as there is in Homeland security protecting American towns across the US. It is all beginning to look like a bad rerun of the keystone cops. Who ever is planning the strategies in the middle east oil fields, and NATO’s dirty false flags, appear to be of the same mindset as those who plan and implement them on U.S. soil.
In an article by Tony Cartalucci for Global Research titled, “Turkey’s Downing of Russia’s Aircraft: Was it Coordinated with the US Joint Chiefs of Staff?” He said this:
Already, murmurs in the halls of power around the world are noting that NATO’s “victory” over Russia’s single Su-24 came at the cost of weeks of planning, absolute treachery, tremendous expenditures in political capital, and included blatant war crimes just to kill a pilot and a Marine. It is unlikely that NATO will be able to orchestrate another ambush of this magnitude, but even if it could, it would do so only to further confirm to the world the lengths it must go through to achieve superficial primacy over Russia in a conflict it has otherwise clearly lost.” Read more: https://www.globalresearch.ca/turkeys-downing-of-russias-aircraft-was-it-coordinated-with-the-us-joint-chiefs-of-staff/5493301
Does this sound familiar? Look at all the thousands of Police, the special forces, the over 400 vehicles, helicopters, etc. it took the U.S. just to catch one male and one female duo in San Bernardino. Not to mention all the disinformation and confusion that still overrides this entire event.
These are telling signs and dots that seem to connect. Obama’s comments regarding Turkey’s “right to defend itself” are not only supremely hypocritical – they are self-incriminating.
If Turkey is justified in shooting down a warplane near its borders it knew had no intention of attacking Turkish territory, then it goes without saying that Syria has every right to down Western planes who are most certainly attacking its territory. However, a different picture is emerging. One that shows NATO-backed terrorists operating inside Syria and the intentional downing of the Russian plane which is an unprecedented act of war. Attempting to execute both pilots by firing at them as they parachuted to the ground killing one of the pilots was a war crime under the Geneva Convention – and attacking rescue helicopters attempting to retrieve the pilots, killing a Russian Marine, well that was another no no.
Did the masterminds behind this really believe they could get away with it? What were they trying to accomplish? Were they hoping Putin would fly off the handle and act like a fool declaring war on the world? Whatever they expected they have reaped the opposite. The world is looking on at the war crimes and oil smuggling. They are looking at the nations who have aided the enemy financially by buying the stolen goods. NATO members are looking at the chaos in their borders caused by so-called able bodied Syrian refugees. EU members are looking at the economic strain the sanctions against Russia have created for themselves.
It’s no wonder many nations in the EU are pulling away from NATO’s sanctions against Russia and taking a closer look at the U.S.’s dictatorship to the world. As I like to say, the nations are beginning to take their crowns back and they are getting angry at the beast.
Meanwhile in America ,one man is getting flack for speaking the truth and using common sense to address the home grown Jihad. That lone ranger’s name is Donald J. Trump. Imagine the anger Obama is feeling right now to have his own either real or manufactured (false flag) event blow up in his face. Oh how he hated to have to go to the teleprompter and read the words “terrorist attack”. Well, as things continue to unfold, time will tell what the international stage decides to do. It is obvious that when push comes to shove, our own congress and senate sit on their hands and side with the furor.
So far there is only one man who has called it what it is and has a viable solution, that one is Trump. It just stands to reason that if radical Islam is killing the infidel world -wide, and doing it here….it makes sense to stop the infiltration of able-bodied male Syrian refugees. Especially when there is no way to check out their background. The only thing we know for sure is they are Islamic and follow the Quran. That is a very valuable piece of information. That means they see us as the infidel. Need there be anymore said at a time when we are at war with radical Islamic terrorists?
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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