"I'm Betting President Trump Makes High Level Mass Arrests!"

The Latest: Police use tear gas at Albuquerque protest ...
Empathy goes right up in flames when you light a match to your fellow citizens property, businesses, neighborhoods, and homes. Or are they the neighbors? Many are being bussed in from other places. One thing is certain, this was NOT a PEACEFUL PROTEST.
Minneapolis: Apartment building set ablaze during George Floyd ...
When the peaceful protests first started, one of the firebrands was a five story apartment building. All those who had homes there had all their belongings  burned to the ground. Now who is going to have empathy or support for that?
Fires erupt in Minneapolis amid growing protests over George ...
So Americans are supposed to high five these guys and support their cause? That is not how anyone builds unity, but it is how one creates division. And that is exactly what the progressive deep state democrats are doing and continuing to do.

Owner of damaged Minneapolis restaurant supports George Floyd ...
Among those who had been arrested, it was reported that most were minors. MINORS!!

People are shouting to end this while Democrat Governors tell the police to stand down and have it all play out. Business owners trying to protect their businesses are getting beat up by swarms of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter while fake news reports its a (peaceful?) protest.
Minneapolis protests escalate amid George Floyd's death, police ...
Governors refuse to call in the national guard, even as their people plead for them to do something to stop this.  The order remained for the police is to ‘STAND DOWN’.  It appeared to be more of a do nothing and force President Trump to send in troops to arrest minors and impeach him for firing on US citizens.  But, that backfired literally as the do nothing Mayors watched their own cities go up in flames. The coup to destroy Trump only destroyed their own cities, harmed their own citizens, and exposed their own sedition.
Protests descend into chaos in Minneapolis Friday; more looting ...
There is no walking this one back. All who committed crimes in the streets, all whom are in authority who ordered nothing to be done are  guilty of this together. Yes they are in it together – as seen on social media live!
Protests Continue to Rage After Death of George Floyd - The New ...
So the protestors blame the police and the Mayors answer is to get rid of the Police and let social workers take care of things.  I’m waiting for the social workers to get in the middle of this peaceful protest when it is going hot at its’ finest midnight hour!
Minneapolis police precinct burns as violent protests continue ...


I have a feeling Trump is going to send in the military. But, the arrests they will make will be the Governors, Mayors, and organizers. Any one want to place a bet?
Here’s why I’m betting on high level arrests.

  1. President Trump’s style is take down the leaders as seen in his past military operations.
  2. It is now common knowledge that city burnings, looting and riots are part of an organized coup.
  3. Trump is not going to call the military out to arrest angry minors who are organized by adults in powerful places who fund these groups.
  4. Trump has all the evidence in place on all of them. Remember he tweeted ”

    “I Caught the Swamp. I Caught Them All. Let’s See What Happens!”

  5. Timing is everything. Look at what has happened in the past few days….remember the art of war by Sun Tzu, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake” ― “Opportunities multiply as they are seized”.  

So while the Governors, Mayors, deep state congress persons and the street organizers of Thugs are busy playing out their reality version of “Escape From New York”, and “Children of The Corn”, President Trump is preparing for AN EPIC TAKE DOWN of TREASONOUS players committing SEDITION.
Unbelievable devastation': 1 dead as Floyd protests boil over ...


President Trump Warns Seattle: ‘Take Back Your City NOW – or I Will’
Seattle Antifa Create 'Autonomous Zone' – Immediately Leads To ...
Seattle 'autonomous zone' has armed guards, local businesses being ...
The entire world is watching while Americans are sick and tired of the lawless anarchy! Worse yet, the chaotic, psycho ideas of the left progressive Governors, Mayors, City Council members, and deep state legislators is like a remake of Alice In Wonderland! Complete with Red Queen Pelosi clenching a wad of proxies in her fist yelling as she flails them in the air – “I HAVE THE VOTES! ALL OF THEM! NOW OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!”
Seattle police warn businesses within city's 'autonomous zone ...
Then the cry from the walking dead in the streets shout – “Defund the police!” Followed by normal people pleading for somebody in authority to DO SOMETHING!
So take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and pray for God to be with  President Trump and all those in leadership positions during  this evil time of peril.  Pray that our President is given the wisdom and the courage to make the tough decisions to restore law and order.
Fired officer who kneeled on George Floyd's neck arrested, charged ...

We are a nation of laws – not lawlessness. We have systems in place to break the choke holds of usurpers and treasonous ones who plot to destroy the constitution and harm the people for which it was written. Laws to protect the people from enemies foreign and domestic.
God bless the good men and women in charge, and every God fearing patriot!
Dianne Marshall


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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