The tide is turning…and not fast enough.  The sea life has been killed and people have been made sick with cancer and respiratory illnesses, among a myriad of other nasty side affects of toxic waste.  Today Monsanto lost it’s court case and must pay 289 million and other suits are coming against Monsanto from sick people in other parts of the nation DUE TO CANCER CAUSING WEED KILLER CALLED ROUND UP!

Monsanto loses law case – due to round up found cancer causing on the heels of Mosaic found guilty of improper storage and disposal of waste from the production of phosphoric and sulfuric acids, key components of fertilizers, at Mosaic’s facilities in Bartow, New Wales, Mulberry, Riverview, South Pierce and Green Bay in Florida, as well as two sites in Louisiana.

The EPA said it had discovered Mosaic employees were mixing highly corrosive substances from its fertilizer operations with the solid waste and wastewater from mineral processing, in violation of federal and state hazardous waste laws.

They agreed to pay 2 billion to clean up their toxic waste, but, Florida hasn’t seen that happen yet. Florida’s phosphate deposits today are the basis of an $85 billion industry that supplies three-fourths of the phosphate used in the United States.  The environmental mess, and damage to the echo system and life is not worth the small jobs created with health risks attached.  There are organic biodegradable products and methods to fertilize that can replace phosphates.  Florida and other states who want clean water need to look into these methods.

Although phosphate mining provides jobs to the small communities in which the mines are located, it also leaves behind a toxic environmental mess. Read about that here.

Now that Round up and phosphates in it has been found damaging to human health, it is the time to hit them and hit them hard with a Federal Lawsuit and or Class Action suit and mandates to clean up the mess and stop the toxic dumping and destruction of Florida’s eco systems.  All those involved in coverups and payoffs must be brought out in the open and held accountable for ignoring the laws for public safety and causing the harm they have caused.

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Round up burns the grass, scars trees, what does it do to other life?

Mosaic’s mining of phosphate in Florida has destroyed the natural echo system, disrupted the river waters and displaced wildlife and sea life. It has contributed to the  toxic water problems in Florida’s so called Red Tide that has lasted almost one full year.


Have you ever heard of glycophosphate? It’s in the gulf water tests in mega doses and the primary chemical used in the weed-killer Roundup. This is contributing to the toxic soup in the Florida waters! And waters throughout the nation and the world. These nonbiodegradable toxins are what Monsanto’s Round up and Mosaic call nutrients.  These nutrients kill weeds, and they also kill sea life and destroy our water supply, mammals and humans.  It affects the entire food chain.  Mining of the phosphates affect natural eco systems, and this leads to toxic by products and acts as a silent killer for all life, including water.  As nature tries to figure out what to do with the run off – algal blooms are created and these suck all the oxygen out of the water and kill fish.  The blooms block sunlight and kill food sources like grass for sea life that depend on that for food.  It destroys the eco system and without that our reefs are destroyed.  The waste by-products contain radioactive phosphates and dioxin and these are getting dumped in our water, soil and air through dust blowing off the toxic radioactive gypsum stacks.  All deadly to living organisms, humans included.Read more about glyphosate here.

It’s time to push forward hard.  Push together and let our voices be heard!  This is the time to stand together and together we can turn this toxic tide around for good!


Money can never replace the life that has been lost nor the quality of life that has been lost for those who have had to and are living with illnesses that run off from toxic fertilizers and phosphate mining has caused them. But what matters most is to end it for ever.  Learn our lessons and value life more than sell out money  to turn  and look the other way.  This is that window of time we looked for and the hope we have needed.  Together we can stop this.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.