Gaddafi Warned – The U.S. Will Hang All Of Us One By One!

Gaddafi was right. After the friend of the United States, Saddam Hussein, was toppled for weapons of mass destruction (which they never found) he declared that if this is what they will do to their friend who has helped them, (Saddam)they will come for all of you.   They will hang all the small nation leaders one by one.  Assad  laughed, as they all did, thinking Gaddafi was being sarcastic.  Gaddafi was very serious. (see video below)
Then, the U.S. friends of Egypt went in and encouraged with military aid the toppling of their government.  They put in the new democracy, but the people rebelled against Obama and Hillary’s idea of a Muslim Brotherhood democracy and they toppled the newly appointed regime and took back their nation.
Then, just as Gaddafi predicted, they put up a no fly zone and supplied their mercenary paid jihadists with weapons and watched as Gaddafi was toppled. They watched as he was drug through the streets.  They rejoiced with those who toppled Libya knowing full well they had just created more instability in the region.  They gleefully clapped and Hillary cackled boasting of their Arab spring.
Next it was on to Ukraine and Syria to finish the other topplings.  Fortunately Crimea refused to be toppled with Ukraine and returned to mother Russia. With Ukraine on semi-hold, the focus was back on ISIS, IS, and on to raise the flame up against Assad.
The Obama Regime and Hillary were ready to finish off Syria, but, congress listened to the people and did not allow another shock and awe.  Obama and Hillary continued to arm their ISIS creation, and continued to shout lies equal to those they shouted about Obama care, and all the ilk we have witnessed since Obama took office. Then the dreaded Benghazi gun running to equip their creation called ISIS went bad. They blamed a video and tried to wipe their hands, as well as Hillary’s computer.  That is still to be determined.
The plan has escalated and now Europe and the world is full of  Islamic radical extremists that they are calling refugees who are ready to do their best to rid the world of the infidel. The same refugees that their Arab Spring created.
Then  Obama’s Afghanistan droning of a hospital was a big fail.  People survived.  But not just civilians, for after hours of bombing, those who survived happened to be professionals with credibility.  Their story did not match Obama’s.  Doctors Without Borders were in the hospital and said there were no Taliban mercenaries anywhere present and there was no excuse for the bombing, especially when the hospital is a safe zone. They have accused Obama of committing a war crime and has demanded a separate investigation to look into this crime which is presently underway.  (Something obviously did not work out in that one).

It is wake up time and we need to have someone hold the warmongers accountable for their war crimes.  Gaddafi was right.  Funny no one in the news talks about the fact that Gaddafi  was setting up a new currency that would rival the dollar and the euro. Gaddafi’s plan was to introduce the gold dinar, a single African currency made from gold, a true sharing of the wealth. Libya had 144 tons of gold.  African nations were on board to take part in this new currency exchange. They would sell oil and other resources around the world only for gold dinars.  No more paper exchanges.  This would have freed them from the central bankers and opened up more opportunities for these nations.  Are you beginning to see why Gaddafi was an evil dictator that needed to be toppled?

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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