Nothing Is As It Appears Except The War On Your Mind!

No matter what you see and hear, the signs are all there that show the good guys who are out to end the lawlessness are winning!

There is truth and propaganda at every turn, it’s up to you to sort through everything you are told, and everything you see and discern what is real and what is propaganda. It isn’t always easy and nothing is on a set time clock… we are moving through time frames in the sense that… it will take as long as it takes. Like any task you perform, you could finish late, early, on time… or if something interferes… not at all. Sometimes you “abort” the mission and go in a different direction.

So there is only one to seek for the truth in any of this and that one is the Lord. Pray unceasing and fear not. Have faith that God foretold these days and God will see you through them.

That being said, here are some things that make a person think or shall we say rethink what we were told.

image 126

They said the statue of Liberty stood for Freedom. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. The truth is, it’s the people who made America Great and the opportunities set forth through the constitution and bill of rights. Not the statue in the harbor. It is one nation under the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and His Son Jesus that blesses this nation for God’s people.

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We went to the moon… landed in a “thing” that looked very different and not very sturdy, then when they finished their moon search, they got inside and lifted up with no big count down nor rocket power… and the astronauts drifted or sailed or floated back to earth…and then somewhere from the lift off of the moon, floating, drifting, or sailing it landed in a splash down in the water… it once again resembled the way it looked when it left…at least it somewhat resembled that.

image 130

And then… we did it a few more times then… time passed and they lost the technology and they were busy trying to find a way to go through the Van Allen Radiation belts.

But, when people started questioning all of this … they told us they were able to travel quickly through the weaker parts of the radiation belts to minimize exposure. And they rushed through the outer belt and they drew swirls and explained it all and people were supposed to believe all that. But they lost the technology to do it again?

image 129

But they debunked flat earth and a realm with a dome, but in their other top secret data, it all operates on a flat earth plain. But, then they just shouted conspiracy, conspiracy… and they huffed and they puffed and they blew the questioners down.

image 128

Then as time went by they had stolen a patent that had the key to social media chatting and a lot of other networking from Michael McKibbens of Leader Technology and out of no where the people at the Pentagon invented the idea of having a college kid develop the same technology that took years and years and he did it in two weeks as a lark to help his peers have fun putting their faces with chats and the next thing we know he has a thing called FACE BOOK and it’s funded by Goldman Sachs because it’s a great idea and they were willing to take the risk to get it to the next level.

Little did Zuckerberg know that his two weeks of coding would open the doors to the world of A.I. in Silicon Valley. The rest is history as UNICORN tech companies grew like poppies in the field of their dreams.

And we had the RISE OF THE MEGA-CORPORATIONS that would rapidly take over the way the world interconnected.

The new language to go with this high tech global artificial intelligence development goals was created in think tank groups so baby boomers with memories wouldn’t interfere with progress by teaching the forbidden history that the A.I. progress was out to supercede. Now all the words they chose to collaborate for a more sustainable networking were in our dictionary, but it wasn’t about the words, it was all about the lingo that redefined technological data that delivered information as identifiers of the unifiers of A.I. to identify who was in their tribe. 

Those in the “tribe” are sought after connectors and collaborators within their high tech A.I. industry, committed agents and consummate unifiers with track records to back it up. (Do you know what they are telling you yet?) They are convening partners that investigate better measurement hosting the industry’s leading industry and technology to rally support to make a safer, smarter global connection for a superior collaboration of ideas that insure the magnification of user friendly ideals connecting the globe with unlimited smart possibilities in the world of A.I.

What could this possibly mean… there are many things… but what do they tell you?

image 131

Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence Research Institute

They say, “The Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (SVAIRI) was founded in 2016 in the heart of Silicon Valley with the mission of educating the general audience and of guiding business and government organizations. We are particularly interested in the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and the Humanities.

“We host periodic salons featuring scientists, philosophers, artists, startups, linguists, mathematicians, investors and authors to discuss progress and promises of automation, from simple “deep learning” techniques (mostly used in applications of pattern recognition) to the speculative realm of computational creativity.”

“We help A.I. companies find partners in A.I. and we help investors invest in startups.”

According to many businesses they like many A.I. features, and other parts are a nightmare. In some cases A.I. has taken over the American Dream to the point… big corporations own the new entrepreneurs and the programs and apps they use can eat deep into their profits from the beginning in taking the order, to manufacturing it to shipping it. Some have said it’s like their business is like an employee to the A.I. systemized apps. Some such as Amazon eats into 30% and higher of everything the entrepreneur sells.

The new global conceptual structure enhances the reality of a world RESET and erases the old world that stands in the way of sparking the A.I. cultural revolution that tears down historic monuments and statues as it wipes away dull history like the constitution, the bill of rights, national and family heritage, genders, free will God Almighty and Jesus. Oh and all John F. Kennedy history (both Senior and Junior).

The A.I. cultural revolution is diverse in that it has the capacity to depopulate and replace the mere mortal flesh with a more superior brain that collaborators believe will enhance bio structure development that is superior in looks and optimal performance. Human emotions, and mind processes like thinking and deciding with free will is a thing of the past.

So while Globalists are busy planning their utopia world of A.I. to control what’s left of the masses they allow to participate in their transhuman chip RESET world of A.I. SMART Surveillance Cities… the freedom reports are ringing out.


Devin Nunes says the days of CNN, MSM etc. are over and it is now being replaced by the rise of Independent News!

The only ones that aren’t on board are… “THE NASTY ONES”!!

image 133

Get ready… it is all getting sorted out and the crazy people who take what can be used for good and use it for evil … well those days are about to be over!

Our President Trump and First Lady Melania will be back shortly!

We are now living through the final take downs!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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