Is Feinstein Under The Microscope?

If not, she sure should be! All roads lead to CHY-NA!

And other global things….

In August of 2022 ABC released information about the new documentary, “Murder at City Hall” which is the story of the assassinations of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk. Of which highlights Diane Feinstein and her rise from San Francisco Supervisor to its new Mayor.

Why, after all these years is their a new focus and bright light being shined down on this event? Do you really believe it is to serve some perceived anniversary? The question is, “Knowing what you know now, do you believe it was the way it was told then? Knowing how wrap up smears are done, and all the unknown secrets that just seem to never get told… what do you believe really took place?”

Not that we even need one more distraction, nor one more thing to dig around in, especially something that happened in 1978, but perhaps we do need to look into the political rise of Feinstein?

Especially after her alleged perp walk taking place after a bout with shingles that kept her hidden from the public eye for a few months.

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With all the things to document, and the COVID mandates, the stolen election, J-6, Ukraine War with Russia, The EU and DAVOS chipping away at our brains and transhumanism for all in their RESET the world boots on the ground push…why dig around in an all but forgotten nugget from 1978? The case that was solved almost instantly, then just as quickly tried and convicted, case closed and here’s your new Mayor… that case.

In one ABC write up they begin their story by telling us…”On November 27, 1978 San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk were killed by their colleague, Supervisor Dan White. The murder tore San Francisco’s political scene apart and made people question whether junk food, Twinkies, could drive someone to murder.

Some say it’s simply to stop Anti-Hate or something like that?? Not sure why they would use this case as it really lends to reopen the real things that may have gone down that we were never supposed to know but many did and some suspected?

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On January 17, 2021 shortly after the staged coup known as J-6, which we now know was an organized inside job by Pelosi and McConnel et al, Matt Baum wrote an article titled: “An Inside Job: The Alarming Parallels Between Harvey Milk’s Murder and Politicians Bringing Guns into Congress”. In the article he presents a fear of history repeating itself and takes it to a whole new level where an angry CONSERVATIVE congressional gunman could wipe out congress. Yikes???!!!

He writes, “Tell me if this sounds familiar: A conservative politician runs on a platform of opposing “radicals, social deviates, and incorrigibles,” telling his supporters that “there are thousands upon thousands of frustrated angry people such as yourselves waiting to unleash a fury.” Once in office, he clashes with other elected leaders—the most diverse collection of people ever elected to that body. His frustration growing, he conceals a gun in his pocket along with ten bullets, sneaks past metal detectors, and confronts his colleagues.”

Now althought not saying the name President Trump supporter … who else could he be referring to as a conservative politician with a platform of opposing “radicals, etc.” which is also known as deep state swamp? The article places the danger of a gun in the hands of conservatives and takes it to the level of the murders of San Fran Mayor George Moscone and supervisor Harvey Milk.

He goes on to talk about “straight white men”, black and chinese and gay minorities and paints a hate crime picture aimed at the story told in 1978 where he says, “But there was also Lee Dolson, “a conservative college professor with experience representing the white establishment,” and of course, Dan White, a former cop who represented “a largely white, middle-class section that is hostile to the growing homosexual community of San Francisco.”

He also states, “So now here we are today, with conservative politicians whipping their base up into a dangerous fury—violent bigots, furious about an election that didn’t go the way they expected, and convinced that they’ve been robbed of power to which they believe they’re entitled. They don’t just dodge metal detectors—they boast about bringing their guns to work and engineer confrontations.” Read: An Inside Job: The Alarming Parallels Between Harvey Milk’s Murder and Politicians Bringing Guns into Congress – The Stranger

So there we have it….”White establishment, bad middle class section and bad cops a defund the police type narrative? And very dangerous conservatives/violent bigots with guns!” Of course he’s bringing 1978 back…but will it come back to bite him?

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The 1978 assassinations/murders were never really solved… they were preplanned murders and played out to the public with the perfect wrap up smears by the news at the time when people always believed everything the news anchors told them. Today, it is all different and it does warrant looking back and into the Dan White pin the murder on the conservative game.

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I first heard of this tragic event in 1989, the same year Feinstein left her Mayorship and entered the United States Senate. I was in San Fran for other purposes and was shown the Sunset District and all the empty houses due to the “aids” plandemic. I was told how these homes were once worth millions and now they sit empty because of the “aids virus” ideas that it is a deadly plague and the houses are filled with it. No one wants a house after someone with aids died in it.

Now at the time, all of that went over my head as I was not following any of it and only knew what the news said about the aids and never knew anyone with it so it was all Greek to me. It wasn’t until 2008 and I was now well on my way deep in rabbit holes when Feinstein went down her memory lane about the deaths, that I began to connect the dots. That is when I questioned all things and there were many questions that the answers just didn’t add up.

Remember she ran for Mayor in 1975 and lost against Moscone. Gee????? Clue number one. Gone for two weeks, then returns, hears about Georgetown…and boom here we have assassinations and politics that eliminate a huge political problem which happened to be Dan White, who never admitted to doing any of it until he was interrogated or something like that?? It sure looked like a set up (a coup) to take out the thing that stood in someones way… allegedly it didn’t look like Dan? He was just as surprised as many others… but when they point and shout he’s the one. What do you do? What would you do? We are watching people in J-6 jail right now without a trial. Guilty because Pelosi et al said so???

Remember, Feinstein found the bodies. She blamed Dan White. She announced the deaths, gave her angle and the fake news put out the wrap up smear. Feinstein continued to give her speculations to fake news as if they were all facts.

And the news repeated all of Feinsteins opinionated propaganda as though it were all the truth. The case was tried by Feinstein to the public in the news, in a one sided manner… the very same as President Trump’s recent trial against Jean Carol who accused Trump of rape or man handling or something? The one who named her cat that awkward name….

image 119

The Dan White case has all the hallmarks of the trials we have been watching Trump go through and it’s spot on with the Jean Carroll case. Complete with one sided evidence and Trump can’t say anything they did.

Listen to the video above “Dianne Feinstein on Moscone, Milk Deaths”, listen to how Dianne tells her story, and how Dan White was a troubled man… unable to provide for his family???? He was a deciding vote on their council… and a friend of Milk? Oh Dianne tells the press what she believed happened, and even speaks words that she thinks Dan said and things she thinks he did, and gives her medical advice that there was psycho methology present in Dan White, perhaps due to junk food???? Would any of the hearsay and personal opinions that Dianne fed to the press hold up in a court of law? Would any of her medical diagnosis? Or ideas of what Dan White was thinking because she knew his thought processes by some magical ability? Well, apparently it did in the courts in San Francisco.

And apparently that same style of guilty because “I have a story of what I think to prove it” from their playbook is taking place right now with President Trump. No evidence, just a story of psychic abilities to read into the mind of the one they are blaming, and adding color to it with made up statements with no evidence… a “just because I said so… and look we have a dead body to prove it.” In Trump’s case we have a crazy woman’s fantasy story (whose not his type) to prove it.

image 118
“Feinstein said all of her side of the story while being the “acting mayor”.

It is time we all look at our past wrap up smears and find the truth. Hollywood has told us what they do and fake news is now obvious in what they do…but there was a time that Hollywood was make believe and not real and the news was acurate and a needed source of journalism so we could decide in a fair and balanced way. BOTH WERE ILUSSIONS, and the TRUTH WAS SOMEWHERE INSIDE of that big BALL OF PROPAGANDA WAX!

An interesting link to pick apart: ‘Murder at City Hall: The killing of Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk’ | Watch the documentary – ABC7 San Francisco (

The video below is a good tool to learn how to see past what you are told and what you are shown. It is a good example of how to dig beyond the surface and propaganda we are told.

Remember, in this show no one goes in or out of the Capital without being a part of the show. What is it that we are supposed to discover besides the CHINA SPY ties of Feinstein? And besides the gun grabbing attempts that she tried to accomplish over and over in the Senate? That nasty second amendment.

image 120

So what happened to Dan White?

After serving his sentence White, was released from prison Jan. 6, 1984, after serving five years, one month and nine days in jail committed suicide on October 22, 1985 at the age of 39.

image 121

He was found in a car in the garage of a house owned by his wife in San Francisco’s middle-class Excelsior district.

Officers investigating Mr. White’s death said his brother, Tom, found his body about 2 P.M. A rubber hose, they said, had been used to pipe lethal carbon monoxide into the car. ‘This Was a Sick Man’.

”We’ve said all along there were three victims in this,” Douglas R. Schmidt, Mr. White’s lawyer, said. ”Today Dan White became the third victim.” Read: DAN WHITE, KILLER OF SAN FRANCISCO MAYOR, A SUICIDE – The New York Times (

image 122

Feinstein never missed her opportunity to push her gun bills and condemn the second amendment. Will we ever discover the real things she did or was a part of?

Why are we now looking at Feinstein? Remember in 2018 President Trump called her out for her Chinese Spy driver at a rally and Feinstein retaliated on Twitter.

image 123

At this point, I want to remind you all that Trump always calls them out and he loves to get even. And he always does so in a very big way. So, why again is Feinstein back from her “shingles” outbreak and telling us she took a vaccine for it? And now is wheeled into the Capital? Watch for the hammer… I see it is ready to smash something.

And that is just the tip of the Feinstein iceberg!!!! It leads to San Francisco…. and the first Sister City to China in 1980 as Mayor. I believe it began before she was crowned the Mayor of the City in 1978, for her husband had China deals way before.

image 124

When questioned about her China connections in 2010, and Tiananmen Square Massacre where thousands were murdered by the government, she said, “That whole thing was a thing of the past.”

image 125

The Tiananmen Square protests were student-led demonstrations in 1989 calling for democracy, free speech and a free press in China. Pro-democracy protesters initially marched through Beijing to Tiananmen Square following the April 1989 death of Hu Yaobang, a former Communist Party leader who had worked to introduce democratic reform in China. Read: Tiananmen Square Protests: 1989, Massacre & Tank Man – HISTORY

Feinstein’s husband has a history of corporate investments with China. Do you have a shovel? Are you ready to dig? Bring your dot connectors and magnifying glass and go down the rabbit hole that is now front and center in the show. Happy digging! Remember, nothing is as it appears and there are a lot of secrets that are fast becoming public knowledge.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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