It’s Troll Season and Controlled Opposition Are Out Full Force.

It’s bad enough looking at and hearing the black op pysops and fake news, but the trolls? Oh they get very mean and downright vulgar ugly.

That being said, I just saw some serious foul mouthed trolling on none other than Truth Social. And on none other than President Trump’s page. It was so bad… I almost fed it. But, I took a deep breath and decided to write a bit of information on what to do when you encounter a troll.



Don’t feed the troll.

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They hate that! The entire point of trolling is to get you ticked off. So, if you ignore them they scream louder. So when you are tempted to respond, remember that’s the devil and so, don’t respond. Silence is powerful. Trolls hate to be ignored. Use that weapon.


Protect the group – BLOCK the Troll.

If you are in charge of a group page, blog, podcast, or site… Remember, everyone can express how they think, feel and decide a thing, but there are limitations to how one expresses themselves. When they do things that are obscene or anger provoking… chances are it’s a bot, an angry opposition, controlled opposition, or a troll who’s wanting to fight back and forth to distract and have kicks arguing. Avoid all of that and block them. These are devils… tares… and not nice people. So BLOCK them. One loose cannon can upset a lot of viewers and create much harm. That is why trolls, troll.

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If you are an individual…. block them. You have that right to not be invaded by their verbal attacks. Don’t second think it… you will know if it is a bot, a troll, or a frustrated person (which is different).

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If you block them, they cry you are not for free speech… don’t buy into that, block them anyway.

Don’t let trolls do mental harm to you or anyone else. Block them. It’s verbal abuse which is different than free speech. Block them.


Do not anger the troll.

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Saying the last word then blocking that troll is not smart. Controlled opposition or even the average basement dweller or drunk on the patio troller has friends they will sick on you to get their troll revenge. So just block them and let them be wrong.


Don’t try to solve all the Troll’s problems.

Having problems is another way trolls like to distract. It is close to rule number 1, but a bit different as it can also include needy or depressed people, even someone who has ongoing emotional issues. You don’t want to hurt these people or trigger them into further depression and hopelessness, however… if you know them or feel they are sincere, it is best to take the conversation into a private chat. But, we are talking trolls and controlled opposition here so use discernment. Never ending “woe is me” and extreme neediness is either a psychological issue or a troll who is skilled at distracting the entire group with needing help and nothing ever works. So don’t get caught into that snare by trying to solve their problems. Even psychiatrists don’t try to help sick people on line.

Remember we are talking trolls who use problems and woes, which are different than real user questions or someone asking for suggestions to a real issue. You will know the difference when someone is habitually with woes and needy for help and nothing you suggest ever helps. Which is different than someone honestly asking for suggestions on how to do something. You will know the difference. The way to deal with that is to direct them to outside help and let them know you can’t help them but here’s who can. Give them an 800 number or tell them to google whatever area they need help in. We are talking about trolls here, not group members or real people asking for direction or who just got hit with some tragedy or death in the family. That is different, and you will know the difference.

So have a great day and remember… don’t let a troll mess with your head and peace of mind. Smile.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!

Imagine a world without trolls??????


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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