God’s Army of Believers…

What are they supposed to look like? How are they supposed to be? How are they supposed to navigate through the storm?

The one giant the cabal is going crazy over because nothing they have tried seems to take him down is President Donald J. Trump. This is why I believe he is annointed by God to lead this nation through the battle to take down the wicked Cabal Giants of Babylon the Great and bring them to their knees.

Trump is the Commander In Chief of the Republic of the United States of America! It is clear that Trump won and the election was stolen. Kim Clement has prophesied that Trump is God’s David. God’s annointed one. Everything is playing out the way Clement had prophesied it would. It has been impatient people who have tried to push square things into round holes with time frames that aren’t coming to pass. Unfolding events align with the prophecies of Kim Clement. These are all coming to pass. I believe God’s David is indeed President Trump and he is leading an army of God’s believers who have been called out and chosen for such a time as this.

So what does God’s army of believers look like? This army has been tested and found faithful. They have been called names, censored, lost jobs, have had to fight a system of authority to protect their children’s lives equal to fighting wild beasts. They pray unceasing and fear not. They strengthen one another and give of themselves where needed, for they know this is a war and they know their liberty and freedom is over if they do nothing. They know this is a time to stand and not a time to plan a vacation and sit and chill. This is a war and there is chaos in times of war, how do they navigate through the storm?

These people know that the only way out of chaos is to find the light. They find it and help each other to stay in the light. They share the truth in the scriptures and hold to God’s promises. They share and learn….they are wise and have put oil in their lamps. They are shining a light of God’s promises to a people called by his name and teaching others the way to go by their works not by their bla, bla, bla. They are loving and forgiving they are not the ones making other peoples lives more difficult. They look for ways to be strong so they can guide others through the darkness.

Are they perfect? No. Do they mess up at times? Yes. Being a follower of the Lord and one who strives to stay in faith following the two great commandments as a way of life does not mean a road to bliss, peace and no temptations, no irritations, and frustrations and no times of testing. It does not mean your negative emotions shall be removed and all that is left is love, peace, joy, and faith. It means your heart is right and you are pressing to be in Gods will. You are to love God with all your heart, your mind and soul. The safest way to live is doing this so naturally it is like breathing. Some find this easier than others. But by calling on the Holy Spirit you will find your relationship with the Lord to be very unique between the two of you. God loves our uniqueness. If he wanted robots he would have made us all alike. We were each given free will and talents. Gifts to explore and creative thoughts, expressions and curiosity. Imagination and the ability to reason and critical think. We are all wired different and God loves us and finds a way to direct our quirks so they are useful.

Each one together make up the body of Christ. There is great joy in sharing the word and discovering how to come closer to the Lord together. But remember as you grow together, you will find different people may relate better with you….and that is fine. There are souls who are attracted to other souls because they just click. And there are souls that try your soul. Smile. But, there are no right and wrong in this…it is just the way some people are.

There are people who are excited about everything they do and those who are quiet. That does not mean one is right and one is wrong..it is just how they are. Both personalities are a joy to the Lord and to others. Remember Jesus had selected a mix of personalities to be his disciples for a reason. John and James were passionate and agressive he called them “The sons of thunder” for a reason. Peter was always saying something that had Jesus saying, “Oh Peter, Peter…” correcting him for he jumped ahead a lot and often spoke before thinking a thing through.

Some pastors have imposed the mindset that a good christian should be pious and upright to the point it isn’t possible for anyone to be it. Being human is full of flaws and denying who you are naturally is not emotionally healthy, nor is it scriptural. That is man made. Every one in the Bible had their own style, personality, quirks, imperfections, gifts, talents and strengths. That being said…live and let live. Be who you are, not what someone tells you to be. As long as you treat others as you want to be treated and apply considerations that is the goal. Trying to be someone who you are not serves no purpose and it isn’t healthy.

I always find it humorous in those who correct people on the proper spelling and pronounciation of the name Jesus because there were no J’s in the old Hebrew alphabet and no J’s in the original King James Version. I now say to those sorts…and guess what else, Jesus didn’t talk like Shakespeare in English either. The look on their faces are priceless. (FYI, he didn’t talk in Hebrew either it was Aramaic.)

Jesus let people be themselves he didn’t appear to be trying to change their personalities. But he did point out those who strained at a gnat and swallowed a camel. And hypocrites. He said a lot about that. His instruction was on forgiving others not changing who they were. He did a lot of teaching on not judging others and pointed out the flaws in the self serving pious people who want the best seats in the congregation and place heavy rules on how others should act and be. He freed people of all that. Smile.

Simply love your neighbor as yourself and if an action will tick you off, expect it to tick your neighbor off. Keep it simple, use common sense. Jesus said to be gentle as a dove with people or you will drive them further from me. I try to live by that…every now and then…I have to over turn a few tables and he did that too. So I figure that’s okay if it is the right time and place. Did I just rationalize something? Smile. The point is to accept each person for who they are just as we want to be accepted for who we are. That is our example. Note: Don’t confuse acceptance of who a person is, with bad behavior. That is a different issue.

Remember, each one who receives the Lord receives the gift of the same Holy Spirit. It’s like having a super power. It is up to each to learn how to wield it and God’s people are learning the wonders of it very quickly.


Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you is not hard.

After all that I’ve shared, let us go forth together in heart, mind and soul with God leading and love your neighbor as yourself. These are the two great commandments the Lord gave us. He said in doing these we will have done all of the commandments. He made it easy for us to know and stay in God’s will. We must keep pressing forward, pressing with every fiber of our being. Together we are the body of Christ.

In this body, we each have different talents, skills, expertise, callings, and purpose. Each one of us have a different DNA, a different set of fingerprints, and each one of us are made individually unique with free will to choose. We all have something different to offer in this push to press into the Kingdom! The battle we are in has many people depressed, tense, fearful, and low on patience. Good people are having hard times. Seek to understand and have compassion and don’t take things personally. Some people just need to vent. But, set your boundaries. Don’t compromise yourself or be a whipping post. You will know the difference. At those times…quietly exit and find a safe place. Smile.

We each have a different calling, a different purpose to serve in the body of Christ, and we, together, make up one huge unit, one huge body of Christ. When you are called for God’s purpose, you will know it. Pray that you are called, even more pray that you are chosen. You will know when you are chosen for you will answer the call and you will move forward in faith and do what it is God has laid on your heart to do.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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