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It is beginning to look a lot like Europe has had enough of the tricks of  illegal immigration, also known as refugees, and in some cases Trojan horses full of terror seekers. 

So at the same exact time the establishment driven faux news mocks Trump for his “SECURE THE BORDERS AND BUILD A WALL” stance that they laugh at and call rhetoric, Europe is building walls of their own. 

The European nations that heeded the establishments call to open their borders to the poor little Muslim refugees are woefully regretting it. Remember this is the same establishment that is trying to get the USA to take in more of the same. 

The token of good will had definitely soured almost immediately into an extreme case of radical unrest. So much so that Hungary just approved in the parliament that the police should be given assistance from the army to patrol the borders. 

That was just the beginning. Hungary’s Prime Minister Victor Orban stressed it is not enough, and he therefore also sent the proposal on arms to a vote.

“Europe is rich but weak. It is a dangerous combination. The result can be disastrous. And because Europe can not defend its external borders, we have to close the inner ones,” said Prime Minister Orban, calling the large influx of refugees “a brutal threat”.

Hungary’s parliament has with an overwhelming majority adopted a new law that gives the army and police expanded powers to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing the border.

The bill was passed by 151 votes against 12, and with 27 abstentions. A two-thirds majority approval.

According to AFP and Reuters, The bill allows soldiers the right to take part in border controls, to restrict personal liberties and to use weapons as long as no loss of life ensues.   (This sounds so much like Obama’s ideas on fighting the terrorists that I can’t help but wonder who’s really giving these orders? Could it be the UN NWO establishment puppet masters?).

Just after barely a week of welcoming the so called refugees, Prime Minister Viktor Orban warned that Europe was being “overrun”.  And President Obama wants us to take in our fair share of this mess?  NO WAY!~

 “They are overrunning us. They’re not just banging on the door, they’re breaking the door down on top of us,” the right-wing Orban told lawmakers. “Our borders are in danger, our way of life built on respect for the law, Hungary and the whole of Europe is in danger,”

 Illegally crossing the Hungarian border has now become a crime punishable by up to five years in jail.  Soldiers can now also check ID papers and detain suspected illegal migrants. (see video link below)

The police will now be able to enter private homes for the purpose of carrying out searches for migrants who entered the country illegally, amongst other new powers. Here in the United States we would call this Martial Law.  The rules are applicable in areas where a “state of crisis caused by mass immigration” has been declared. Last week the government declared such a state in six counties bordering Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. Today Germany is feeling the same woes.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban previously expressed his opinion on the refugee crisis during a press conference in Brussels on September 3rd of this year. He rejected that the new arrivals are refugees, saying that they are either “economic migrants” in search of a better life or Syrians who voluntarily left camps outside Syria where their lives are not in danger.

In closing, it makes one wonder what the establishment government are planning for the U.S.A.  They are all but forcefully shoving the acceptance of these so called terrorizing refugees down our throats.

By Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.