Obama The Iman Of Kenya? Or Just Lawless In America?

A picture issued on 25 February 2008 showing US Senator Barack Obama (R) who is anointed an elder and given traditional Somali clothes by Sheikh Mahmed Hassan in Wajir, northern Kenya, on 27 August, 2006. The senator was given a camel as sign of appreciation for the visit but opted to donate it to the residents of Wajir.
At what point will congress act to remove the president who has committed treasonous acts against its people?  How much more are they going to allow before they act to impeach?
America watched Obama promote his brother, Raila Odinga, in Kenya and his Orange Democratic Party which was a party  enacting Sharia law.  The same one that ended up in a massacre of Christians in Kenya when he lost.  It was not broadcast in our media (maybe a blip here and there) because they were protecting Obama from the bad publicity.  If you recall he was in Iowa at the caucus when he made a call to Condoleezza Rice and asked her to please do what she can to ease tensions in Kenya. The massacres were so great of the killing of Christians that in the end a position was agreed upon granting Odinga a shared part in governing Kenya. (How’s that for justice?)

Obama has allowed his beliefs to shape his world view which is not one representing the American people.  He has allowed his position of power to support the Islamic radical cause by aiding the enemy and replacing military and government positions with those that share Islamic world views.  He has weakened America in  vast and numerous ways with executive orders, executive directives, mandates and forced congressional acts that have gone against constitutional rights of the American people.
This is far different than a mere difference of democratic ideals.  These are the actions of destruction.  The actions of weakening the nation he was elected to strengthen, and the actions of putting America in harms way with enemies foreign and domestic.  In aiding ISIS he has placed America in a position of being responsible for an upcoming world war.  He needs to be held accountable and removed from office immediately.  America can no longer allow a commander in chief that aids the enemy we are supposedly at war with.

At what point will congress say – “IMPEACH OBAMA”?  And if they are not, what have they been threatened with?  What do they know that we do not know?  Has America been threatened with some sort of Islamic attack?  I am just trying to figure out what this guy has on all of those in the military and within the capitol walls.  It has to be something.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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