What did it mean for Florida’s drinking water when an entire 500 foot high radioactive gypsum stack fell into the aquafer via a sink hole?  According to the way the government and news handled it in 2015 it was no big deal and anyone who was worried was just sensationalizing the situation. Take a look and find out what an aquafer is and what it does in God’s plan for natural clean water.

Nothing is by chance.  It is all part of checks and balances and protection.  Man has went out of his way to create toxic water.

Florida’s aquifer begins in South Carolina and travels through half of Georgia and part of Alabama and ALL OF FLORIDA!!


MOSAIC, the largest phosphate miners and fertilizer company in the world, was only fined 1.89 billion dollars for dumping  a 500 foot tall mountain of toxic radioactive gypsum waste that also contained uranium, metals and acidic goo (what else would you call it?) I guess it would be – bio chemical waste.

The fertilizer waste and the finished products like ROUND UP are in our soil, our water, and our air.  The echo system is on life support and parts of it have already been amputated by big industry’s greed and carelessness.  They have lied to the people of how toxic their cancer causing waste is.

Watch video below and look at what has been and is continuing to be destroyed!

For people to even believe this is a Red Tide only issue, wake up.  Mosaic was found guilty of unsafe dumping into Florida waterways and agreed to pay close to 2 billion dollars for the clean up.  The problem is, you can’t clean up the underground aquifer that feeds the entire state.  Reports have said it is too deep they can’t see the bottom.  Because of that…..there is no problem?  Oh my head hurts.  Anyone who bought into that news story has the reasoning of a child.  Wake up and end the evil that is destroying American’s water.  It is not just a Florida issue.  Look across the nation at all the toxic water problems.

Sustainable Development Agenda 21 is shouting to consume less water.  I say this – the best way to use less water is to stop mining phosphates that use billions of gallons of water per day and then dump that into our fresh water supplies creating bigger shortages.  They are creating a water shortage problem world wide.  Wake up and see!

drinking water EcolinkImage

This gives the appearance that our water is under attack by design.  Be it deliberate or due to greed, it is not due to ignorance.  It is due to lies being told to consumers and residents who live by these phosphate mining fertilizer plants.  Look at the number of lawsuits and settlements.  It is a severe and out of control problem!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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