Everything is in the hands of The Lord our God for his purpose, in his timing, for his PRAISE, HIS GLORY and the MAJESTY OF HIS SON, OUR LORD AND SAVIOR, JESUS THE CHRIST. Not mans.

Trump entered the political ring for President with a mission. His mission was to save America and among many things to do this, one of the biggest priorities was to stop human and child trafficking, thus BUILD THE WALL!  He was on the campaign trail telling us all his agenda. From the day he came down the escalator he said, “I KNOW THEIR AGENDA AND IT IS NOT MINE!” It was at that point he had my vote. For I knew the agenda he was speaking of. It was Agenda 21.

November Election: Don't Count Out Trump |

And here we are in 2021 and the Cabal had no choice but to push for their Agenda 21 which included LOCKSTEP and the Jabs…to be followed by Hack Attack and Smarter Together which were filled with more horrid Orwellian ordeals right out of a deck of Illuminati cards. But, one big thing stood in the gap …and that was an awakening of the silent majority by a man determined to save America. Little did “We The People” know that our new  Commander In Chief, Donald J. Trump was called and waiting for such a time as this when the world was hanging by a thin thread. Neither did we know that the Patriots in the Military were depending on Trump to push with them with all their force and stealth against the giants in the earth whose goal was to kill, steal and destroy.

President Donald Trump's visit to troops was overdue, welcome

Those who followed Trump and all he said and told us, a little here, a little there, those understood the mission and they saw it had begun.  The cabal owned media, at the onset threw out their talking heads in an all out media war. Every word that came out of Trump’s mouth was ridiculed, twisted and blasted as stupid, misspelled, out of context, and if they couldn’t do that, they banned it. They have been censoring Trump since he came down the escalator. They feared him. He knew everything, for he has been calling them out from the Twin Towers all of his life. He never agreed with things when they were wrong, a lie, or ridiculous with no common sense.

Trump had his hands full before he ran for president as he tried to expose 911, open borders, an illegitimate president Obama who was not born in the USA, the manipulation in the markets, unfair trade, corruption in municipalities, and the corrupt financial system. He was loved by all races and treated the blue collar worker with respect. He was a direct threat to the Cabal’s structure and Trump was the GIANT in their path. TRUMP WAS THE CABAL’S GOLIATH!

Deep state had to take him down, he was ruining their plans. Trump was a builder, a negotiator who knew how to talk to billionaires and national leaders, and get things done in lawless systems to build his high rises and he knew how the corruption worked in big city councils and agencies who okayed permits. He knew how to deal with big unions and the mafia. He had his teeth cut in New York’s lava bed of such corruption. He had mastered the Art of Dealing with elite mindsets and raw brutes.

He told us on the campaign trail that he knew the toughest negotiators and he would use these.  He said these were people you would not like. You would not like them, but, they are tough negotiators and they can get things done.

He let us know from the start that he knew he had to fight the evil giants and he knew the people who could help him take the brute beasts down. He entered the arena at the last moment just before the hammer was to fall on the world and he knew it. He had to act precisely and succinctly, there was no room to fail in any of his endeavors. Where the media tried to hide his international moves, his negotiating skills shined and those with eyes to see saw the brilliant strategies he had laid out and the deals he was making all along the way.

What Was That Glowing Orb Trump Touched in Saudi Arabia? - The New York  Times

He was bringing down the cabal all along and the more he knocked away at their pillars the louder the fake news shouted their lies/propaganda and the louder Pelosi shrieked like the crazy bat she was.

We watched his world tour and there are many memorable events to recall. One of my favorites was the grounding of Pelosi where she and her Schiff-ty henchmen and women were ready to board a plane, with her entire family…and Trump GROUNDED HER. Now just where was Pelosi going with her entire family to do business for Congress?  Where?  Obviously…Trump said…”She’s going no where.” Many thought that stopped a false flag of devastation to the US…perhaps we shall never know. What we saw was the parts they could not hide from us. Their secrets still lie in the shadows.  Many secrets they will take to the grave with them, but we don’t really have to know all of their sins, we only have to remove them so they can sin against us no more!

Trump supporters gather in D.C. to protest election results - Los Angeles  Times

Pray for President Trump and pray for all of the now very many brave men and women who have stood up against these giants without a military behind them. There are many who have stepped up and out giving up everything in order to say NO TO THE EVIL!  They have put their very lives at risk, their reputations, their purse, their careers, and they have waged their very lives…put it all out on the table for US. FOR ALL OF US! 

All they asked from us was to wake up, look and see and stand up. Shout to those who we elected that we will have no more of this!  Stand up and exercise the Constitution and Bill of Rights!  Be a decision maker for your own life in order to actually live free.  They have rallied for good men and women to run for office, starting on a local level and up. They have told us to pray, for we are up against evil strong holds that are so wicked…they called it what it is…SPIRITUAL WARFARE…the kind Ephesians tells us to armor up against daily! 


The Patriotic Military who swore to uphold the constitution for We The People have  bankrupt the corporation of the three frogs…”London, Vatican and D.C.”,  and from January 6, 2021, to this very day,  it still has armed guards surrounding it.  Why?  Because it is a foreign entity, and Biden is president of a bankrupt corporation that is a foreign entity. The President of the Republic is Donald John Trump.

The Cabal is absolutely livid at those who know this and fought back by censoring them, locking them down, jabbing them, murdering them is more like it. Sick people can’t fight. Weak people can’t protest or even go to work. Disabled people have to rely on others. Scared and frightened people do as they are told. Can you see the method of destruction they have in play? It is in vivid color and on display with a giant search light beaming down on it! 

UK lawsuit gives details on Vatican's controversial London building

How do you destroy billions of people on the planet and not have them stand up against the evil? Make them sick, frighten them and arrest the loud ones and the strong ones. Get rid of all who can critically think….shut them all up. Ruin their message, ruin their reputation, ruin, ruin, ruin. Kill, steal and destroy. Fan the flames of lawlessness – create crime and havoc in the streets. Call out the street thugs to kill, steal, burn and destroy!  Give them free reign to be little forces of destruction. Instill fear and fan the flames of Marxist racism while you are at it. That has always worked for them in the past.


People have not realized that we have been in a civil war. Because they have in their minds that war is with cannons, and guns, and with bombs, and planes. War is with troops and tanks. They have never seen the war that has been in the shadows. The global cabal’s war they have been winning by killing people slowly and controlling every resource that a free people need to live…from education, work force (jobs), careers, advancement in the market place and every place, big food, big pharma, medical treatments, social experiments, false flags, censoring, propaganda, weather modification creating earth quakes, floods, storms, hurricanes and all manner of destruction.  Hurling man-made asteroids at nations and using bio warfare via our own government and medical field.

All I can say OF these evil ones  whose mindset is, ”We came, we saw, he died.” How about reversing that?  “WE  CAME, WE SAW,  THEY _____.”    It is up to humanity to fill in that blank. No one can choose what another person is called within their heart to do, we all have free will, but by standing together, we are strong. It is up to God to avenge us. We are to stand and press forward exposing the truth.  Revenge is mine, said the Lord. There is too much that must be done for the good of all than to busy ourselves with contemplating about vengeful things. There are too many people in need who are suffering to be worried about any type of revenge or hate. Hate destroys the body, mind and soul. Let God be concerned with revenge and let us be concerned with loving God with all of our heart, our mind and soul and loving our neighbor as ourselves. That is our duty to our Lord. Those are His two great commandments. God will show us the way…and God will lead our great military. Each must do their part, whatever the Lord calls them to do and appoints, but all must follow his two commands.  Wait upon the Lord and see where he leads your heart to go, to do, and to be.

Stay strong, have faith and press forward we are moving the mountain!!!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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