James Crown and The Chicago Machine…

It’s bigger than we thought! It’s a Global Hub!

James Crown, a billionaire JPMorgan board member who belonged to one of the US’ richest families, died in a racing crash on his 70th birthday!

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A memo from JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon, was seen and reported by Reuters as saying that board member Jim Crown died on Sunday in an accident.

James Crown, a prominent Chicago billionaire died in a car crash Sunday at a racetrack in Colorado, officials said. 

James Crown, a businessman and philanthropist who was part of Chicago’s wealthy Crown family, suffered blunt force trauma after hitting an impact barrier at Aspen Motorsports Park in Woody Creek, the Pitkin County Coroner’s Office said in a news release. A final cause of death for Crown is still pending an investigation by the coroner’s office.


70 year old Crown was the son of financier Henry Crown, who founded sand, stone and gravel company Material Service in 1919, according to Forbes. The family also owns stakes in the Chicago Bulls, New York Yankees and Controls Aspen Skiing Company, which owns Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk and Snowmass, among other business ventures. He was once considered to be in Barack Obama’s “inner circle.” He was appointed by Obama in 2014 to serve on his intelligence advisory board.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson shared a statement with CBS Chicago in response to the news of Crown’s death, telling the station that he was “devastated” when he heard about the crash. Johnson stated that Crown was a lifelong Chicagoan that gave back to the city through philanthropy and leadership on a number of civic and academic boards as he was deeply committed to investing in Chicago and its people. “With his generosity, Jim truly embodied the soul of Chicago. I was especially grateful for his commitment to work collaboratively with my administration to build a safer Chicago, having met recently to share ideas. I send my deepest condolences to his wife, four children, grandchildren, and the entire Crown family and pray for their peace.” Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson.

Crown was a member of the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago, a nonprofit community organization. He recently helped launch an initiative with the Civic Committee that aimed to raise tens of millions of dollars over the next several years to help reduce crime in Chicago by working with local organizations and leaders. Crown said earlier this month that the new initiative aims to improve safety throughout the city. Read: James Crown, Billionaire JPMorgan Board Member, Died in Racing Crash (businessinsider.com)

They are now eating their own. Gee… why is that?  Are there a few who made some plea deals or did they just mess up way too much? Why does Epstein keep coming up in current news no matter how deep it’s buried?

MJ Truth on Telegram has some ideas of his own as he has connected some very interesting dots. Forwarded from MJ Truth on Telegram:

“It sounds like James Crown was taken out. It sounds like JP Morgan is cleaning up some loose ends. JP Morgan is a Trans-National criminal organization.

• June 2019 – Ship seized in $1.3 billion cocaine bust is owned by JP Morgan Chase (https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/ship-seized-in-1-3-billion-cocaine-bust-is-owned-by-jp-morgan-chase/)

• April 2023 – JPMorgan’s bombshell Jeffrey Epstein messages revealed: Execs joked about 16-year-old Miley Cyrus and ‘Sugar Daddy’ (https://lawandcrime.com/jeffrey-epstein-2/jpmorgans-bombshell-jeffrey-epstein-messages-revealed-execs-joked-about-16-year-old-miley-cyrus-and-sugar-daddy/

• May 2023 – The Jeffrey Epstein Files: Trove of never-before-seen emails and calendars that included JP Morgan Execs as well as Big Celebrities & Political Elites (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12136305/Trove-Jeffrey-Epsteins-emails-calendar-entries-reveals-pedophiles-network-power.html)

• May 2023 – Former JP Morgan Banking Chief Jes Staley accused of ‘aggressively’ raping Jeffrey Epstein victim ‘with his permission’ (https://nypost.com/2023/05/03/jes-staley-allegedly-raped-jeffrey-epstein-victim/?utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=nypost&utm_source=twitter)

• May 2023 – US Virgin Islands can’t find Google co-founder Larry Page to subpoena him in a lawsuit against JP Morgan Chase for ‘enabling Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12058017/The-Virgin-islands-locate-Google-founder-Larry-Page.html)

• May 2023 – Jeffrey Epstein used US Virgin Islands First Lady to remain ‘unchecked’ in sex-trafficking scheme, JP Morgan claims in court filing (https://africa.businessinsider.com/politics/jeffrey-epstein-used-us-virgin-islands-first-lady-to-remain-unchecked-in-sex/58hh3lw.amp)

• June 2023 – JP Morgan agrees to pay Epstein victims $290 million in historic class action lawsuit settlement after it was revealed bank continued to do business with him for years despite labeling him a ‘high risk client’ (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12185695/JP-Morgan-reaches-settlement-Epstein-victims.html)

• June 2023 – Report concluded in 2019 that Epstein regularly gave personal and business advice to Former JPMorgan Chief Jes Staley, set up meetings with government officials (https://www.wsj.com/articles/internal-jpmorgan-report-provides-new-details-on-banks-ties-to-jeffrey-epstein-fb089131)

• June 2023 – BlackRock, JP Morgan set up ‘reconstruction bank’ for Ukraine (https://humanevents.com/2023/06/19/blackrock-jp-morgan-set-up-reconstruction-bank-for-ukraine)

• June 2023- JP Morgan “Mistakenly” Deletes 47 Million Emails, Permanently  (https://www.reuters.com/legal/jpmorgan-chase-is-fined-by-sec-over-mistaken-deletion-emails-2023-06-22/#:~:text=NEW%20YORK%2C%20June%2022%20(Reuters,were%20mistakenly%20and%20permanently%20deleted.)

Now that is quite a lot of dots he’s given us! Thank you MJ Truth!


And let’s look back in recent history of another Crown “oops”. How many remember the Madoff Scam?

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“The New York Times reports that JP Morgan enabled Madoff to steal untold billions of dollars, while the bank made “at least” $500,000,000 in the process. The bank will pay a penalty, but will the criminal “banksters” at JP Morgan be prosecuted for enabling the scam?

“Every Israeli prime minister, every Israeli president knows the Crown family.”
– Steven Nasatir, President, Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, “I am saying that the banks and funds were complicit in one form or another and my information to Picard when he was here established this.”
– Bernard Madoff, “From jail, Madoff says others knew,” New York Times, February 15, 2011.

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James S. Crown, a long-standing director of PEC Israel Economic Corporation, a subsidiary of Israel Discount Bank (IDB Holding), happens to be the director at JP Morgan who oversees the bank’s “Risk Policy Committee.”

Excerpts from 2013 story by John Flynn, “James Crown the Israeli Connection In the Madoff Scam”:

“It is worth noting that James Crown is also a director of the PEC Israel Economic Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Israel Discount Bank (IDB Holding). The IDB company is deeply involved in 9-11 and the massive financial rip-offs that surfaced in 2008. Crown has been a director of this Israeli financial company since 1985. As a long-standing member of the board of PEC Israel Economic Corp. Crown serves as a high-level agent of the state of Israel. He has also served as a director of General Dynamics, one of the largest defense contractors in the United States, since 1987.

“Shortly after the war, Henry Crown was involved in smuggling illegal weapons technology to the state of Israel – in violation of U.S. law. Last summer, Henry’s son, Lester Crown, revealed during a gathering in Aspen, Colorado, that his father had provided the state of Israel with an entire aircraft manufacturing plant in the early 1950s, which he had been asked to buy for the Zionist state, presumably by Teddy Kollek and Shimon Peres, the Israelis who ran the illegal weapons (and nuclear) smuggling operations at the time.

“Crown went on to take over General Dynamics in 1959 by merging his Material Service Corporation with the defense contractor. The Crown family has controlled General Dynamics since the mid-1960s and has made immense profits from supplying weapons and war materiel to the U.S. government.

“Henry Crown was well known to be involved in organized crime at the highest levels in Chicago, which is why it seemed odd that his personal lawyer, Albert E. Jenner, was appointed to serve on the Warren Commission. Jenner’s task was to investigate the evidence of a conspiracy behind Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby.

To give the reader some idea of the Crown family connection to organized crime, I offer this extract from an article written in 1995 by the muck-raking journalist from Chicago, the late Sherman Skolnick:

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The Crowns and the Pritzkers are interlocked criminals. The Crown flagship, set up in 1919, was Material Service Corp. Over the years, they got big-city paving and cement contracts by bribing Chicago city officials! From that, they branched out into being war mongers. The Crowns have been major owners of bloody war-contractor General Dynamics. The Crowns escaped going to prison for bribing Pentagon brass. How? By bribing federal officials!

“Once-president of Material Service, Lester Crown escaped jail in 1976 in a concrete industry scandal by bribing federal prosecutors in Chicago who used him only as a government witness. In the past, Lester was a director of the Vatican dope money laundry, Continental Bank.

To try to get the stink off themselves, the Crowns donate part of their loot to Northwestern University, which has a building named after them. They might as well call it “The Al Capone Center”.

“Mr. Madoff is serving a 150-year sentence in a federal prison in North Carolina after pleading guilty in March 2009. In a 2011 interview from prison, Mr. Madoff told The New York Times that the banks he did business with “had to know.”

Mr. Madoff’s ties to JPMorgan trace to 1986, when it became his primary banker. Over the course of that relationship, Mr. Picard claims, JPMorgan “made at least half a billion dollars in fees and profits” from the relationship.

“The bank, according to Mr. Picard’s lawsuit, generated handsome sums by allowing Mr. Madoff’s brokerage firm to “funnel billions of dollars” through its account with JPMorgan, “disregarding its own anti-money laundering duties.”

“The bank, starting around 2006, also pursued derivatives deals linked to Mr. Madoff’s so-called feeder-fund investors, the hedge funds that invested their clients’ money with him.

About that time, concerns began to circulate within JPMorgan.

Read the full report here: James Crown: The Israeli Connection in the Madoff Scam

Just asking… what on earth has gotten inside the heads of some of these Pritzkers? And is this part of a mind control attack on the KM Oligarchs or is this just the lizard part of the genetic pool coming forward? Your guess is as good as anyones. Guess away!!

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Jennifer is the cousin of Governor Pritzker who Trump tagged as one of the Lizard People going to their Lizard meeting in DAVOS.

Last October, it appears that Central Illinois was blowing the whistle on the Pritzker Family push to end God’s creation of boys and girls.

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During the 2022 campaign, the news was filled with some hard truths that fake news tried to silence and discredit as misinformation. When we look into the real facts and follow the events and connect them, the truth comes forth and it is not in favor of the Lizards. ‘Real news’? Flood of partisan publications hits Central Illinois mailboxes (herald-review.com)

Were they behind a nasty push to transgender the world along with Tavistock Center, a Gender Clinic in Britain, who was closed down for the same evil acts?

Remember Tavistock is part of the Committee of 300. Who else is working for that committee? Are we beginning to see some of their key players? It’s true that they walk among us. Expose them all. Ask the Lord to open your eyes that you may see!

You can’t make this stuff up, but you can expose it!

Knowing what we know now that we didn’t know then… this is a real eye opener. Stay tuned for more as the deep state machine comes apart one cog at a time!

Just in: Looks like a hit job…. I said looks like!!!! NASCAR Star Jimmie Johnson’s In-Laws Dead In Murder-Suicide – Breaking911

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, Press, Press!

How many understood the message in this song back in the day? Without the visuals… it could have meant a whole different thing… but when you add the visuals you see TAVISTOCK written all over this…and the Committee of 300. Just saying…


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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